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Journey to Inspired Art Quilting

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112p, color
Journey to Inspired Art Quilting
More Intuitive Color & Design
Author: Jean Wells
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Discover your artistic voice

Expand your creative horizons and embrace the process of developing your design skills using your own intuition. Jean provides you with more design guidelines and new exercises to hone your natural intuitive skills, then she encourages you to go out there and express yourself! Packed with inspiring quilt images, this book walks you through effective approaches to art quilting from journaling your ideas to unifying your design.

• Continue your art quilting journey with Jean in this follow up to Intuitive Color & Design • Learn how to recognize those "big ideas" that become inspirational starting points for your art • 9 classroom-tested design assignments help you trust your creative instincts and develop distinctive work

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Review By: Joanna Price,    - July 1, 2012
Exploring intuitive design with Jean Wells just might catapult your quilting experience into a new orbit. She'll first convince you that you ARE creative. Jean's natural and easy style inspires confidence in your own artistic abilities, even if (at the beginning of your journey) you're doubtful they exist. You can be assured that she's not going to give you the recipe to make “a Jean Wells quilt.” Instead, she'll lead you down an artistic path of self-discovery, where you'll learn to SEE as an artist sees. As you consider the elements of design, even the photographs you take for inspiration will be better compositions. Learning how to abstract a design can be difficult for to those who've concentrated on realism or perfect piecing. Jean has developed some tried-and-true methods of breaking through that perfection, isolating the essence of a subject, and then abstracting it. Jean's intuitive approach to quiltmaking is based on the principles and elements of design, as is all good art. If you're an “accidental artist” like me, you'll learn from Jean the basics that others were taught in art school. It is said, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” If you're ready, Jean's here to take you on that inspired journey into more intuitive color and design.

Review By: Ginny Hall,    - July 1, 2012
Art quilts were something I loved and appreciated but never thought I could do. After learning Jean's techniques and method of creating compositions and designs, I found I was inspired and ready to create my own. Her techniques and design lessons have even found their way into my more traditional pieces making them more exciting and unusual.

Review   Creating The Hive - July 24, 2012
I find Jean’s approach to art quilting warm and inviting.  When I read her book it seemed as though she was talking to me and helping me unleash my inner artist.  Her sections on capturing inspiration and practicing good design gave me the foundation to start creating.  Her assignments made the process easy and attainable.  And the photography throughout the book makes it coffee table quality.  The colors, textures and quilting create lovely eye-candy and you just can’t put this book down.  When I showed my new favorite book to my sister she couldn’t stop “Oohing and Aahhing,” over the pictures.  So take a leap into art quilting and let Jean catch you with her new book.

Review By: Vivika Hansen DeNegre,   Quilter's Arts Magazine - August 1, 2012
How do you teach someone to work intuitively with color, create improvisational designs, and find their own personal artistic voice? The answer is to expose them to a master teacher and quilt artist like Jean Wells. "I want students to leave the classroom empowered, feeling that they have the foundations and tools to pursue their own ideas and create beautiful quilts." Jean's new book provides that foundation as it guides the reader through her approach to creating art quilts. The eight chapters capture the essence of inspiration and translate it with stunning photographs, practical tips, and most importantly, helpful assignments for the willing student. From sketching in a journal to working with unconventional fabrics and techniques, both the novice and experienced art quilter will find this book a wonderful inspiration and helpful tool. This is an essential for any quilter's library.

Review   gailellspermann.blogspot.com - September 19, 2012
This book is completely opposite of Quilting Modern in that the quilts are made of many different fabrics, fifteen, twenty or more, per quilt.  I love the rich combinations of color and pattern.  ??Another thing I love about this book is the in depth discussion about sources of inspiration, design principles, and color theory.  There are great examples of using photos to inspire quilts and color choices.  This book is a "must have" in my opinion.

Review   Quilter's Delight - September 25, 2012
Develop your skills using your own intuition regarding color and design. In this follow-up to Intuitive Color and Design, Jean encourages you to express yourself with these nine classroom-tested design assignments. She guides you through the process of art quilting from journaling your ideas to completing your final design.

Review   www.yarnsandfabrics/crafts  - November 21, 2012
I cannot stress this enough - GO AND BUY THIS BOOK. One look at the front cover and I was hooked. Jean never disappoints. Great use of colour and design. Jean takes us through making a large quilt. She then gives tips and techniques on how to capture inspiration and use colour with good design practice. She introduces imagery and embellishment. There are assignments throughout the book, so it's just like being in a workshop. We can all do it - Jean takes her inspiration from nature, this book is full of photos that you or I could have taken. This level of work is achievable with patience, endurance and gifts from God. To say I loved this is an understatement. It's one of my top ten quilt books ever. 

Review   Quilting Arts Magazine - November 10, 2012
How do you teach someone to work intuitively with color, create improvisational designs, and find their own personal artistic voice? The answer is to expose them to a master teacher and quilt artist like Jean Wells.

Review   mixed-media-artist.com - November 12, 2012
Jean Wells is a genius, and her book, Journey to Inspired Art Quilting is a work of genius.  The main focus of Jean's book is learning how to translate the design principles and elements into quilting, without losing your way and getting trapped in the details.  Her own specialty is the landscape quilt, and I found that I could easily get lost and trapped in just looking at them, but she has an amazing way of pulling your through the work and out the other side.??Jean is a great colorist, and reading through her explanations of how to get all the parts working in harmony is really an education.  She emphasizes finding "the big idea" and working from that...utilizing color, shape, line, value, etc to reinforce what you want to say.  Even how you choose to frame your work is considered in the quest to put forth the idea.??Since this is a book primarily about design, and only secondarily about techniques, you will not find much discussion of surface design.  The artist works with mostly solid colored fabrics.  One exception is that she introduces adding a bit of imagery through some prints she made and cut apart and also through quilting lines.  It is not a beginner's "teach you how to quilt book," but is an excellent first guide to designing for yourself and stepping away from patterns.  If that's what you're ready for, this is your book.

Review   American Quitl Retailer - November 1, 2012
Teach a person to see, and they will be a quilter of art forever – if there’s not an old saying like this, there should be! Jean Wells, in her new book Journey to Inspired Art Quilting, knows if you teach a person a skill, there are no creative limits. The skill of seeing pattern and design inspiration in nature is learnable and Jean walks the reader through this step by step. Again, this might make a fun club/class. Start in the field with sketchbook in hand, share thoughts and ideas, brainstorm color selection and end up at the machine. Hold a quilt show at the end – the inspiration continues!

Review   Machine Quilting Unlimited - January 15, 2013
Photographs, inspirational items, sketches and journals are all part of Jean's journey to creating her stunning abstract quilted works. She explains the elements and principles of design with special attention to composition and color. Her nine design assignments will help you to find your own artistic voice and stimulate the ideas that can inspire your work.

Review   Fabrications Quilting For You Magazine - March 6, 2013
Continue your art quilting journey with Jean in this follow-up book and learn how to recognize those great ideas that become the inspirational starting points for your art. This is very much a text book, or should I say an intuitive and thought-provoking guide, but the lavish color photographs are stunning in their own right. Jean emphasizes the use of keeping a journal of your ideas, pictures which provoke interest, color combinations and sketches of how to translate these elements into a piece of art work. She leads you through the process of compiling ideas and how to translate those ideas into a work in progress Hopefully you will feel refreshed and organized in your next quilt planning.