Abstract Log Cabins

Abstract Log Cabins

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Jun 14th 2017

Leave it to Katie Pasquini Masopust to come up with another masterful way to make art quilts. In her new book Artful Log Cabin Quilts, Katie leads you through her ingenious method of making abstract log cabin quilts by starting starting with a photograph or other inspirational image. 

Katie explains how to choose an inspirational image by showing examples of what’s good, what’s not good, and how to improve them.

Creating grids to place over the inspirational image provides the structure for making log cabin blocks that interpret the colors, values, and shapes, allowing you to create an abstract version of your original inspiration.

Learn how to go from this

Inspirational painting by Katie Pasqiuni Masopust

to this

Spring Has Sprung
by Katie Pasquini Masopust
Photo by Carolyn Wright

Or, from this

Inspiration photo by Anita McSorley

to this

Swiss Chard on Blue Plate
by Anita Marsh McSorley

Use a image that you love to make your own artful Log Cabin quilt. The possibilities are endless! 

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