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Little Stitches

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Product Code: 10856
152p + iron-on transfer patterns, color
Little Stitches
100+ Sweet Embroidery Designs • 12 Projects
Author: Aneela Hoey
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Stash Books logo Happy stitching on the go!

It's grown-up playtime! Choose from more than 100 original embroidery designs, hand-drawn with a modern take on retro style. Each pattern is printed on handy transfer paper-tear out the page, trim out the design, iron it down, and stitch away! Learn 11 easy stitches plus techniques for adding texture, then embroider these charming images on keepsakes and gifts like a baby quilt, cushion covers, or cozies for jars and tissue boxes.

• Playfully modern illustrations are printed on transfer paper to use and reuse
• Learn new decorative and textural stitches while you make whimsical and practical projects
• Embroidery is the perfect handwork to take along anywhere you go

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Review   Library Journal - September 6, 2012
Hoey’s name is familiar to many modern quilters—she’s one of the founders of the popular Fat Quarterly e-zine, and her fabric lines for Moda blend fairy-tale whimsy with cheery color palettes. In her first book, she applies her charming aesthetic to a variety of small-scale embroidery projects. After an introduction to basic embroidery stitches and their uses, Hoey presents a variety of projects that combine small embroidered designs with simple sewing. The motifs are interchangeable, and all are included on reusable iron-on transfers. ­VERDICT Embroidery is gaining in popularity, especially among younger crafters. Hoey’s cute, vintage-inspired approach will appeal to novice stitchers.

Review   American Quilt Retailer - September 1, 2012
Grown-up playtime with Aneela Hoey. Little Stitches contains more than 100 sweet embroidery designs as well ad 12 special projects using the embroidery designs. Aneela, who also designs fabric for Moda, learned to embroider in school at the young age of eight. These designs have ageless appeal, so how about starting a mother/daughter embroidery club teaching the next generation the joys of needlework. Different designs could be done each month with “show and tell” and project construction completed at the next month’s gathering. The book is extra useful with the iron-on transfers for each design included in the back of the book.

Review   Generation Q Magazine - November 15, 2012
This little bestseller from C&T Publishing is pricey, but for a good reason. Besides featuring Aneela’s wonderful slices-of-life artwork, her style is a little different. There’s a lot of fill-in stitching and texturizing that goes way beyond straight outlines. AND there’s an iron-on transfer sheet pullout so you can immediately start recreating Aneela’s stitched smiles. Don’t worry. If the sheet gets used up, the original patterns are also printed in the book.

Review   sewblue-lisa.blogspot.com - November 21, 2012
I am a huge Aneela Hoey fan, I couldn’t think of a better way to learn than with her new book... The book is great!  The patterns come in two versions, the iron-on kind in a pull-out sheet and drawn versions at the back of the book so that you can trace them...  The instructions are awesome…she really does a great job of explaining it all for you... The projects in the book are just so stickin’ cute too!  I couldn’t figure out which one to try first! 

Review   Stitch Gifts - November 1, 2012
Little Stitches contains one hundred of designer Aneela Hoey’s hand-drawn illustrations printed on transfer paper to use and reuse. Learn decorative embroidery stitches plus techniques for adding texture. This sweet book includes twelve whimsical, yet practical projects.

Review   thelittleredhen - December 19, 2012
Aneela's book is full of sweet designs to dress up existing clothes or home dec items or add to just about any sewing project. There's even a pull out section with iron on tranfers of the designs included in the book. So many cute little animals, delightful girls, and fun every day objects to stitch.

Review   goodsmiths.com - December 19, 2012
I read through the basic embroidery directions and tried the pattern featured on the book’s cover to test the quality of the book’s instructions. The basic embroidery directions were easy to understand and included illustrations to help make sense of techniques that might be foreign to new readers. Instead of using the colors listed in the pattern, I opted to dress my umbrella girl in clothes I wish I owned, like robin’s egg blue boots and a matching umbrella. No matter what colors you use, the pattern itself is really adorable. This project also didn’t take all that long to complete. Since much of it involved simply outlining details like the girl’s face, legs and umbrella, this all came together in about 5 hours for me.OverallIf you get this book for yourself, be careful when transferring embroidery patterns to your canvas. I had to rip out my girl’s face (sounds so gory!) at one point because I didn’t appropriately transfer her nose.As I’ve said, the embroidery designs’ style was so simple and lovely. I normally am not a huge fan of using patterns, but I enjoyed watching this design come to life as I embroidered it.The pattern directions were mostly done in chart, rather than narrative/paragraph form, which I liked. Newbie embroiderers may or may not like this style, but I loved the straightforward style.The photography is lovely.Many of the projects appear to come together quickly.

Review   murraylibrary.org - January 20, 2013
I’d never held an embroidery hoop in my life, but an hour after checking out Little Stitches by Aneela Hoey, I found myself planted on the couch, obsessed with my new hobby. Little Stitches‘ illustrated instructions on stitch basics are perfect for beginners, but Hoey’s fresh patterns should appeal to stitchers of all expertise. Within a few days I’d completed my adorable empire state building needle case (page 38). With its practical projects and delightful patterns, Little Stitchesmakes an inexpensive hobby even more accessible. And really, I just can’t get over the adorable patterns! Check it out!

Review   Mumtopia - February 3, 2014
The word embroidery may conjure up a troop of listless young women waiting and hoping for their Mr Darcy to turn up, or your nana's posy-edged table-cloth, but Aneela Hoey brings embroidery right up to date in Little Stitches. Gone are the days when embroidery was all about alphabets and floral motifs. Your designs can be as modern as you like - from sewing machines and snow globes, to jugs of lemonade and treehouses, and Hoey's twelve whimsical, practical project tutorials show you how to put them to best use. In particular, embroidery is suited to making keepsakes and gifts, just as days gone by, but Hoey's pincushion features a taxi, and her needle case has the Empire State Building on the front. Included in this colourful and detailed guide to stitching, 21st Century-style, are more than 100 appealing illustrations printed on to transfer paper so that you can use and re-use them time and again. Embroidery, unlike some other crafts, can be taken along anywhere you go, and once you've mastered the basic stitches with Hoey's help, you'll want to embroider everything that doesn't move!