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fast2clean™ Civil War Sampler Quilt Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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Product Code: 20199
Pack of assorted size cloths
fast2clean™ Civil War Sampler Quilt Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
1 Large Cloth, plus 1 Medium and 2 Mini Static-Cling Cleaners

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Microfiber Cleaner(s), Pack of assorted size cloths $9.95 Qty:

Swipe any screen clean!

Each package contains four antimicrobial, lint-free cleaning cloths:
• One large (7” x 6”) Super Hi-Microfiber cloth
• One medium (3” square) Super Hi-Microfiber cloth with static cling backing
• Two mini (1.5” square) cloths with static cling backing

Printed with gorgeous full-color details of a quilt featured in Barbara Brackman’s book, Civil War Quilts, these high-quality, reusable cloths are great for cleaning your computer or television screens, as well as smaller devices like cell phones, LCD displays, and cameras. Use them on your eyeglasses, mirrors, CDs, jewelry and more - just toss them in the wash as needed. With the special static cling backing on the medium and mini sizes, you can easily attach the cloth to your device, remove it to swipe your screen clean, then re-attach it and keep it handy for next time.

(Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)

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Review   McCall's Quilting - July 25, 2013
C&T Publishing's new fast2clean microfiber cleaning cloths are a great way to spiff up your personal electronics and appreciate a beautiful quilt too! Each large pack comes with 1 big, 1 medium, and 2 small cloths printed with lovely full-color details fo the Liberty and Union quilt by Becky Brown. The smaller cloths have static cling backing which allows you to attach to your device for handy use.

Review   The Canadian Quilter Magazine - September 10, 2013
C&T Publishing is more than a book publisher. The company also produces interesting products for quilters and fiber artists. New introductions this year include microfiber cleaning products for all your devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). They are called fast2clean. First is a packaged set printed with details of a quilt featured in Barbara Brackman's book, Civil War Quilts. This package includes 1 large cloth plus 1 medium and 2 mini static-cling cleaners. I have used microfiber cloths for cleaning my glasses for years; it is nice to have one with a quilt design. The 'static cling' cleaners cling to your device so you can have one with you whenever you need it. They clean the finger marks off the screen, it is amazing how dirty the screens can get. A simple swipe makes it clean and clear.