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Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters

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Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters
Choose & Use Quilting Designs on Modern Quilts
Author: Angela Walters
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Popular machine quilter Angela Walters will motivate and inspire you to try something new! Learn how to stitch her fresh continuous-line designs on your longarm or domestic machine. Using basic free-motion skills you already have, discover how to approach quilting a modern quilt by working with bold fabrics and negative space, uniting a variety of shapes, and blending designs.

• Step-by-step instructions for continuous-line swirls, circles, squares, vines, arcs, and points
• Draw inspiration from striking pictures of 20 modern quilts showing Angela's designs
• Practical advice for choosing the perfect pattern to give your modern quilt maximum impact

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Review   sewcalgal.blogspot.com - March 6, 2012
This coming June, CT Publishing will release "Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters: Choose & Use Quilting Designs on Modern Quilts", by Angela Walters. I had the pleasure of seeing an Advanced Reading Copy and I'm delighted to be able to share insights with you today. This inspirational new free-motion quilting book shares insights on 28 designs, with step by step instructions, that apply to those doing free-motion quilting on a longarm and/or a domestic sewing machine (DSM). There are three main sections: Getting Started is full of insights to help you before you start. You'll learn about supplies, how to draw the designs, threads, batting, marking tools, and other notions. The Designs, which are categorized in groups of Swirls & Circles, Squares, Lines & Vines, and Arcs and Points. Each design has great visuals and steps to walk you thru the design, as well as a beautiful picture of a project that shows off that particular free-motion quilting design. Using designs in Modern Quilts shows how to incorporate various free-motion quilting designs into your quilts with a variety of quilt designs, such as Square-in-a-Square Log Cabin Quilts, Zigzag Quilts, Wonky Quilts, and Strip Quilts. Angela shares that the above three sections could easily be described as "Motivation, Instruction, and Inspiration", which I totally agree with. Additional topics cover: Other Aspects of Modern Quilting which shares insights on Modern Quilting, use of space, mixing designs, etc. where photos and insights create a powerful chapter that provides an amazing punch to this spectacular book. Still Stuck ? Tips for Deciding on Quilting Designs expands on other chapters, providing additional insights to help quilters select designs and plan placement of various designs to make their quilts really pop with use of beautiful free-motion quilting designs. There are more insights shared, than I can provide, but I hope I've shared enough that you can understand why I say this is an excellent book for any quilter (longarm or DSM) that wants to learn and/or improve their free-motion quilting. Angela also provides a unique aspect of free-motion quilting, bringing in insights of the Modern Quilting movement, yet the insights in this book would apply to those that favor the Modern Quilting style, as well as those that like traditional quilts. While this book will not be released until June, I hope you will have a chance to check it out at your local quilt store this summer or online at C& T Publishing. I think you'll really like this new quilting book.

Review   Publishersweekly.com - April 16, 2012
Walters thinks machine quilting is more fun than cutting or piecing. She amply proves that quilting is “another layer of art” through careful instructions in the art of free-motion quilting. Her book is not rule filled: she insists throughout that she’s describing what works for her, and she encourages quilters to experiment to find what works for them. The book falls into three sections. “Getting Started” includes definitions and supply lists; “The Designs” presents 28 patterns of swirls and circles, squares, lines and vines, and arcs and points. The final section on working with designs of modern quilts considers designs of squares, zigzags, strips, and off-kilter (“wonky”) pieces. Instructions direct quilters step-by-step in text and graphic illustrations, backed by closeup photographs of the designs quilted by Walters. In the final section of tips (followed by a helpful glossary), Walters exhorts quilters to answer a question to reveal the most important thing about the quilt at hand: the fabric? the piecing? the image of a child hugging the coverlet? (June)

Review By: Mary Ann Crow,   Creative Troupe - May 26, 2012
Having studied free motion quilting (fmq) for the past two and a half years, I am very impressed with the seemingly young-looking Angela Walters' work.  She began with traditional fmq using a long-arm, but these modern techniques apply also to home sewing machines.  This book will get you ready to quilt the modern way!  To me, the Pfaff company's designs look so beautifully modern and they appeal to me greatly, but having had only the chance to study traditional machine quilting before, I felt overwhelmed.  Ms. Walter's book, however, divided into three sections will motivate, instruct and inspire you to branch out into the new world of modern quilting.  Through the use of many color photos, you will see how her designs can work for wonky, strip, square and quilts with negative space.  Her blog is quiltigismytherapy.com  Her new book is a very interesting and worth-while addition to the quilting world!  Mary Ann @ www.rocknquilts.blogspot.com

Review By: Judy Bowers,    - June 6, 2012
Book Review: Free-Motion Quilting by Angela Walters is a book for modern quilts.  There are no feathers to learn nor is the notion of 'perfect quilting'.  Walters encourages to draw, and practice, practice quilting techniques.Free-Motion Quilting is a step-by-step learning book.  Walters shows how each design is connected to the next, not just showing one design, leaving you to wonder what to do next. What I liked about Free-Motion Quilting is that the quilting looks clean on the quilt, by using matching threads.  I also like her idea of using different stitching to emphasize a center block, or sections of the quilt.  You are then able to recognize where one block ends and another begins.  This book is good for anyone who is not attempting to quilt a traditional quilt and wants to make their project fun and unique!

