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Enchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures

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Product Code: 10857
88p, color
Enchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures
Sculpting • Crazy Quilting • Embellishing • Embroidery
Author: Marina Druker
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What's your vision of the perfect doll?

Every doll deserves to be unique! Discover the joy of making one-of-a-kind art dolls from head to toe. Learn how to build wire armatures, find out how easy it is to work with air-dry clays, and also add charming fabric sculptures to your doll-making repertoire. Play with new techniques for adorning your handiwork with paint, embroidery, trims, and crazy-quilted costumes. No matter what style or skills you have, this book will help you fashion a beautiful figure! Full-size patterns, instructions for stands and frames, as well as an artists' gallery are included.

• Create the doll of your dreams with air-dry clays and creative stitchery
• Eight unique projects include a beautiful mermaid, a fantasy fish, an elegant princess, and a sweet teddy bear
• Learn artistic techniques for sewing, sculpting, and painting to give your doll exquisite style

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Review By: Juanita Lanaux,    - July 29, 2012
This book combines two of my favorite things..doll making and quilting. The dolls are made of paper clay and the dresses and soft sculptures are crazy quilted. The layout of the book makes it easy to create a doll or sculpture as the how-to's inclue sculpting the head, hands, and feet from paper clay, making wire armature, filling out the body, and step by step crazy quilting. There are eight cute projects to make including a little bear, a pretty wall hanging, crazy quilted fish, and a cottage storage box with a removable roof. Also included in this book is a gallery of dolls by very talented artists that is sure to get the imaginative juices flowing. This book is great for beginners and seasoned doll makers alike.

Review By: Lydia Lowe,   Creative Troupe - August 22, 2012
If you're interested in making that first cloth doll or going deeper and giving your cloth dolls more polish, this is the book for you.  Marina covers everything from the essential tools and materials needed, the basics of doll making, costuming your dolls, and creating soft sculptures.At the beginning, Marina explains that doll making is a very liberating activity and it allows for flexibility as you work with the materials, so that all dimensions are approximate and not exact.  Much of what Marina does relies on crazy quilting and embroidery techniques, and this was something I was very interested in, but the use of heavy embellishments can be used as little or as much as you desire.There are plenty of patterns that cover free standing dolls, dolls framed in still life scenes, dolls as brooches, plus fancy fish, teddy bears, and even a country cottage.  A gallery at the end of the book I found to be particularly inspiring.  A template section is included as well for those of us who really need a starting point.This book has everything that you need to get started making dolls and soft sculptures.  You're only limited by what you can imagine.

Review   Australian Homespun - September 25, 2012
Marina Druker is a Russian now living in Israel who makes sculpted dolls from air-hardening “clay” and sophisticated, not-for-children softies that are elaborate, eye-catching and a little bit different from the style we’re used to seeing from Australian and American designers. As a result, this book is likely to stimulate and inspire you to experiment with a range of techniques to achieve dolls and exquisite softies that reflect your unique taste and preferences. Marina puts a strong emphasis on personal achievement, so she doesn’t provide precise measurements for the dolls, and patterns for their clothing are indicative only. If your experience of doll making has been limited to cloth dolls, this book might be your invitation to step into the world of paper clay and similar products: they can be painted, carved, stamped and sanded to create a wonderful variety of effects. Of course, after that you get to play with needle, thread and fabric to dress your doll, with Marina placing a special emphasis on crazy-patchwork costumes. The generic instructions for making the dolls’ bodies are very good, with little assumed knowledge, and the steps involved in each of the eight projects are described in detail. Loads of excellent photographs will instill confidence that you’re on the right track. This book could be the opening of a fabulous new chapter in your doll and softie making.

Review By: Barbara Delaney,   Cloth Paper Scissors - November 15, 2012
Enchanting Dolls & Soft SculpturesEnchanting Art Dolls & Soft Sculptures has everything you need to make amazing dolls. With eight projects to choose from, easy-to-navigate instructions, Doll-making basics, Essential Tools and Materials, a page of embroidery stitches, and nine pages of templates, why wouldn't you give doll making a try? The photos are informative; the gallery is inspiring. Read about the history of doll making and learn about the creators of the colorful beings in the Gallery. Take a look and you'll want to make one of these dolls for your very own.