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Wash-Away Appliqué Roll

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Product Code: 20204
14" x 10-yard roll
Wash-Away Appliqué Roll
14" x 10 yard roll

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This long roll of fusible, water-soluble paper is perfect for larger areas of needle-turn appliqué motifs. Trim, fuse to fabric, stitch the element in place...and the paper left inside will dissolve away in 1-2 washings. Appliquéd edges stay crisp without needing to slice into the quilt to remove papers.

Review By: Wendy Hill,    - May 5, 2013
Don't Applique Without It - I used the Applique Wash-Away Sheets while making a quilt with 9 wool felt applique designs/squares. I ran the sheets through the printer (voila!) first, then fused the cut out pieces to the back of the wool felt. It make cutting out easy and it stabilized the cut out shape while I machine buttonhole stitched it. It works great! The product melts in the wash, but it takes warm water and a bit of time to melt completely in the first wash. I love it and recommend it.