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Simply Successful Appliqué

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128p, color + CD
Simply Successful Appliqué
Foolproof Techniques For Hand & Machine
Author: Jeanne Sullivan
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Just 15 minutes to perfection!

Learn new appliqué skills and get pinpoint accuracy more easily than ever before in this comprehensive visual guide with a bonus CD of full-size template patterns. Anyone can learn Jeanne's stress-free process and use her simplified, success-oriented methods, even if you've been shy in the past about trying appliqué. Seasoned quilters and sewers will also love using these new techniques for more complex designs.

• Learn Jeanne's method for flawless appliqué in just minutes-by hand or machine
• Easier and faster techniques for ruching, circles, narrow lines, lettering, Broderie Perse, reverse appliqué, and more
• What you see is what you get…work with all your fabrics and templates right side up

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Review By: Melissa Mattz,    - June 1, 2012
Jeanne Sullivan's applique method is wonderful. Her attention to detail helps you refine your applique and embroidery skills. Not only was I able to incorporate her methods into the methods which I already use but she taught me a wonderful way to fussy cut fabrics to make my blocks look more realistic. I also like this method because it cuts down on prep time so we can get to our favorite part. The stitching!

Review By: Rosemary Clark,    - June 1, 2012
After many years of pursuing my passion for appliqué, and completing My Baltimore Album quilt in 1991, I decided in 2010, to updated my Appliqué skill set. Without further ado, I registered for an appliqué class with Jeanne Sullivan. Jeanne's presentation and hands-on demonstration gave me a tremendous amount of pleasure and instant drive to pursue my next appliqué project. There was so much to learn and each challenge was a step towards improving my own appliqué stitch. Needless to say, with an open mind, I learned so much from Jeanne in her one-day class. Her techniques are easily adaptable and instantly rewarding!...I can guarantee, you will never see another one of my stitches where they should not be! A great day is taking a Jeanne Sullivan Appliqué Class that develops positive results!

Review By: Lucinda Dukes Edinberg,    - June 1, 2012
Although I've been piecing quilts for years, I was intimidated by applique. I tried several techniques but gave up because I was disappointed with the results. Then I tried Jeanne's easy-to-learn method and was making beautiful appliques in fifteen minutes. I am amazed!

Review By: Evelyn Crovo-Hall,    - June 1, 2012
If you've ever thought of appliqué as the dreaded "A" word, Jeanne Sullivan's technique will cure you of all your appliqué phobias. As Jeanne says, "You'll be the boss of your fabric!" Jeanne's method is a confidence builder for beginners who may think appliqué is just too difficult. For advanced students, her technique adds more tools to your skill set for tackling multi-layered, complex appliqué. Experience success with Jeanne!

Review By: Sue Garman,    - June 1, 2012
If you've never taken a class from Jeanne Sullivan, you've missed out on a treat! An outstanding teacher who knows all the tricks of the trade, Jeanne can turn an appliqué novice into an expert. You'll want to pore over her book and learn how to make applique a simple and painless process, from fabric selection to off-unit applique techniques, to the best tools and stitching… you'll learn it all! An accomplished applique quilter, Jeanne's work will provide you with endless inspiration through its beauty and simplicity.

Review   Quilter's Digest - Issue #4 - October 15, 2012
This comprehensive visual guide will help you learn new applique skills in a stress-free process. Beginners and seasoned quilters will find Jeanne’s method helpful. She shows you techniques for ruching, circles, narrow lines, lettering, Broderie Perse, reverse applique and more. You will work with your fabrics and templates right side up, so what you see is what you get!

Review   On Track! International Machine Quilter's Association, Inc. - March 5, 2013
In the introduction the author writes, "...you will see surprisingly easy, precise techniques for getting great results by hand or machine. Filled with success-oriented, visual step-by-step instructions, tips, how-tos and projects, this book will provide you with skills and confidence so you can relax and enjoy creating beautiful applique right from the start."With step-by-step instructions along with detailed photos, the author truly does make the art of applique simple. The bonus CD that is included will help get you started with nine projects and full-size template patterns.

Review   Fabrications Quilting For You Magazine - March 6, 2013
This book declares that it is 'just 15 minutes to perfection' and being somewhat skeptical of that statement, I found myself reading the book cover-to-cover and being inspired to put the statement to the test. It really doesn't take long at all to learn Jeanne's method, either by hand or machine. What you see is what you get and by working with all your fabrics and templates right side uppermost makes fabric choices so much easier. There are clear instructions for easier and faster techniques for ruching, circles, narrow lines, lettering, Broderie Perse, reverse applique and many others. This book is well worth a look and is most certainly informative.