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Product Code: 10929
144p, color, lay-flat binding, flaps
Fabric • Paper • Thread
26 Projects to Stitch with Friends
Author: Kristen Sutcliffe
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FunStitch Studio logo Restitch, repurpose, reuse, and get crafty!

Whether you’re super crafty or have never even picked up a needle and thread, you’ll find something here that you just have to make! Ever gotten bored with one of your tee shirts or tote bags? Learn how to transform them into unique pieces all your own using embroidery stitches and super simple appliqué. Craft a fab necklace, a cute cover for a boring notepad, or a chic bracelet in no time at all!

• Express your creative spirit! Make 26 colorful projects to use, wear, give, and brighten your space
• Make a quick and easy gift for a friend or for yourself. Choose a no-sew project like a colorful tasseled bead necklace or a cool notepad covered in your fave fabric
• Crafts to do with your friends or on the go—take them on vacation, to camp, or anyplace you go

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Review   Ingram Content - March 6, 2013
C&T Publishing’s new imprint FunStitch Studio promises to deliver exciting and creative books for young crafters. Sutcliffe gives step-by-step instructions for making jewelry, embellishing clothing and tote bags, creating room décor, and more. Basic stitches are demonstrated via illustrations: running, backstitch, cross-stitch, lazy daisy, arrow, whipstitch, and blanket. The projects are great to work on individually to keep or give as gifts or to work on as a group during crafting parties and sleepovers. Sutcliffe maintains a craft blog featuring her latest projects so readers can follow her and see more crafts online. Recommended for ages 10 to 13.

Review   Publishers Weekly - May 6, 2013
Blogger Sutcliffe's first book is an approachable set of projects, mostly embroidery-based and aimed at preteen girls. Her aesthetic is charming: simple, often patterned, designs with easy-to-stitch lines, with just enough trendiness to appeal. Watercolor & Pen Postcards are pleasing despite being basic, while the Simply Stitched Tote Bag and Leather Bracelets have the kind of vaguely beachy, woodsy look that's perfect for summer. Adults who find this book might want to stitch up a few of the designs for themselves. A few caveats before buying, though. While Sutcliffe provides extensive illustrated directions for embroidery stitches, notation to "use a sewing machine to prepunch" or to trim the raw edges "with pinking shears" pop up without warning that such tools are needed. Also, with several projects, Sutcliffe advises stitching on Aida cloth, then fusing the cloth to an article of clothing or accessory. Aida cloth won't hold up to much wear and tear (or washing) and waste canvas, which is widely available, is a far better choice. With those minor oddities in mind, this book is a lovely gift to the supervised young crafter. Color photos.

Review   Sew A Straight Line - September 10, 2013
All of the projects are cool and fun, and appeal to anyone.  Though most of the pictures have girls doing the projects, the projects aren’t girly and my son didn’t consider any of the projects “off limits” for a boy.  Most of the projects require materials that, as an avid crafter, I had on hand, making this a great rainy-day book to just flip through and make without running to the store.  There were ideas in this book that I will totally use in my own projects.  I also liked that there are a great variety of projects that can be done by hand, without a machine.    Fabric Paper Thread is full of ideas.  Many of these projects will make great road trip and vacation projects, and I’m looking forward to trying them out with my kids.  

Review   Generation Q Magazine - September 16, 2013
We're not really caring that our staff members' assorted children, who serve as our junior editors, want to look at this book. Instead we tell them (insert little white lie here) that they are way too young for this level of fun and that they need to leave this book in the hands of the trained pros (ahem, their moms and dads). We don't want to deny them the pleasures of Kristen's marvelously different book of stitched fun. We just want to feel the pleasure first. (Being older has to have some perks.) So we've hidden this gem from their greedy little fingers and instead we're trying our skills out on Kristen's brillian projects. After all, who the heck adapts self-adhesive reinforcement circles to hair ornaments? Or stitches right on that oh-so-begging-for-embellishment Moleskine craft paper ntebook cover? Hmmmm? Yep. That's what we're talking about.

Review   Sewmamasew.com - September 20, 2013
Focused on basic embroidery stitches and techniques, this book is perfect for kids or for adults looking for fun and easy projects.

Review   Australian Homespun Magazine - November 5, 2013
What we liked most about this book, designed to get children crafting, is that we could imagine that most of the projects are things they will genuinely be interested in making, wearing, using or gifting to family and friends. They're not dorky or embarassing or inane. Another thing that appealed was that even children who have never crafted before will find projects that they are likely to be able to tackle successfully. Each one is graded, although even the most difficult are very achievable with the involement of a bit more time and patience. Each project is broken down into small steps, and there are plenty of photographs and encouraging words that will help young novices enjoy the process as well as the outcomes. The projects include a pencil holder, cushion cover, several bags, notepad cover and embellishments for clothing. If you have a young woman in your life in, say, the 9-to-14 years age range, this book could be a real winner.