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Carol Doak's Foundation Paper

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Product Code: 10985
100 sheets - 8.5 x 11
Carol Doak's Foundation Paper
From an idea by: Carol Doak
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Discover Easy Paper Piecing with Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper!

• Use in most inkjet or laser printers or copy machines
• No shrinking, curling, or turning brittle!
• Holds up beautifully during stitching; tears away easily when you're done

What makes Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper different?
• It’s lightweight (won’t create bulk when you join sections)
• It’s absorbent (less ink transfer where you don’t want it)
• It’s non-coated (fabric won’t slip on it)

Tips for Easy Use
When using a photocopier, inkjet or laser printer: Fill paper tray with Carol Doak's Foundation Paper and print or copy your pattern. You may also hand-feed single sheets.
When tracing: Lay a sheet of Carol Doak's Foundation Paper over pattern in book or magazine and place both over a light source. Trace with a fine-point permanent marker. A photocopy of the pattern is easier to handle than the actual book or magazine - just make sure the copy is exactly the same size as the pattern.
Pressing: Use a dry iron on a cotton setting and a press cloth on your ironing board cover to protect it from excess ink.

(Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)

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Review By: Sophie Littlefield,   QuiltersReview.com - November 1, 2004
"I now have a new favorite for foundation piecing with patterns I print on my inkjet printer-Carol Doak's Foundation Paper. The paper lies flat in the paper tray, and feeds perfectly. I don't get any bunched up printings…every sheet feeds individually, resulting in perfect foundations for sewing. And it tears away without any effort-or stress on the stitches. It also allows me to sew sections together without a lot of bulk, which gives me more accurate blocks."

Review By: Julianne Minnear,    - July 21, 2008
"Carol's paper-piecing paper makes the whole process much easier. The paper feeds easily through my printer, the ink stays put and the paper tears away easily when the time comes. No more stitches pulling out with the paper when this becomes your paper of choice; you won't want to use anything else again."

Review    - September 2, 2009
"I absolutely love this teaching/learning aid! I'm teaching another free Intro to Paper Piecing class using your 'with permission pattern' this afternoon, and watched the DVD last night twice to just refresh myself. This DVD is my number 1 recommendation for new paper piecing students! Too many quilters that I've talked to about pp'ing say, "Oh, I've tried it and didn't like/hated it". I just tell them, "you didn't learn the Carol Doak Way!" So far, every one of my students that's taken this free class has 'loved' it!"

Review   Berrima Patchwork - September 25, 2012
If you love foundation piecing these papers are without question a MUST! They are fantastic. I had sewn several quilts which are foundation pieced. The first couple I printed my templates out on normal computer paper, oh what a mistake that was. When you tear out that paper it pulls the seams and it is really hard to get it all out. I then got some of Carol Foundation Papers to try, yes they will cost more to use but oh wow the difference, you will wonder why you bothered trying anything else. The paper will print through your normal printer and in most of Carol's books you will find a disk that includes Foundation Factory which has the templates on it so you can just print it straight from the computer onto these foundation paper's (and you can print them out at any size!). They tear out so easily, no pulling on the seam and you get it all out, no little pieces left!

Review By: Polly Edwards,    - December 11, 2013
I've discovered that this foundation paper is much easier to print with fabric.  I use my own fabrics, cut 8.5x11.  I then iron the fabric to the sheet and run it through the printer.  It works much better than freezer paper with my copier.