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Thoroughly Modern Dresden
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Product Code: 10663
72p + pattern pullout, color
Thoroughly Modern Dresden
• Quick & Easy Construction • 13 Lively Quilt Projects for All Skill Levels
Author: Anelie Belden
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Not Your Grandmother's Dresden Plate Quilts!

• 13 lively new Dresden Plate quilts serve up a visual feast of contemporary colors and clever designs for all skill levels
• Change up the look of your quilts with lots of variations on the basic Dresden Plate block and settings
• Use breakthrough piecing techniques to put together a whole quilt of perfect blocks in a day
• Check out the gallery of quilts to see how much fun Dresden Plates can be
• Includes a complete set of templates for successful cutting, pressing, and placement

Forget everything you thought you knew about Dresden Plate quilts. The new Dresdens are colorful, clever, and fun-nothing stodgy or old-fashioned here! They're easy to make, too, with Anelie Belden's new stitch-and-flip technique. Try this fresh take on an old favorite.

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Review   EQ Blog - November 5, 2009
"We learned about this fun new book full of fresh and modern dresden designs and had to share it with you. Fiber artist Anelie Belden has taken the traditional Dresden Quilt design and created a new updated Dresden Design which are featured in her new book... Not only are the designs modern but the construction is also updated to make the block sew together more successful and with a variety of design options...."

Review   Quilters Newletter - December 1, 2009
“The two quilts pictured on the back of this book look more like contemporary works of art than bed quilts! Anelie demonstrates how to make straight, curved, split peaked, three-sided, and half-circle Dresden blades, then shows how full, half and quarter Dresden Plate blocks look in different settings. The 13 projects illustrate the vast variety of updated looks that can results from this classic block.”

Review By: Eileen Thomas,   Quilt Your Heart Out - February 8, 2010
"Not Your Grandmothers Dresden Plate Quilt! Learn How You Can Have Perfect Dresden Plate Quilts Everytime How many of you have been scared to attempt a Dresden Plate quilt? Or if you have tried one, did you have issues with the plate laying flat? Most of us have issues with making these Dresden Plate quilts and having them lay flat. Seems like as you stitch your seams, the plates or blades become a bit uneven and in the process you have now got a plate that will not lay flat on your foundation piece. So you tug and pull and stretch and then you finally get it stitched down on your foundation piece and now your foundation piece is puckered. GRRRR! If you like the Dresden Plates you can find wonderful Dresden Plates in antique shops and garage sales. They are usually hand stitched and the fabric is mostly the 1930's not reproduction but the real thing. My mother used to put on estate sales and collected a bunch of these blocks and since she has passed away I have inherited them. I am not sure what to do with them because I don't like the frustration of dealing with puckering blocks. So until I figure out a way to handle this, they will go in the back of the closet. But not to despair about never creating a Dresden Plate quilt. I took a class recently from Anelie Belden. She has created a method of flip and sew for creating the blades of your plates and it is so easy. Just what a beginner quilter would like. You can see my efforts here.See how nice and flat even my blocks are? The reason is that in Anelie's book, Thoroughly Modern Dresden, she provides templates that you can take to the copy store and ask for clear templates so you can use them over and over again. They were only a couple of dollars and you will use them forever. These templates are so easy to use and the best part, it makes for mistake free Dresden Plate Quilt blocks. She has different sizes of templates so you can make every quilt in her book. Her book, Thoroughly Modern Dresden is amazing. I bought it the first time I saw it, even before I knew I was taking a class by the author Anelie Belden. Her quilts are unbelievable..."

Review By: Sherri McConnell,    - March 29, 2010
"This is a wonderful book!  First of all, I loved reading the history of the dresden block--I'd always wondered about the origins of this pattern.  The book is full of wonderful tips as well as suggested techniques for sewing.  The different styles of dresden blade tops are highlighted; also, there are many quilt patterns from table runners to both small and larger quilts.  The variety of fabrics used in the sample quilts provides endless inspiration for the quilter's own dresden projects!"

Review By: Tara Batman,    - September 2, 2011
"This book will help prevent dresden blocks that pop up in the middle or will prevent those cones that are suppose to be Dresden block. Anelie's techniques are fool proof and easy to understand! The first part of the book has step by step instructions for how to construct each type of dresden with clear photos and diagrams. Three temples are used in book, one for cutting, pressing and layout which I think help with the fool proof technique. I have never made one of these quilts because I could never get the block to lay flat but now I think with these techniques-the block is doable for me! The book is pack full of ideas and quilts that use different layouts which make the dresden block more modern looking. I have always seen this block used in very traditional pastels but very unique layouts are found in this book and the front cover quilt is very cool."