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The Practical Guide to Patchwork
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128p, color
The Practical Guide to Patchwork
New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker
Author: Elizabeth Hartman
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Stash Books logo Quilting Basics with Modern Flair
  • 12 quilt projects for beginners, confident beginners, and intermediates
  • Explore different options for each project-make it with just two colors or scrappy, make it vintage or mod, make it soft or playful.
  • Alternate colorways included with each project show you how swapping out fabrics can change the look of the same block.
  • Learn how to cut, piece, appliqué, machine quilt, bind, and finish.
  • Pick up helpful tips and tricks to stay organized and master the methods.
Try a fresh, relaxed approach to making quilts with this new "go-to" book. The bright aesthetic and clear, simple instructions guide beginners and intermediates alike through the entire process of creating fun and useful quilts that they'll be proud to call their own.

Winner of the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Award ("How To" category)

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Review By: Christina Lane,    - October 7, 2010
"Elizabeth's book is well thought out, and easy to read and understand.  It is the perfect book for all levels of quilting - but especially for the new quilter who has everything to learn.  Every step of the process is covered, without overwhelming you in the learning process.  Lots of space is provided on each page to explain the process with words and photos - which in my opinion goes a long way towards making the process of learning to quilt calming and has the readers really saying to themselves "I can do this."  Every one of the projects is something you will want to make.  Stepping from beginner to advanced, every quilt will feel achievable."

Review   Peas in a Pod - November 12, 2010
"...Overall, I really like this book. I have followed Elizabeth Hartman's blog (Oh, Fransson!) for a while now, and I think her style of quilting is very fresh, fun, and "hip," if you will. I think what I enjoy about her quilts is that her color selections are cheerful, and her style consists of clean lines. Taken together, this results in a sort of simple elegance to her work. That style suits me. As the title indicates, this books teaches the basics for the "modern" quilter. With reference to the basics: Ms. Hartman does not assume the reader has any quilting background or knowledge. This is great if you are a beginning quilter. I think this book does a great job introducing some of the basic skills to a new quilter without ovewhelming him/her with too much detail. Ms. Hartman's writing style matches her quilting style. It is friendly and straight to the point. She cuts to the chase and doesn't give a lot of detail that's not necessary to do a good job on your first quilt. She also offers some simple strategies that can help a new quilter be successful. For example, she suggests that if you don't have a 1/4" foot to sew with, put a line of blue tape along your sewing machine 1/4" away from the needle to serve as a fabric guide as you sew. Good advice. If you are not a novice quilter, this book probably won't extend your skills a whole lot. I was okay with that, because that's not what I bought the book for. I just really like Ms. Hartman's quilt designs, and I wanted the patterns and the "eye candy" in the photos."

Review   October Eight - November 14, 2010
"There is a new craft movement today that is only picking up speed as it picks up a whole new generation of creative do-it-yourselfers and quilting is one of the arts that has been picked up and revitalized using new designer fabrics, techniques and even a little new technology. This movement is spreading like wildfire due to social networking websites like Flickr, Facebook and individual blogs. Why a modern quilting guide? Was there something wrong with the traditional and still very active quilting methods? As someone who sewed their first dress in 1969, and made their first quilt in 1982, then let my sewing skills atrophy for a while, let me say, this movement is just what our recession tired world needed! I “met” the author, Elizabeth Hartman by finding her blog, Oh Fransson!, online one day, probably through one of the MANY Flickr groups I belong to that are related to fabric, sewing, quilting and the like. I was drawn to the blog because it was written so concisely, yet not wordy, simple to understand, gorgeous photos of brilliant techniques and perfect craftsmanship. There are a million quilt bloggers out there but Elizabeth is able to boil down all the fluff into exactly what is needed and wanted by the modern quilter. And so her book, just as lovely, practical and wonderfully applicable to all levels of whatever you call yourself; sewist, sewer, seamstress, fabric artist or quilter!..."

Review   Lady V dZine - December 7, 2010
"12 quilt projects for beginners, confident beginners, and intermediates. Explore different options for each project-make it with just two colors or scrappy, make it vintage or mod, make it soft or playful. Alternate colorways included with each project show you how swapping out fabrics can change the look of the same block. Learn how to cut, piece, appliqué, machine quilt, bind, and finish. Pick up helpful tips and tricks to stay organized and master the methods. Try a fresh, relaxed approach to making quilts with this new “go-to” book. The bright aesthetic and clear, simple instructions guide beginners and intermediates alike throu I have a quilting project in mind, and now I just need to break out the scissors and get to it. I will definitely be using The Practical Guide to Patchwork as I muddle my way through my first quilt."

Review   freshlemonsquilts.com - January 4, 2011
" I don’t really need a basics book…but I saw it in my LQS and I loved having all her wonderful projects and fabric choices put together in a book. I mean, when Elizabeth Hartman writes a book, you buy it, am I right? She is so talented! I also think it would make a great gift for someone new to modern quilting, and will be keeping that in mind this year."

