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Doodle Quilting

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Product Code: 10907
88p, color, lay-flat binding
Doodle Quilting
Over 120 Continuous-Line Machine-Quilting Designs
Author: Cheryl Malkowski
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Learn to draw...with your sewing machine!

In this beginner's guide to free-motion, continuous-line quilting designs, the focus is on selecting the right forms and lines that get you where you need to go...because sometimes the hardest part is figuring out where to quilt next! You'll gain confidence in your innate artistic ability to draw basic shapes, then you'll learn how to put them together into over a hundred different all-over quilting designs.

• See how easy it can be to create interesting quilting designs by mastering your doodling skills
• From squiggles and swirls to flowers and feathers, learn which shapes are best for confined spaces and which work better traveling across your quilt
• Includes drawing exercises and tips for transferring your designs from paper to fabric

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Review   Quilter's Digest, Issue #4 - October 15, 2012
Let Cheryl teach you how to draw with your sewing machine in this beginner’s guide to free-motion, continuous-line quilting. We all know that it is hard to know where to quilt next, so she focuses on selecting the right forms and lines that get you where you want to go. Gain confidence in your artistic ability by mastering your doodling skills. Drawing exercises and tips for transferring your designs from paper to fabric are also included.

Review   sewcalgal.blogspot.com - December 19, 2012
Doodle Quilting: Over 120 Continuous-Line Machine-Quilting Designs, by Cheryl Malkowski, is a great reference book for anyone interested in learning a variety of free-motion quilting designs. Cheryl provides several drawing exercises for quilting motifs that you can trace to get the feeling of the design.  She shares insights on a way to create a tracing technique that gives you the feeling of guiding a quilt through your machine. 

Review   threadtime.wordpress.com - December 19, 2012
Doodle Quilting by Cheryl Malkowski!  Love IT!  There are full page designs with the recommendation to use a plastic sheet and erasable markers to trace the patterns.  Great for creating muscle memory. There are some wonderful and varied designs for all sorts of quilting situations. This is one of those books that is totally worth getting at full price. I’m so excited about this book.  Thanks, Ms. Malkowski!

Review   www.yarnsandfabrics.co.uk/crafts - January 3, 2013
Discover over 120 continuous line quilting designs. The book is divided into 'Travellers' and 'Boomerangs', 'Feathers' and 'Ensembles' with many designs in each section. You'll find loops, scrolls, petals, waves, swirls, leaves, fruit, flowers and all their many variations. There are excellent full page images of whole cloth quilts. I would so love to be able to quilt like this. Cheryl makes it all look so easy. She thoroughly explains the technique. Starting with drawing patterns, she gives tips for imitating the motion of a machine and helps you to gain control. This book gave me the confidence to try free motion quilting. It's a wonderful feeling.

Review   Machine Quilting Unlimited - May 1, 2013
Don't leave your unquilted tops abandoned in a closet! Simple shapes, repeated across your quilt and perhaps combined with other easy designs, can be effortlessly quilted and bring interest and beauty to basic and functional quilts. Cheryl shows how to practice these continuous-line patterns on paper to improve your confidence, and provides over 120 quilting designs with suggestions on how and where they can best be utilized.

Review   Australian Quilting Companion - July 1, 2013
You'll never be stuck for a quilting motif again with this terrific reference book. The designs are all printed clearly and Cheryl encourages you to place vinyl over the pages and trace and trace until you are confident to transfer to the machine.