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Radiant Landscapes

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Product Code: 10888
128p, color
Radiant Landscapes
Transform Tiled Colors & Textures into Dramatic Quilts
Author: Gloria Loughman
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Light not only catches the eye, it can transform your work into something truly magical. With four inspiring projects to get you started, Gloria shows you how to bring light into your quilts to set a mood. You'll learn how to create your own landscape quilt with her easy-to-master techniques, including fusible tiling, invisible machine appliqué, free-motion stitching, plus fabric dyeing and painting. She also shares important design principals behind perspective, composition, color, and focal points.

• Get stunning results with Gloria's mosaic tile process for capturing the essence of natural light with your fabric selection
• Add dramatic depth to your landscape appliqué quilt by reviewing basic design principals and exploring a variety of stitching, dying, and painting techniques

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Review    - December 3, 2012

Review   Quilting Arts Magazine - March 20, 2013
Bestselling author Gloria Loughman is back with more innovative techniques in her latest book. Gloria encourages readers to pay attention to light as she evokes the spirits of impressionist painters like Monet and Renoir. In this technique-based book, Gloria maps out the process of designing, selecting fabrics, using her tiling method for intriguing backgrounds, and adding foregrounds. Along the way she also provides guidance and examples for choosing inspiration for quilts, understanding color and composition, and dyeing unique fabrics.Not ready to design your own quilt yet? At the end of the book, Gloria provides patterns for four diverse quilts that will get you comfortable with her techniques and inspire you to move on to your own unique projects later. The lush and inspirational photography and diagrams will have you rushing to your stash or local quilt shop for nature-inspired fabrics to make your own "radiant landscapes."

Review   American Patchwork & Quilting - March 28, 2013
Mosaic Marvels - What: Author Gloria Loughman follows the lead of Pointillism and impressionist painters and uses small pieces of fabric to form a whole image in Radiant Landscapes.Why: Learn about choosing color schemes, looking at light, and selecting fabrics. Then arrange and fuse tiles to serve as background scenery or foreground accents to achieve realistic or abstract scenes.

Review   Machine Quilting Unlimited - May 1, 2013
In her search to add the illusive element of natural light to her art quilts, Gloria studied the great artists of the Impressionist period. her tiled backgrounds invoke the works of that art movement, and infuse her landscapes with a sense of light that provides both illumination and movement. She generously shares the methods and techniques she uses to capture this quality of light in her stunning quilts, and four tiled background projects are included.

Review   The Applique Society Newsletter - April 29, 2013
In Gloria Loughman's latest book she shares her mosaic tile process for capturing the essence of natural light using fabrics. She primarily works with hand dyed and hand painted fabrics and the results are dramatic. The book contains valuable information on art theory. Everything from starting to design the quilt in your sketchbook to how to make a Faced Edge and binding is covered. I particularly like the pages and pages of art theory. You will find plenty of information on how to use color and light to your best advantage. Learn proper placement of items to capture perspective including how to create the look of forest backgrounds and waterways. Capturing light in your tiles is an important aspect of this technique. To that end you will find plenty of instruction on constructing the background including choosing fabric segments, making the tiles, cutting both square and diamond tiles and choosing the base fabric on which you will fuse the tiles. All the instructions are easy to understand and well illustrated. The beautiful photographs of the finished quilts are awe inspiring. If you have reached a place in your quilting journey where you want to step up your work and learn more about the art of color and light and how best to use it in your work you will want this book. I know I will use it as a reference book often.

Review   Quilter's Digest - May 2013 - May 5, 2013
With her inspiring projects, Gloria shows you how to bring light into your quilts to set a mood. You will learn how to create your own landscape quilt with her easy techniques: fusible tiling, invisible machine applique, free-motion stitching, fabric dyeing and painting. Gloria's mosaic tile process helps you to capture the essence of natural light with your fabric selection. Gloria also reviews basic design principles.

Review   Fabrications Quilting For You - June 1, 2013
This is not just another book on mosaic background effects, this is THE book! Once we see the name Gloria Loughman then our expectation immediately rises and once again we are not disappointed because, through this guide, we can learn to capture the essence of natural light and add drama to landscape applique. There are instructions on basic design principles and exploring a variety of stitching, dyeing, and painting techniques for quilts, making this a fusion of fabric, texture and design just waiting to be embraced and I for one cannot wait to explore.

Review   Australian Quilt Companion - July 1, 2013
Gloria is back with another lesson to create stunning landscape quilts. This time her focus is on light. Let Gloria show you how to bring light into your quilt to create mood and evoke emotion. Detailed are many of the techniques she uses in her own award-winning quilts including invisible machine qpplique, free-motion stitching and fusible tiling, plus fabric dyeing and painting. Allow Gloria to guide you as to the principles of perspective, composition and color and, in turn, create amazing depth in your landscape quilts. The book contains four inspiring projects to hone your skills on before embarking on your own unique creation.

Review   The Canadian Quilter - August 1, 2013
Inspired by the Impressionist Masters it is not a wonder that the quilts in Gloria's book are breathtaking. Gloria covers design elements, colour, and inspiration. She takes the reader through her process from fabric dying to her mosaic tile process. She rounds out the book with four projects you can make using her techniques; although, with her book as a guide, you may be so motivated you might want to try your own design. Gloria's book is filled with tons of photographs, some that are very inspiring as well as those that demonstrate her techniques and inspirations. This book is bound (no pun intended) to appeal to the fibre artist who wants to create a masterpiece of their own.