A Homemade Christmas

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Jul 1st 2015

Don’t you love how decorating for Christmas means so much more when you make the decorations yourself?  Ellen Murphy’s American Homestead Christmas book totally embodies the warm, cozy feel of hand-made for the holidays.

“Christmas is a magical and enchanting time of year. It is when we have a chance to celebrate with friends and family and catch up with people far and wide with Christmas cards. We relive special times from the past by telling the younger members of the family stories from the old days and we have the opportunity to start new traditions.” ~Ellen Murphy

Use Ellen’s book to start your own traditions by making ornaments and other decorations that can be used year after year and then passed down. Make decorations to bring as hostess gifts or to give to friends and relatives. Hand-made gifts are always the most cherished.

So whether you lean toward making Christmas ornaments for the tree or small quilts and tree skirts, you’re sure to find something to make for the holidays. 

Ellen Murphy's book is now available for purchase  here

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