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Marisa's Big Book of Pop Out Boxes

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Product Code: 20241
48p, color
Marisa's Big Book of Pop Out Boxes
30 Boxes to Pop & Fold, Collect or Give
Designs by: Marisa Anne
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FunStitch Studio logo Pop 'n' go boxes in fun fabric designs - collect the whole series

Dream about being a fabric designer? Have lots of fun popping out and putting together boxes with lovely, fun, current designs from popular fabric designers. No scissors are necessary. Plus, some boxes have blank sides to design your own patterns. Play while you learn!

• Easy: Cool shapes are easy to assemble
• Educational: Learn how fabric design happens - see how the pros do it, then try your own
• Entertaining: Hours of fun for you and your friends

*Free table-top display available with purchase of 12 pop out books!

(Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)

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Play with your favorite fabric motif in paper form! Each book in the trio features 30 pop out boxes (plus cards, tags, and bookmarks) showcasing patterns from a popular fabric designer - Marisa Anne, Aneela Hoey, or Erin McMorris. Each page also features black-and-white designs that you can color and add your own artistic flair.