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Daily Beauty

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Product Code: 10915
80p, color
Daily Beauty
365 Ways to Play with Everyday Quilt Embellishments
Author: Cecile Trentini
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Add the magic of everyday life to your quilts

It's true...just a simple item from your make-up bag can put the perfect touch on your quilt! Cécile's featured quilt of 365 blocks (one for each day of the year) celebrates the extraordinary beauty of ordinary life with perfectly round and richly embellished cotton cosmetic pads. Take advantage of the pads' small scale and soft surface to experiment with a wide variety of stitching styles and mixed-media techniques.

• Soak up some unique inspiration with hundreds of gorgeous variations on a theme
• Have fun with creating with cosmetic pads as you practice your surface design skills
• Give new life to leftover ribbons and lace, buttons and beads, sequins and tulle, and more!

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Review By: Rayna Gillman,    - January 1, 2013
“Cécile Trentini's original approach to design and creativity was evident when I first met her as a student in a workshop I was teaching. With this book, I'm learning from her! Much of her work is inspired by the elements and routines of everyday life, and she manages to see beauty in what others might see as mundane. She turned a boring, traditional quilt block I gave her, into a masterpiece of abstract art. And she does the same in this book, turning an everyday object into an opportunity for unlimited creativity! Daily Beauty is a joyful starting point that will let you soar and create your own magic!”

Review   The Applique Society Newsletter - March 19, 2013
Cecile Trentini is a quilt artist who spent a year creating 4"x4" blocks each featuring a round cotton cosmetic pad. She did this one day at a time and has now put all the blocks into one terrific little book. As you enjoy looking at all 365 4"x4" blocks Cecile created you will soon see the value in doing some of these blocks on your own. Cecile says "this book is intended for the seasoned quilter who is familiar with basic patchwork and quilting techniques and who wants to learn how certain processes in my quilt were done, how I developed the design, and how variations of common techniques offer a multitude of possibilities." Explore new ways to add surface design to your work through the use of stitches, threads, fibers and embellishments one manageable 4"x4" block at a time. You may not want to make an entire quilt from the little blocks you create but what a wonderful way to explore surface design and learn how you can incorporate these techniques into your own work. Each block is shown full size. The author provides instructions and tip on how she created the different technique and how you too can create the same look.

Review   Quilts & More - Fall 2013 - September 12, 2013
Author Cecile Trentini encourages readers to experiment and explore with colors, techniques, and textures. She embellishes a round cotton cosmetic pad - one for each day of the year - dabbling with stitches, trims, and other various surface designs.