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In the Studio with Angela Walters

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128p, color, flaps
In the Studio with Angela Walters
Machine-Quilting Design Concepts • Add Movement, Contrast, Depth & More
Author: Angela Walters
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Stash Books logo Add a new layer of art to your quilts

Take your quilt tops to the next level! Learn how to use quilting designs to tell a story, highlight the piecing, or achieve unique effects such as an illusion of depth. You get ten great projects plus creative machine quilting techniques together in one book! Quilting is a lot like handwriting or doodling...so take what you learn from Angela and make it your own.

• Angela's machine-quilting strategies will add dimension and distinction to any quilt
• Each chapter features a design concept and technique that's tailored to a specific project
• Apply what you learn about these special quilting effects to bring new life to all your work

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Review   Library Journal - November 15, 2012
For many quilters, the quilting is secondary to the piecing of the quilt top. In her second book, Walters makes a strong argument for the importance of quilting to make beautiful patchwork shine. The focus of this book is quilting negative space—the large expanses of solid fabric often used in modern quilting. With a selection of projects as well as samples from her other work, Walters demonstrates a variety of techniques for quilting negative space to enhance the design of quilt tops. VERDICT Like her first book, the style is friendly and pleasant, and Walters’s gentle guidance will help increase quilters’ confidence in their machine-quilting abilities.

Review   pileoffabric.com - November 21, 2012
Once you have learned more about different quilting patterns from Angela's first book her second, In The Studio is a perfect complement to help you put those patterns to work.The book is broken up into 10 different chapters which touch on different quilting methods and how quilting can be used to accentuate a quilt top. She gives a few different examples of each method so that you really have a good grasp of it before moving on. In each chapter is also a Quilt Pattern in which you can use the method she is referring to in that chapter. This book is not a learning guide for free motion quilting

Review   littlepinkrosequiltingandsewing.com - November 22, 2012
Angela Walters is one of my favorite long-arm quilters and she has a new book, In the Studio with Angela Walters. It's brimming with tips and techniques for quilters as well as some beautiful quilts!! 

Review   www.yarnsandfabrics.co.uk/crafts - January 3, 2013
Imagine the joy of having your own personal tutor, with her pearls of wisdom recorded in writing just for you. Angela teaches us how to machine quilt. From the sketch to the finished article, Angela guides us through all the steps. She uses quilting to tell a story, add movement and more. This book gives 10 quilt patterns with quilting designs that you can use again and again. You can see how even quite simple quilt patterns can be brought to life by energetic quilting. Great ideas and tips.

Review   twohippos.blogspot.co.uk - February 23, 2013
I have long wanted to improve my quilting skills and Angela Walters is the Queen of free motion quilting.  In this book she shows how to use quilting designs to tell a story, from the first sketch to the finished quilt. There is a forward by Amy Butler and 10 projects, that each show a different technique.  Angela explains that when she is considering a long arm quilting project for someone, she asks the person the story behind the quilt.  Often the reason the quilt was made will help her quilt.  Sometimes a story quilt could use words in the quilting to add meaning to the finished quilt.  The chapters are made up of a quilt top design and  ways of quilting each differently.The Moonrise quilting project teaches movement, teaching techniques of making certain areas pop out and others as background.The lava lamp is made using freezer paper and one of Angela's favourite ways to make a quilt.  Through out the book there are great tips on seams, stitch in the ditch, pressing and finishing.The Mod quilt is a spin on a traditional wholecloth quilt, where the quilting lead the design process.In Fire and Ice there is advice on texture, colour, threads and stitches.Spin Doctor is packed full of tips and advice, makes a great beginning to improvised machine quilting.

Review   Machine Quilting Unlimited - March 5, 2013
Angela Walters has taken the Modern Quilt world by storm! She shares her secrets for using machine quilting to give a quilt dimension, depth, contrast and movement here in her second technique/design book. Using quilts of differing styles as examples, Angela shows how the design of the quilting can enhance and bring out the personality of each piece. Ten patterns and instructions for quilting projects are given, complete with machine quilting suggestions tailored for each one.

Review   Quilter's Newlsetter - April/May 2013 Issue - March 14, 2013
Under Walters' friendly tutelage, discover how to evaluate a quilt top and design quilting that will accentuate it best. Each of the 10 fun projects address different quilting concepts and techniques, from telling  a story to adding movement, dimension, texture, contrast and details. Learn how to create dense background patterns and when to let the piecing speak for itself.

Review   Australian Quilting Companion - July 1, 2013
Angela shares great tips and techniques in this book to plan and execute beautiful custom quilting. She does this by demonstrating her technqiues on 10 projects, along the way walking you through the process of planning and quilting each one.

Review   Jo's Country Junction - November 25, 2013
I am always looking for new or more information about machine quilting...new techniques, more designs...anything to improve my quilting. A while back I had reviewed a book Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters. I loved the book and have even tried a few of the designs. Then I saw that C&T Publishing had another book written by Angela so I had to check "In the Studio with Angela Walters" out too. My dream is to be able to machine quilt like she does. Her work is just amazing. I can see myself trying a few of her machine quilting techniques. I have to say, I LOVE the machine quilting. It's just gorgeous.

Review   The Applique Society Newsletter - July 15, 2014
“In The Studio with Angela Walters” furthers Angela’s belief that quilting can add another layer of art to the quilt. Each quilt tells a story and you can enhance that story with the quilt designs you choose to use. Learn how to capture the feel of movement or give the illusion of layers and depth. Add texture with thread color or emphasize the piecing of the blocks. This book also has 10 quilt projects along with a commentary on each quilt design and how the quilting is used to tell the story of the quilt. Angela’s machine-quilting design concepts add movement, contrast, depth and more to a quilt. Planning, sketching and practice are the keys to Angela’s success and you too can learn to use these methods. Angela says that these methods work for her. They may or may not be the best for you. “If you come across an idea you don’t love, tweak it a bit to make it your own!”