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Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum Paper

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Product Code: 10984
30 sheets
Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum Paper
From an idea by: Anita Grossman Solomon
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Discover perfect paper piecing with Simple Foundations!

Introducing a translucent foundation for paper piecing that just may change your life! See-through "Simple Foundations" paper will make all your paper-piecing projects simple to prepare and stitch.

• 30 sheets of translucent vellum foundation paper
• Use with any photocopier, inkjet, or laser printer, or trace patterns without a light box - the design shows through the paper!
• Fabric placement and stitching are a breeze
• Tears away easily after stitching
• Ideal for use with all your foundation-piecing patterns and a must-have for Anita Grossman Solomon’s "Make It Simpler" technique

(Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)

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Review By: Debra Feece,   Miniature Quilts - February 1, 2004
Foundation piecing is a breeze with this light-weight vellum paper...You can easily see through this paper, making fabric placement trouble-free. When the stitching is complete, the paper tears away with little effort. Fans of foundation piecing will find this a "must have" product.

Review   Quiltmaker - September 1, 2004
…is ideal for making clean crisp copies, positioning patches, and tearing away easily. Recommended by Anita Grossman Solomon and we agree!

Review   New Zealand Quilter - June 1, 2004
…very useful for fussy cutting pieces – precise placement of fabric designs is a chinch.

Review   Quiltmaker Magazine - September 1, 2012
How can you simplify your foundation piecing? Use Simple Foundations translucent vellum paper from C&T Publishing. Fabric placement is much easier - and paper removal is a breeze.

Review   Quiltmaker Magazine - July 1, 2013
Lightweight paper for the foundations. Regular printer paper is heavier than ideal. Try Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum Paper inspired by Anita Grossman Solomon for C&T, a 'Must Have Tool.'