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Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts

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96p + pattern pullouts, color
Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts
13 Quilt Projects to Piece & Appliqué
Author: Jennifer Chiaverini
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Discover the stories behind the quilts

• Bring a bit of Elm Creek into your home with the latest quilt designs inspired by the New York Times best-selling series
• Jennifer shares her inspiration for the characters in her last six novels - their quilts and their stories
• Includes the popular Cornucopia of Thanks sampler with blocks to symbolize what you are thankful for

You will love this beautiful new group of traditional quilt projects, including two Hawaiian-style patterns and a Double Wedding Ring quilt. Enjoy reading "behind the seams" of each story that featured these pieced and appliquéd favorites from The Winding Ways Quilt, The Quilter's Kitchen, The Lost Quilter, A Quilter's Holiday, The Aloha Quilt, The Union Quilters, and The Wedding Quilt.

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Review   Publisher's Weekly - October 3, 2011
"Chiaverini (The Wedding Quilt) writes novels plotted around the Elm Creek Quilters. She describes well the work produced by the women, but all the fine adjectives in the fiction do not do justice to the quilts she produces. Perhaps that's why, in addition to 18 novels, Chiaverini has also authored four collections of quilt projects, based on the novels' quilts. Her newest contains quilts described in Chiaverini's last half-dozen novels, along with sidebar quotes from the novels, but discusses little of the quilts themselves. For The Last Quilter, set in the Civil War, Chiaverini designed Mr. Lincoln's Spy. Pineapple Patch, the quilt developed from The Aloha Quilt, is worked in an emerald green material set in ivory from Chiaverini's fabric line. She designed the 13 projects, including two holiday quilts, and pieced them, sometimes aided by her mother, Geraldine Neidenbach, and her sister, Heather Neidenbach; a friend, Sue Vollbrecht, machine-quilted them. Templates are sized to work with. The directions, from cutting to constructing, instruct the intermediate quilter; for example, terms like "cornerstones" are not defined and the quilter is occasionally referred to a general quiltmaking book for technique advice."

Review By: Joan Simmons,   Customer review - October 25, 2011
"I read one of these books and could not wait till I owned the others.  Then I ordered all but one of the quilting books! Winning this one would make my Library by Jennifer Chiaverini complete! Yes, of course, I will have the one that is coming out in November.  I may have to wait and get it for a Christmas gift.  Hopefully early. Our family tradition is Christmas at Grandmothers' house! Of course, I am Grandmother!"

Review   HubPages - November 8, 2011
"Jennifer Chiaverini has recently released her latest pattern book, Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts. She has been a prolific author, writing eighteen novels about the Elm Creek Quilters. This New York Times best selling series started in 1999 with the book The Quilter's Apprentice, when Sylvia Bergstrom created a quilt camp in Waterford, Pennsylvania. In each novel, a different aspect of quiltmaking has been highlighted. Many topics about quilts have been discussed - including the civil war, immigration, runaway slaves, the community of quiltmaking, quilt shows, Hawaiian quilts, treasuring antique quilts, quilt retreats, rivalries and arguments. I enjoyed reading the social history as well as reading about the use of quilts in different time periods. There have also been books to supplement the novels, including a recipe book, and several pattern books. Since I really enjoyed reading each of the novels, I appreciated a chance to see a quilt pattern book. The novels do not show photos of most the quilts, so seeing the actual quilts and comparing them to the ones I imagined while reading the novels was a treat. Book Review of Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts: 13 Quilt Projects to Piece and Applique is the latest book by Jennifer Chiaverini. It includes quilt patterns that are inspired by the Elm Creek Quilts novels. It has thirteen quilt projects to piece and applique. Some of these quilts are shown on the right. There are additional photos from the publisher, C&T blog. The introduction highlights the background of some of the novels and books. Excerpts from the novels are placed throughout the book, and patterns are provided for some of the quilts that were mentioned in some of the novels. The quilts are not rated by difficulty level. Except for the courthouse square pattern, named Joanna's Freedom, most of the quilts in this book seem to be designed for the intermediate or expert quilter. Even Mr. Lincoln's Spy, which looks like simple nine patch blocks set on point, and sashed, was made with complicated Union blocks. Welcome, Baby Emily! uses curved piecing. Caroline's Wedding is a beautiful wedding ring quilt, which is already difficult with curved piecing, and made even more so with the addition of applique. I find this to be a refreshing change from the many beginner books that are out on the market. Sometimes it is necessary to challenge ourselves and make quilts that require a bit more effort and stretch our skills. There is a small section in the back of the book that discusses mitered and butted borders, but does not explain how to choose fabric, how to handle curved piecing, or how to applique. You will need to supplement this book with other references if you are not confident in your quilting. I was surprised to find that many of the patterns use templates. With the advent of rotary cutting, I have stayed away from using templates, but some of these intricate and beautiful designs require templates, and I am glad that Chiaverini is not shying away from them when they are necessary. There are templates throughout the book, and there is a foldout in the back of the book which includes the larger patterns. Even the square in Remembering Victoria is a template. I have not made any of the quilts in this book yet, or any other book by Chiaverini, but they do appear to be thorough step by step instructions. The book does not provide quilting suggestions, using the standard "quilt as desired". It does suggest using echo quilting for the two Hawaiian quilts. I like this book. Remembering Victoria is my favorite quilt in this book. I like the illusion of circles and stars it creates, similar to the storm at sea pattern. You can keep looking at the quilt and seeing different circles form in different sections of the quilt. I won this book from a giveaway on the C & T Publishing blog. They have published Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts: 13 Quilts Projects to Piece and Applique and other pattern books. Because this was a drawing, I was not required to write a book review, but I chose to do so, because it is a good quilt pattern book for experienced quilters."

Review   Library Journal - November 15, 2011
"Chiaverini, author of the popular "Elm Creek Quilts" novels (e.g., The Wedding Quilt), presents a collection of quilts inspired by her books. The projects range from traditonal piecework to complex aplique, and step-by-step cutting and piecing instructions (including templates where needed) are included. Most projects lean toward classic Americana in both design and color choice, but individual quilters can adapt and modify to suit their tastes. The colleciton is targeted to Chiaverini's fans - she includes an essay on the inspiration behind her novels, as well as numberous excerpts - but the projects will appeal to quilters of all skill levels."

Review   Quiltmaker Magazine - March 1, 2012
"Jennifer Chiaverini showcases 13 lovely quilts and the stories behind them in Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts. Each quilt project is inspired by a traditional quilts from one of the last six novels of her New York Times best-selling Elm Creek series."