Amanda Murphy’s technical guide to ruling rulerwork quilting!

Amanda Murphy’s technical guide to ruling rulerwork quilting!

Posted by Katie Van Amburg on Mar 11th 2020

If you’re a fan of Amanda Murphy or rulerwork quilting, you’re in luck! Her newest book is a technical companion to her previous title, Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book, that goes into even more detail about how to quilt with rulers or templates—on both longarm and domestic machines. If you’ve always wanted to try rulerwork but have shied away from the technical aspects of it, this book will help you overcome your fears!

Sewing Room Sampler

The book guides you through the rulerwork technique from the shop to the sewing room. First, it features a helpful section on how to choose the best and most versatile quilting rulers for your machine—and how to start building your “ruler stash”!—as well as other tools and accessories needed for rulerwork, including longarm and domestic machines and ruler feet.


Amanda also guides you through planning a quilt with rulers. Illustrating the steps of her process are gorgeous example photos of her quilts, as well as helpful diagrams. Amanda’s many tips will help you learn to plan your quilting with rulerwork in mind.


Of course, after all that, it’s time to get quilting! The section on executing rulerwork quilting has one chapter on longarms and one on domestics. Amanda ensures the information is tailor-made for all quilters, no matter their machines!


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