Review   treadle yard goods - February 6, 2011
"...Ms. Hartman is a very prolific quilter and designer, and this book has lots to offer quilters of all stages. The instructions begin with the basics, how to sandwich a quilt, what kind of stitching to use while quilting, basic color theory, etc. Personally, I am quite a novice quilter. I have made them, but my interest lies primarily in fashion sewing. I was introduced to all sorts of interesting things through this book. These binding clips, which look like hair clips (but will snag your curly locks so beware) are an innovation that was new to me. Also, adding this tiny flap before binding makes a quilt easy to hang on a wall. Genius. Now to the designs - These quilts are clean, modern and range in difficulty from Beginner, through Confident Beginner to Intermediate. The best part of the designs is this: for every design, she shows her blocks in two more permutations, so you could take the quilt in your own direction either with color, or shape of pieces. It's so exciting when a designer will hand the reins over, and encourage you to use your own design sensibilities. While we're discussion quilting, I wanted to call your attention to our Beginning Quilting class coming up in March. Come join Melissa as she guides you through the basics of quilt-making from choosing fabrics to assembly and and binding."

Review   Library Journal - February 1, 2011
Quilt maker and quilting blogger Hartman introduces the basics of patchwork quilting, including color theory, tools tips, and techniques, then follows up with a variety of patchwork projects. Each projects includes full directions, as well as alternate fabric options and pattern modification ideas. Patchwork is very traditional, and Hartman's color and pattern choices make the quilts look fresh and modern rather than fussy and old-fashioned. Her occasional use of precut fabrics in the patterns make several projects accessible to novices. 

Review   Quilters Newsletter - April 1, 2011
"Here's a 'How-to-quilt' book from the fresh and appealing Stash Books. With its open layout, lots of simple diagrams and 'lifestyle' photography, The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker by Elizabeth Hartman (Stash Books) will be the new essential guide for all new quilters. There are 12 projects from 'beginner' to 'intermediate' with just enough, but not too much instruction. The appeal is immediately evident — order a lot!"

Review By: Enjoli Strait,    - March 9, 2011
This is a great book for beginners as well as advanced sewers looking for a a few new techniques and all around fun quilts! I have had this book for about 3 months and have already begun scheming most of the book with my fabric stash! I highly recommend this book to new quilters everywhere!

Review   Quilters World - April 1, 2011
Elizabeth Hartman, the brainchild behind the popular quilt blog, Oh, Fransson!, has debuted her first book, The practical Guide To Patchwork: New Basics For The Modern Quilt Maker. The Practical Guide toTo Patchwork is a great book for beginning to intermediate quilters, covering everything from basic supplies and planning your quilt, to free-motion quilting and binding, all pesented with a bright aesthetic and clear, simple instructions. Twelve beautiful and brightly colored projects are accompanied by numerous step-by-step photographs, perfect for the visual learner. Each project includes ideas for alternate colorways that show you how swapping out fabrics can completely change the look of your quilt. The Practical Guide To Patchwork would make a great starter book for a young person who wants to learn how to make fun and functional quilts.

Review    -

Review   American Patchwork and Quilting - June 16, 2011
The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker In my opinion, the author Elizabeth Hartman hits the nail on the head when she recommends “…choosing a first project that doesn’t have a deadline attached to it (such as a baby shower or birthday”. The Practical Guide to Patchwork starts out with basics from selecting cotton fabric, elements of a quilt, common fabric cuts, and tips for planning a quilt. The section on choosing fabrics was especially helpful to me. With all the great cotton prints available in quilt shops and my stash of home decor fabrics, sometimes I struggle with selecting the “right” combination of fabrics. You’ll find a breakdown of basic supplies, piecing techniques, machine-quilting tips, as well as tips for making and attaching binding. The book includes step-by-step instructions and diagrams for 12 modern quilt projects. Each project is made in two alternate colorways to demonstrate the impact that color choices have on each quilt design. As a new member of a modern quilt guild, I’m inspired to dig through my stash of bright fabrics and start sewing! On my “to-make” list: Valentine (page 71) and Little Leaves (page 89).

Review By: Priscilla Read,    - July 27, 2011
The Practical Guide to Patchwork Elizabeth Hartman’s Blog is FUN and so is her book "The Practical Guide to Patchwork".  In the introduction Elizabeth points out that “a quilt is something you’re likely to work on for weeks or even months. There are many steps, each of which may involve learning a new technique.”  I was delighted to see that Elizabeth shows the steps in the quiltmaking process in a way that makes it fun and interesting.  The first three chapters cover the basics on how to plan and construct a quilt from start to finish.  I liked information on the use of charm squares and precut rolls of fabric and the patterns that use them.  There are 12 projects in the book for beginners to intermediate quilters.   The book gives suggestions for contemporary color schemes and ways to use whites and solid colors to show off prints to their best advantage.  For each project Elizabeth gives suggestions for at least two alternate color combinations.  All the projects have suggestions for interesting pieced quilt backs. I would definitely recommend this book to any quilter looking for a good reference book or ideas for quilts that are fresh and modern.

