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Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts

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Product Code: 10327
80p, color
Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts
Mysterious, Magical, Easy, and Fun
Author: Ricky Tims
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Become a fabulous quilt artist - the fun, easy way!

Popular quilting expert Ricky Tims presents an imaginative, new piecing technique that quilters will adore! Convergence quilts feature two or more fabrics cut into strips, sewn together, then cut and pieced again. Nothing could be simpler - or more magical! Ricky offers lots of creative guidelines but no hard-and-fast rules, so every Convergence quilt is a unique work of art.

• 4 projects walk you through the steps of making Convergence quilts
• Quilts look complex but are fun, easy, and, best of all, creative to make
• Use any fabric from commercial prints to hand-dyed
• Add decorative touches such as appliqué to dress up your projects
• An infinite number of looks from one ingenious technique

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Review   British Patchwork & Quilting - February 1, 2004
Ricky Tims has coined the term 'Convergence Quilts' to describe his ingenious and effective method of creating unique Art Quilts...this original book deserves to be my Reviewer's Choice.

Review   Fabrications - February 1, 2004
A book full of character, interest, and a colour lovers' delight!

Review   American Quilt Retailer - April 1, 2004
"Ricky Tims Convergence Quilts" shows any quilter how to make the same magical, musical quilts and it doesn't even look very hard to do! The technique would make a fun class with dynamic results.

Review By: Patti Ives,   The Applique Society Newsletter - May 1, 2004
Ricky Tims presents an imaginative, new piecing technique…Ricky's writing style is very easy to read and understand. The illustrations and directions for the projects presented in the book are clearly written and the step-by-step photos really help understand what you are supposed to do.

Review By: Louise Cleland,   Journal of the International Quilting Assn. - July 1, 2004
The book is filled with bright colorful photos, helpful discussions, and explanations of the steps to undertake for the four quilt projects. There is a fabulous gallery to stimulate you even further . With this guidebook you, too, can quickly become a quilt artist.

Review By: Sharon Darling,   QuiltersReview.com - April 1, 2004
Ricky's convergence quilts are colorful, bold, and unexpected. This book has made artists out of many quilters. Study it for inspiration, and you could be next!

Review   QuiltersReview.com - January 1, 2005
One of the 10 best-selling titles form QuiltersReview.com for 2004.

Review   Quiltemagasinet - January 1, 2004
Reviewed in this foreign language publication.

Review   Quiltniews - June 1, 2004
Reviewed in this foreign language publication.

Review   Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles - September 22, 2008
"...The word 'convergence' jumped out at me. What was it doing on the front of a quilt book? What a great word. Especially when followed by the terms: mysterious, magical, EASY, and fun. My kind of quilt project for this lazy weekend. Thus I opened Ricky Tim's book: Convergence Quilts.
In truth I've been looking for something to hang on the bare walls, something not too wild, but a little modern, a little artsy, a little different. Since we're living within a no-frills budget at this time, something I could make with what I already own, seemed the way to go. Ricky seemed to think I could do a convergence quilt. He nudged, 'In my experience,' he wrote in the book, 'the most successful way to learn is to move past idle curiosity to actual exploration and experimentation.' He further nudged by suggesting that these quilts go together quickly and take up little time...Ricky's examples were mostly made using hand dyed fabrics and his finished products had a delightful artsy feel to them. Modern, perfect for my house. I used none such fabrics.
I read, followed directions, probably messed up one step at least, and proceeded happily zipping my little rotary cutter along fabric after fabric, stitching, reading, ironing, and then imagining. What I had created looked like a background. I added borders. I knew I had some fusible interfacing so I cut out some silhouettes from black fabric and ironed them on. And suddenly I have something that makes me smile. Will it win awards?
Ricky addresses worries about making MY quilt verses one that looks like those made by award winners. He seems to stress just having fun with the project. Enjoying the process as well as the end product. I like this guy. I like the idea of making a quilt while wearing a cowboy hat. And I like the way he combines beautiful words, music, (harmonic convergence) and quilts..."