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A Kid's Guide to Sewing

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Product Code: 11003
144p, color, flaps
A Kid's Guide to Sewing
Learn to Sew with Sophie & Her Friends • 16 Fun Projects You'll Love to Make & Use
Author: Sophie Kerr   Withs: Weeks Ringle, Bill Kerr
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FunStitch Studio logo Make your sewing machine your new BFF!

Get in the DIY spirit and join Sophie and her friends as they enroll in Sewing 101. Learn how to choose fabrics, sew with a sewing machine and use basic sewing tools like a pro. Easy instructions make these projects totally fun, and Sophie’s advice makes them even easier. Craft all sorts of things, from stuff like skirts and scarves to blankets and pillows. You'll be able to do it, even if you’ve never cracked open a sewing book before! You can start with the easy projects, but once you get more experience, you'll enjoy having projects that are more advanced.

• Build your skills one fun project at a time
• Make things you’ll really want to wear and use, like an awesome bathing suit cover-up, a stylish lunch tote, and a handy messenger bag
• Invite your friends over for a sewing party!

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Review By: Nancy Zieman,   Sewing with Nancy - July 1, 2013
"A Kid's Guide to Sewing" made me smile. The projects are kid friendly, the photography is engaging, and the information age appropriate. I only wish I had this type of reference book when I started to sew.

Review   The Applique Society Newsletter - August 25, 2013
“A Kid’s Guide to Sewing -- 16 Fun Projects You’ll Love to Make & Use”, by Sophie Kerr with Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, is one of the books from “Fun Stitch Studio”. What quilter doesn’t have a secret wish for their daughter, son or grandchild to carry on the quilting tradition. This book is a perfect book to help young ones learn more about sewing. They will learn to sew by following Sophie and her friends asthey make kid friendly projects. Photographs and instructions will help them learn their way around a sewing machine. Sewing terminology and helpful tools are also featured. The photos are plentiful and the content is age appropriate. This is the perfect book for any young person with the desire to learn to sew. Consider giving it to someone in your family, it may start a spark for the love of quilting. 

Review   American Quilt Retailer - September 1, 2013
A Kid's Guide to Sewing is written by Sophie Kerr along with her parents, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. And who could write a book about kids sewing better than a kid? There are 16 projects in skill-building order from beginning to advanced and all of the instructions are in Sophie's voice - "Hi! My name is Sophie, and I am eleven." Any young sewist will love to read and relate to her thoughts and ideas. Her tips and suggestions are spot on for her audience. Here's a class just waiting to be held. Pick four or five of the skill-building projects and gather a group of 10- to maybe 13-year-olds. I can just hear the giggles and the pride of success!

Review   DuringQuiettime.com - September 20, 2013
A great starting point for teaching a child to sew using a sewing machine. This book is more focused on machine sewing than hand-sewing. It will probably remind you of the kind of projects you made when you first learned how to sew.

Review   Australian Quilters Companion - September 25, 2013
This book comes from the new imprint of C&T Publishing, FunStitch Studio, and is designed to get young people interested and involved in sewing and home crafts. It focuses on Sewing 101, with tips on choosing fabric, using a sewing machine and navigating basic tools. There are fun projects to get any sewing novice interested.

Review   Machine Quilting Unlimited - November 8, 2013
Sixteen fun projects at levels from beginner to advanced await the adventurous young person with an interest in sewing in this colorful and educational resource. Learn about fabrics, supplies, machines and the basics of sewing while creating projects that will be admired, used and worn. Sophie's enthusiasm is contagious, and her tips for completing each project are helpful and kid-friendly.

Review   Stitch Gifts Magazine - November 1, 2013
Inspire the small person in your life to sew with A Kid's Guide to Sewing by Sophie Kerr, with her parents Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. The book starts out simple by explaining the materials and basics, and contains 16 projects to get young new sewers excited about the craft.

Review   Generation Q Magazine - December 1, 2013
Way to go, Sweet Q-bie! In this debut book written when she was 11, Sophie - daughter of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio - guides her young counterparts through the process of sewing. Feeling inadequate to review this book because of our age challenges, we asked junior editor Samantha Finch for feedback on why she pronounced this book "Awesome!" According to Samantha, Sophie is thorough and has lots of pictures to show what she means. And her projects are definitely doable, Samantha says. "She makes them simple. She doesn't make them so complicated." As parents, we like that many of the projects, such as the Zippered Tote and Insulated Lunch Bag, are pracitcal for kids AND adults. And almost none are exclusive girlie-girl projects. Sophie obviously knows that boys like to sew too, and she's got plenty of guys pictured throughout the book, making things like belts and bags that can be enjoyed by every kid. Lastly, her careful illustrations and pictures really do make simple work out of sometimes intimidating tasks, such as installing a zipper. This is a solid choice to inspire the kids in your life to sew.

Review   Hobby Farms Home Magazine - May 1, 2014
Written by 11-year-old Sophie Kerr (with help from mom and dad, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr), this book is the perfect way to introduce kids to sewing. With 35 pages of valuable troubleshooting and safety tips, and 16 projects, including a lunch tote and messenger bag, your kids will be clamoring to go to the nearest fabric store.

Review   Sew News - April 1, 2014
Eleven-year-old Sophie Kerr and her professional quiltmaker parents bring a stress-free and fresh approach to sewing for kids, making this a great reference book for young sewists. The bright photography of Sophie and her friends (male and female) sewing and using their projects is fun and engaging. The projects gradually increase in difficulty, but all are kid-friendly and presented with Sophie's first-person advice and tips. Plus, some of the projects are cute and clever enough to inspire even the most seasoned seamstress.

Review   goodreadswithronna.com - May 27, 2014
Sophie's expertise and kid credentials combine to create a book that is both factually substantial, and age-appropriate. The first portion of the book introduces the reader to the sewing machine, as well as the fabrics and notions needed to execute the projects. The information and the accompanying photos are clearly laid out and easy to follow. A girl who has no experience in sewing could absolutely get started on her own, even if her mom forgot to take Home Ec and has no idea how to operate a sewing machine! The writer also hits the right note with the selection of projects included in the book. They are simple to construct, starting with the easiest undertaking - a pillow - and working up to the most challenging - a zippered tote. Along the way, the reader learns to sew functional items, garments and even a quilt. The finished products are cool enough for a kid to actually want to use, unlike many DIY craft books for kids, where the items are an adult's goofy idea of what a kid might like. The author really earns her stripes in the straightforward, clear-cut approach to the instructions. No cutesy language, no steps under-illustrated; the reader gets a full explanation that invites personal creativity as well as skill-building. This book is squarely intended for machine sewing, while many kid craft books focus on hand-stitching, under the assumption, perhaps, that machine sewing is too complicated for kids. Sophie dispels that idea, and puts machine sewing within reach for her tween peers. This book is highly recommended for the self-starting girl who wants to learn to sew.