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15 Minutes of Play—Improvisational Quilts

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Product Code: 10882
96p, color
15 Minutes of Play—Improvisational Quilts
Made-Fabric Piecing • Traditional Blocks • Scrap Challenges
Author: Victoria Findlay Wolfe
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See what can happen when you make time to play

Scraps never looked so good! This is improvisational piecing reinvented - learn how to create your own creatively-collaged swatches of fabric in just 15 minutes a day. As you play, you'll sharpen your design skills and learn more about combining colors and prints in new ways. Discover just how distinctive classic blocks like Sawtooth Star or Flying Geese can be, when they're constructed with more spunk and spontaneity!

• Create a unique piece of "made-fabric" in just 15 minutes with Victoria's improvisational scrap-piecing methods
• Learn how to incorporate your made-fabric into traditional quilt blocks, then watch your quilt design emerge
• Includes 11 fun challenge exercises to strengthen your creative muscles, plus a quilt gallery full of inspirational images

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Review   Quilter's Digest - Issue #4 - October 15, 2012
Take some time out of your day and play! Learn how to create your own collaged swatches of fabric in just 15 minutes a day using your own scraps. Victoria will show you how to incorporate your “made-fabric” into traditional quilt blocks like Sawtooth Star and Flying Geese. You’ll sharpen your design skills and learn about color combination as you play. A quilt gallery is included to inspire you.

Review   American Patchwork & Quilting - Feb 13 Issue - December 20, 2012
Follow the 11 challenges to break out of your mold and make improvisational scrap-pieced fabric you can incorporate into quilt blocks.

Review By: Stevii Graves,   International Quilt Association Journal - May 28, 2013
Victoria recommends setting aside 15 minutes everyday to be creative and to play. Her idea of play is to freely sew to make "fabric" out of small scraps. Her made-fabric used in traditional blocks gives the blocks a modern look. If the reader has forgotten how to play, the book incudes 11 challenges that are designed to loosen up the creative inner child.

Review   Australian Homespun Magazine - May 1, 2013
More than anything else, this is a book about how to break away from making quilts by copying what others have done and following step-by-step instructions to systematically create a finished piece. Victoria's emphasis is on process, not product. While she does provide a fairly detailed guide to four different ways ot sewing scraps of fabric together to make blocks that you can then cut up and use in your patchwork blocks - 'crumb piecing', as it is commonly known - her focus is on developing your creative spirit and giving yourself permission to have fun and go with the flow. She sets 11 creative challenges, such as "Use fabric you don't think you can use" and "Make a medallion quilt from a set of previously-made blocks that never grew into a quilt." A lot of readers will feel uncomfortable with Victoria's approach, but you'll be using loads of tiny scraps of fabric you possibly dont't value all that much - that is, you don't need to cut up gorgeous yardage. And this approach might be a revelation that opens doors to all kinds of new opportunities. The book includes photographs of lots of quilts made by a cross-section of creative minds.