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Yardage or Scraps? Quilting Your Way with Fantastic Stash Quilts

Posted by Jennifer Warren on Aug 1st 2016

There’s a lot about Fantastic Stash Quilts to love.

As the production editor on the book team, I was the one to receive and log the author’s quilts when they arrived at C&T—and I was enamored from the start.

Pulling out quilt after quilt from the carefully packed boxes, I came across Chain and Bar—perhaps my favorite quilt from the book. The red print among the solids is a surprise I wasn’t expecting. (In fact, I’m sure that's why this quilt works so well!)

And then I unfolded Gears. This quilt design is reminiscent of bike chains, but it also makes me think of chilly winters and frozen-over lakes. With this cool color scheme, I can imagine this on the bed of the Ice Queen!

Once I dove into the manuscript, Fantastic Stash Quilts continued to impress me. Author Joyce Dean Gieszler gives you two options per quilt: a scrappy version and a controlled one, for those of us who don’t do scrappy. (Who doesn’t love options?)

Betsy’s Scrappy Quilt (left) and Betsy’s Quilt (right).

As Joyce states in her introduction, “Sometimes just the coloration changed [between the scrappy and controlled versions], and sometimes the look of the quilt changed completely.” Between the two Betsy quilts, the variation in the scrappy version definitely catches my eye.

Which version will you choose?

I think I’m going scrappy.

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