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Imprint CT Publishing

From the Editors and Contributors of McCall's Quilting ––

Favorite Quilts for Appliqué Lovers from McCall's Quilting

  • 16 favorite appliqué quilt projects from the pages of America's best-loved quilting magazine
  • Styles for everyone, from traditional florals to contemporary wool felts and stylized motifs
  • Use any technique-hand or machine, fusible or needle turn appliqué
  • 16-page pullout with 95 full-size appliqué template patterns and 9 piecing template patterns

Can't get enough appliqué? You're sure to find something to love in this bountiful assortment of projects from McCall's Quilting. The projects cover a wide variety of styles and colors, in sizes ranging from a tea cozy to full-size bed quilts. A thorough quiltmaking basics section helps you put your project together, from fabric selection to binding and finishing.

Use Quilter's Vinyl for correct appliqué placement!

98p color PDF
ISBN: 978-1-60705-334-7
(eISBN: 978-1-60705-334-7)

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