Review   vanillajoy.com - September 3, 2011
"This is a book I had my eye on for a while. Honestly…I love the cover! All those beautiful and colorful quilts…and I figured it would be a good all around quilting resource. And I was right. There’s gobs of good information in this book with tons of great photos as well as beautiful quilt project ideas and patterns. Elizabeth Hartman includes all the basic quilting information at the beginning – tools, fabric, batting, thread, etc. as well as information about quilt planning, sizing, and choosing fabric. Then she talks about rotary cutting, patchwork piecing, making a quilt sandwich, machine quilting, and binding.My favorite parts in the Basics section were about color, which is the hardest part for me. I liked how she broke color down into warm and cool and talked about how those color families affect a quilt over all. I also loved the different quilt backing options she showed. I typically don’t think of the backing as a place for patchwork, but I love it! She included her take on value, intensity, and different color combinations as well as tips on how to incorporate large-scale, medium-scale, and small-scale prints in your work. All great topics I needed to hear more about!The last part of the book includes project ideas, and these were my very favorites. I love her style and her color choices, and I’m going to try to make all of these eventually! Thanks to Elizabeth Hartman and C&T Publishing for this great book!"

Review   sewmamasew.com - October 1, 2011
appearing w/ cover photo: The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker By Elizabeth Hartman– Our Color Blocks Placemats and Napkins Sew-Along designer! (C&T Publishing, $24.95, ISBN 1607050080) From the Publisher: Try a fresh, relaxed approach to making quilts with this new go-to book. The bright aesthetic and clear, simple instructions guide beginners and intermediates alike through the entire process of creating fun and useful quilts that they’ll be proud to call their own.

Review By: Heidi Staples,   Creative Troupe - May 23, 2012
Elizabeth Hartman is a big name in the modern quilting world and for good reason. Her projects are sleek and sophisticated, yet completely approachable. If you are just starting out into the world of modern quilting -- or quilting, period -- you would do very well to get a copy of this book. Elizabeth begins with a large section on the basics of quilting, giving a comprehensive overview of techniques, supplies, and standard quilting terms. She then presents three sections of quilt projects, each one taking the reader to a slightly higher level of difficulty. I'm particularly in love with her Valentine quilt, a stunning rainbow hued string quilt. There are twelve quilt patterns in all, beautifully illustrated and explained in detail. I especially love her notes at the end of each project where she shows two different spins on the quilt just presented (i.e. make it scrappy, fussy, vintage, etc.). She gives the reader a framework to build on and the tools to be as creative as possible. This book is a great addition to any quilter's library, and I would love to try at least one of these patterns in the year ahead.

Review By: Amorette Drexler,   Creative Troupe - May 31, 2012
This book is an excellent sequel to Ms. Hartman's first book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork. It has many of the same elements for layout and projects- some easier, simple piecing progressing to more challenging work and different skill sets. Luckily for us, she also kept the alternate fabric suggestions at the end of each project along with example photos. This little touch really makes the difference for me; I love to see what else can be done, because often the first time I see a pattern I don't like it, but love it in different fabrics. These alternates are a stroke of genius. The other genius bit is instructions for completing the back, in case you don't want just a whole piece plain-jane backing. Plenty of the backs would make a great quilt on their own! I found at least 5 projects in here I would love to do immediately, and several more I put on my longer term to-do list.

Review   overthekitchencounter.com  - November 21, 2012
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the amazing Elizabeth Hartman and her fun Inspired Modern Quilts Craftsy class.  After I signed up for the class I of course ran out and bought BOTH of her books!The first is The Practical Guide to Patchwork (don't 'click to look inside' - that's just the photo!).  This is Elizabeth's award-winning book and it's a beauty.  If you've never quilted before this book covers all the basics - everything from fabric & supplies, to planning a quilt, to step-by-step construction.  She also includes 12 quilt projects for beginners and beyond.  They are ALL gorgeous quilts and I can't wait to make them!  With all the alternate colorways included with each project, the possibilities are endless.This is a really stunning, soft-cover book with beautiful paper, really great photos, lots of tips, and detailed instructions.  I LOVE IT!

Review   http://prettyladybaby.com - January 22, 2013
This wonderful book is by Elizabeth Hartman, who blogs over at Oh Fransson.com, and I absolutely love this book!  First of all, let me say…I am very much a beginner quilter and there are still questions floating around my head.  I often look at my piecing and wonder if I am doing this right.  Well, this book answered most of my questions and gave me a better understanding of the process of quilting.This book is broken into 4 sections • I also, in the past, have been intimidated by quilt patterns.  Elizabeth’s instructions are clear and concise and she even gives quick reminders or redirects you back to previous instruction just in case you did not “get it” the first time.  I would indeed suggest this book to any new quilter like me! 

Review By: Katie M.,    - April 24, 2013
My go-to quilting book! Of all my quilting books (and I have a ton), I still reach for this one at least once per project! Sometimes it's because I want to try to do something a little differently and need Elizabeth's guidance, other times I just need a quick refresher on something or other in the first part of the book, "All the Basics". Whatever the reason, this book has become an essential in my sewing room and I'd recommend it to quilters at all skill levels!

Review   American Quilt Retailer - May 1, 2014
Compared to a few years ago, there are now dozens of books for all skill levels that are interesting to the modern quilter. For the beginning quilter who is attracted to the modern aesthetic, offer The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman.