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The Modern Appliqué Workbook

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Product Code: 11006
136p + pattern pullout, color
The Modern Appliqué Workbook
Easy Invisible Zigzag Method • 11 Quilts to Round Out Your Skills
Author: Jenifer Dick
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Stash Books logo A modern take on appliqué!

• Learn the innovative Invisible ZigZag Machine Appliqué method from start to finish
• Simple step-by-step instructions let you create perfect blocks that mimic fine hand appliqué
• Includes 11 inspiring modern quilt projects to help build your skills

This comprehensive guide proves that appliqué is no longer an unattainable goal. Inside, author Jenifer Dick reveals her signature Invisible Zigzag Appliqué method with in-depth information, troubleshooting tips, and plenty of helpful hints. Plus, visual step-by-step instructions show you how to design, prepare, and sew an appliqué quilt. Intuitive and easy to follow, the book is organized into five parts showcasing 11 modern quilt projects. Each project uses a variety of preparation methods providing plenty of opportunity to test out your new skills.

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Review   FabShop News - January 7, 2014
The Modern Applique Workbook by Jenifer Dick for Stash Books, includes 11 inspiring modern quilt projects to help build your skills and simple step-by-step instructions to let you create perfect blocks that mimic fine hand applique. Learn the innovative Invisible Zigzag Machine Applique method from start to finish.

Review   Applique Society Newsletter - March 3, 2014
Jenifer’s book “The Modern Appliqué Workbook” is filled with good information that any appliquér would find useful. The discussion ranges from tools, to fabric...both what types of fabric works best for appliqué as well as collecting fabric and preparing the background fabric for appliqué. The instructions on using freezer paper and the Invisible Zigzag stitching method are clearly explained with lots of detailed color photos. You will find 11 quilt projects to help hone your skills. If you are new to this method you will be pleased to know there are several small projects that will work out any issues you may have learning Jenifer’s technique before you jump into a larger project. All the patterns for the projects can be found on the pattern sheet in the back of the book -- full size.

Review   Generation Q Magazine - March 21, 2014
Ok, finally! We knew applique would eventually pique our modern imaginations, but we also wondered about the skill and patience required of the most traditional hand techniques and whether we'd be able to tolerate it all to accomplish those luscious shapes and infinite designs. (There is a good reason why applique is known as The "A" Word.) Jenifer solves this problem with a detailed exploration of a freezer-paper technique for creating the shapes and machine stitching. Yes, you need the book for this approach because she gives so much detail on what products work best and tips for managing the process. Then there are the projects! This fun blend of modern, hip and interesting quilts come in mostly small sizes. The exception, cover quilt Star Bright, is one of our special favorites for its sassy use of funky prints. (Oh, in case we haven't quite sold you yet on making the investment, we should also say that Angela Walters quilted these beauties.)

Review   The Portland Modern Quilt Guild - March 24, 2014
Overall the technique described is one I would definitely go back to time and again, and there are more than enough projects I love in this book to make me want to own it.

Review   Generation Q Magazine - March 10, 2014
Jenifer's techniques are just one part of this colorful, appealing book. You'll also find tried-and-true practical advice on working with applique, clearly written instructions and fresh, fun projects to exercise your new-found appli-confidence.

Review   connectingthread.com - March 10, 2014
I love this book because she teaches us how to use the invisible zigzag applique method from start to finish, and the included 11 quilt projects are truly inspiring with the unique applique pieces. She covers a variety of techniques as well, taking the fear out of trying different applique for the first time.

Review   Australian Homespun - May 20, 2014
Until recently, most quilts made in the modern style have been patchwork, but with Jennifer Dick's latest book, applique can now take center stage. It's an excellent primer on machine applique. Jennifer focuses on her preferred technique: preparing shapes with freezer paper, then stitching them using clear, invisible polyester thread. She walks readers through each step involved with lots of close-up photograghs and tips to help, such as how to achieve really sharp points. Machine qpplique using a variety of alternative stitches is covered, but not in as much detail. Instructions and full-size patterns (on a pull-out sheet inside the back cover) are provided for 11 projects. Most of them are wallhanging size - the example shown in our photograph is 40 in. square - in keeping with the notion that, when you're learning something new, a small project is a sensible option. Hone your skills and you'll soon be creating king-sized quilts!

Review   Australian Homespun Magazine - June 19, 2014
The Modern Applique Workbook, by Jennifer Dick, gives detailed guidance on invisible machine applique using freezer paper, several other machine-applique techniques, plus full instructions for 11 exciting quilt projects with a modern design aesthetic.