A Messenger Bag Pattern Inspired by the 1970s

A Messenger Bag Pattern Inspired by the 1970s

Posted by Debbie Rodgers on Jun 20th 2019

Jo Connolly is a lifelong seamstress who loves the challenge of combining technology with traditional needle arts. She reached back to the 1970s leather-chain hobo bags for inspiration for this set of fun kraft-tex accessories!

If you haven’t worked with kraft-tex before, you might want to start small, just to give you a little more playtime with this versatile kraft paper fabric. So, first up is a handy key fob to get you going. It’s a simple design with just a little sewing, and you get to see how easy it is to sew through kraft-tex.

And then there is a smart wristlet, with just a few kraft-tex links to match the messenger bag. This pouch is small enough to be useful stowed within the larger bag, but at the same time, its full 7 1/2˝ x 5˝ size is large enough to carry when you don’t need a big purse. The clear steps walk you through how to sew in the zipper, too.

And now you are ready to tackle the roomy Emma messenger bag with its inside pocket and adjustable strap. Its vibrant design employs multiple kraft-tex links for a chic and eye-catching look. Jo’s pattern includes the files to create these links with your computerized embroidery machine or digital cutter, or you can go back to the traditional needle arts and trace and cut them yourself.

Which one will you make?

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