Abigail A. Long

Abigail Long

Abigail Long is a 20-something hands-on seamstress and crafter. She has been around sewing all her life and wants other young women to love it as much as she does! At an early age, Abi began experimenting with sewing techniques and making up projects, first for her dolls and then for herself.

Most days Abi can be found making a mess with fabric in her family’s Missouri home studio, whipping up a yummy dessert, or goofing around outside with the family pets—a trio of collies named Blayde, Bo, and Brandy. Abi is a Christian, and her faith is an important part of who she is; it has contributed to her family values and how she views the resources of the world.

Read more by Abi at mariemadelinestudio.typepad.com, where she has written several sewing tutorials.

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