A New Dimension in Wool Appliqué

Posted by Jennifer Warren on Sep 29th 2016

Journey into the world of Baltimore Album appliqué with Deborah Gale Tirico in her newest book, A New Dimension in Wool Appliqué—Baltimore Album Style.

Containing nine appliqué projects—from table rugs to pillows to pincushions—the book honors the legacy and history of Baltimore Album blocks with felted-wool creations as vibrant as the history they portray.

The American Eagle block (pictured above) was one of the most popular patriotic designs of the Civil War antebellum period. Author Deborah instructs you how to create this historic block for your home with unique and modern flair.

And she invites us to peer into her historical looking glass with vignettes that transport us to another time:

She knew he was off to war the next day; her time taking care of him would soon be over. Sewing buttons or repairing broken seams would be something he would have to do himself, and so she fashioned him a huswif to take. She outfitted it with folding scissors; a few wooden shuttles wound with blue, white, and grey threads; and extra shirt buttons. She embroidered a design of a strawberry on top to remind him of summer on the farm and affixed a closure of grosgrain ribbon to tie it securely. It was lovely, but more than that, it was from her hand. She knew it would help him remember her when he was lonely for home.

With projects this rich in color and history, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy every stitch.

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