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Swirling Designs Coloring Book

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Product Code: 20220
40p, b&w
Swirling Designs Coloring Book
18 Fun Designs + See How Colors Play Together + Creative Ideas
Designs by: Geta Grama
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FunStitch Studio logo Coloring has never been this creative. Get inspired with 18 different designs you can color or draw or paint all day. Add your own flair with pens, pencils, crayons, markers or paint. Learn how colors go together and try out a new color theory today.

• Keep yourself busy in the car, while waiting for friends - anywhere you go
• Decorate your room, your binder, or your locker with finished pages, or give them to friends
• Collect the whole series! Each book features designs by different quilt artists

Swirling Designs has 18 intricate geometric patterns to color, plus fun facts on combining colors so they look good together.

*Free table-top display available with purchase of 12 coloring books!

(Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)

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What: This trio of coloring books from FunStitch Studio is a great gift for any age. Each book highlights a different design: doodle, whimsical, or swirling. Why: Encourage quilters and non-quilters alike to express their creativity by coloring designs from popular quilt artists.