Review   Library Journal - June 21, 2012
Walters is the go-to machine quilter for many modern quilt designers, and her first book is an introduction to the basics of designing for machine quilting. To make it appealing to a variety of quilters, it isn’t specific to a type of machine—any of the designs in the book could be created using a standard sewing machine or a long-arm quilting machine. Walters organizes the content by geometric shape (swirls and circles, squares, etc.), allowing quilters to quickly reference the designs when needed. A useful section on choosing what to quilt based on the design of the quilt top is also included. VERDICT Machine quilting is very popular, and this book is suitable for quilters of all skill levels, regardless of the machine they use for quilting.

Review By: Jane Kelly,    - July 24, 2012
I chose this book because I wanted to extend my free-motion quilting skills (as hand quilting and long arm quilting are not options for me), but it may just have revolutionized how I look at quilting my quilts. Angela says, ”But over and over, I see quilters piecing such beautiful quilt tops only to resort to an allover quilting design, unsure of how to quilt it or doubtful about their quilting ability.” These words really resonated with me. I hadn’t really contemplated using multiple quilting patterns in a single project, but Angela does with stunning results and it has changed how I look at quilting.This book features step by steps for a number of quilting designs with very clear instructions and diagrams. There’s also an extensive introduction and general guide. It is specifically geared to modern quilters and includes a section on using the designs in modern quilts. I have already drafted my first quilting design using ideas from this book and I know I will be referring to it often. This book is truly a must have for any modern quilter.

Review   caraquilts.com - July 24, 2012
Angela goes through the entire process of how she decides how, where and what to quilt on modern/contemporary quilts, which tend to have a lot of negative space, irregular shapes and really bold bright fabrics.??The act of quilting is the same on both traditional, modern and hybrid quilts but the designs and placement tend to be different as quilting is about complementing and enhancing the design of the quilt top.??There are 22 designs in the book that Angela shows step by step how to create, and you can do these on your domestic sewing machine just as well as on a mid or long arm machine.??   She explains in both words and photos/diagrams how to not only form the design but how to connect it so you're not starting and stopping constantly.??   There are tips through out the book to make quilting easier and more fun. A lot of them are things learned over time by quilting so many quilts and they are so helpful in getting the results you want.? The book has no judgement of style. Angela is able to share her love of modern quilting without in anyway taking away from more traditional styles. Many of the quilting designs, and all of the helpful tips and tricks, can be applied to traditional quilting as well.??If after going through all the designs and sections of the book you're still stuck there is another section for that! Angela goes through all the questions to ask to help you get unstuck and quilting.??This is a book I recommend anyone who is even thinking of quilting their own quilts pick up. You'll return to it again and again, even if you're a traditional quilter.?? Number one tip from Angela? "Relax and Practice drawing first"  ??From my experience this is the best way to get comfortable with the design. Do it until you can reproduce the design without stopping or thinking and it will be easy to quilt!

Review   katisquilting.blogspot.com - July 24, 2012
It was the first quilt book that I read from cover to cover without skipping any parts. I also did it in maybe 3 evenings when I was home by myself. I totally recommend it if you need ideas for machine quilting. The illustration is just incredible and I love her explanations, they're very simple and understandable. The quilts are very inspiring. It will definitely be my go-to book.

Review   freshlemonquilts.com - August 16, 2012
I had been thinking about getting this book ever since it came out (Angela is widely known in the quilting community as being an AMAZING quilter) but I wasnt' quite sure what it was all about and if I needed it. I noticed a few other bloggers were being inspired to try new free motion quilting designs after getting the book and decided to see what it was all about. I have many quilt books I like, many I love. I mostly use them for inspiration. This is one of the few books I can honestly say needs to be in your quilt book library. Angela provides detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to make a huge variety of free motion quilting designs. She breaks them down so well that even a novice can figure out what to do.

Review By: Judy Bowers,   Creative Troupe - August 24, 2012
‘Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters’ is a great book for anyone wanting to quilt your own quilts.  Walters’ book is a simple one, meaning that it is precise and easy-to-follow.  Both beginning and intermediate quilters can learn from this book, and Free-Motion Quilting gives many all-over patterns that have easy to follow instructions and diagrams.I really like this book, because the patterns are great, and look easy to learn.  Walters discusses when and how to use each design.  This book is so easy to understand!

