Eco Initiatives

It’s Easy Being Green

Green…not the color, but the term used to describe environmentally conscious practices. That’s what we practice at our office.

Since 2007, we have implemented a variety of environmentally responsible changes within our company, and we are proud to be a California Certified Green Business.

How did we do that, you ask?

1.     Recycle
2.     Solar panels on our roof
3.     Use recycled materials
4.     Dispose of eWaste properly
5.     Use environmentally friendly products
6.     Conserve water
7.     Minimize waste
8.     Buy in bulk
9.     Save energy
10. Eliminate bottle water usage

We are also proud to contribute to the following charities:

1. The Nature Conservancy: Plant A Billion—

2. Trees, Water & People—

3. American Forests—