Review By: Leanne Elliott,   Creative Troupe - August 25, 2012
As a novice quilter I was really excited to get Angela’s first book on free motion quilting and it didn’t disappoint.Angela starts off the first section by explaining that getting started in free motion quilting is all about practice and she suggests drawing designs on paper first – that way you learn how to space your design and move around without getting stuck which I think is an issue with beginner quilters.The second section is about supplies with suggestions on threads, marking tools and other helpful notions.  Then its straight into the designs  where Angela explains how to make swirls and circles, squares, lines and vines and arcs and points – Angela’s easy to follow directions make this a perfect starting point to learn free motion quilting.Angela then shows how to use your practice designs in modern quilts which usually have a lot of negative space and she suggests designs to use in different styles of quilts - square in a square and log cabin, zigzags, wonky quilts and strip quilts. In the final sections of the book, Angela looks at designs for modern quilts that contain different shapes and designs and makes suggestions for using more than one design on a quilt - she also takes you through her ideas and thought process for designs on modern quilts that she has quilted.This is a fabulous book full of design ideas that work wonderfully on modern quilts.

Review   thecreamsiclecat@wordpress.com - September 18, 2012
A couple of weeks ago, a friend gifted me with the book Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters . (thanks, Nic!) I’ve been studying her quilting ideas and finding that my excitement for quilting has been coming back. Today, I loaded a practice quilt sandwich, which I very rarely do. I’ve been going through the book and practicing the designs, then adding a little something of my own. I’m really enjoying learning some new ways of quilting! I have to remember that all of us need new ideas and a little practice time now and then! I highly recommend this book for anyone needing a little boost for new quilting ideas!

Review   Australian Homespun Magazine - September 27, 2012
The big, bold, graphic designs that are often used in modern quiltmaking aren’t necessarily enhanced by quilting designs created for more traditional block-based patchwork and applique. Modern quilts, with their irregular shapes and random placement, are enhanced by a different type of quilting pattern altogether. Professional longarm quilter Angela Walters will open your eyes to countless possibilities for working stitches on your quilt tops that will turn them into true works of art. This is not a step-by-step guide on how to free-motion quilt by machine – you’ll need other references to learn the basic skills. Rather, Angela shows you how to consider the type of quilting designs that will enhance your quilt top, how to draw them, and how to work them by machine, whether you are using a longarm, midarm or domestic sewing machine. A very stimulating and practical workbook that will enable you to lift your quilts from ordinary to extraordinary.

Review By: Christine French,   International Quilt Festival Magazine - October 24, 2012
If you've ever admired a quilt with beautiful free-motion quilting, you'll surely marvel at the skill Angela Walters embeds in her modern quilts. Her most recent book demystifies her techniques and lays out her building blocks for modern machine quilting. She presents her approach in three well-illustrated, easy-to-follow sections: Getting Started is essentially Walters's "what and why" materials guide. The real meat of the manual, The Designs, provides a progressive tutorial and step-by-step guide to learning each quilting stitch. And lastly, Using the Designs in Modern Quilts is a gallery of inspiring quilts that illustrates the techniques in the book and provides insight into her artistic and technical implementation.

Review   Machine Quilting Unlimited - November 1, 2012
Angela brings a fresh, modern take on free-motion quilting that will make the reader want to run to the sewing studio to try her addictive stitching ideas. The relatively large negative spaces that are frequently seen in modern quilts, often featuring fabric in solid colors, seem to cry out for interesting quilting designs to complement and complete the overall look. Angela's 28 step-by-step stitching designs, along with her tips for successful quilting, will help give machine quilters confidence in choosing the right designs, thread and batting for each modern quilt that comes under their needle.

Review   The Applique Society Newsletter - April 29, 2013
Have you already made or are thinking of making a "modern" style quilt? If so you are probably wondering what would be the best way to go about quilting your quilt. Flowing feathers and more traditional quilting motifs just won't work with the bold graphic designs and colors of a modern quilt. In Angela Walters new book you will find 28 designs that work especially well in modern quilts. The book is divided into three sections, Getting Started, The Designs and using the Designs in Modern Quilts. You will find plenty of colorful quilts in the gallery to inspire you to both make your own Modern style quilt as well and actually consider quilting it yourself. You will find easy to read and follow step-by-step instructions for continuous-line swirls, circles, squares, vines, arcs and points. Instructions for each motif includes a drawing showing the quilting path. Angela's helpful hints and tips will help you choose the best quilt design for your quilt. The motifs are fun and you will be energized from viewing some 20 modern quilts that showcase Angela's designs.

Review   American Quilt Retailer - May 1, 2014
Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters offers approachable quilting designs that are perfect for modern quilters, but also are interesting and inspiring to traditional and art quilters as well. Practice and polish those skills with Angela’s newest release Free-Motion Quilting Workbook.

Review   The Applique Society Newsletter - July 15, 2014
“Free-Motion Quilting With Angela Walters” is an excellent starting point. Angela provides step-by- step instructions for continuous-line swirls, circles, squares, vines, arcs and points. The book is divided into three sections: getting started, the designs and using the designs in Modern quilts. Angela says “these sections also could be described as Motivation, Instruction, and Inspiration: First, I want to motivate you to push your quilting boundaries and try new designs. Second, I will teach you several of my favorite designs. Last, I want to inspire you with pictures of common modern quilts and different ways to quilt them.” Don’t be put off by thinking these quilting designs are just for Modern quilts. The designs you will learn are very compatible for any style of quilting. There are 28 designs offered in the book with photos and diagrams of each design and instructions on how to stitch it.