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Modern Blocks

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224p, color
Modern Blocks
99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers
Compiled by: Susanne Woods
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Stash Books logo Meet the new kids on the block

• 99 blocks from today's most popular modern quilters
• Try something entirely new or put a twist on traditional blocks-choose from pieced, appliquéd, and embroidered designs
• Perfect for using your novelty, designer, and solid fabrics

Today's most talented modern quilters share 99 block designs, with new ways to think about the classics, plus some brand new blocks you have not seen before. These fresh and fun 12” blocks are beginner-friendly with complete cutting instructions. This book is great for block swaps; combine blocks to make your own impressive modern quilt.

Featuring contributions by Bari J. Ackerman, John Q. Adams, Tine Andersen, Cheryl Arkison, Ellen Luckett Baker, Alethea Ballard, Briana Arlene Balsam, Mo Beldell, Natalia Bonner, Heather Bostic, Jessica Brown, Natasha Bruecher, Sonja Callaghan, Emily Cier, Leanne Cohen, Melissa Crow, Monique Dillard, Kirsten Duncan, Amy Ellis, Lara Finlayson, Krista Fleckenstein, Lynne Goldsworthy, Ann Haley, Natalie Hardin, Kate Henderson, Krista Hennebury, Wendy Hill, Solidia Hubbard, Faith Jones, Nicole Kaplan, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Wayne Kollinger, Laura West Kong, Penny Michelle Layman, Yvonne Malone, Sherri McConnell, Jamie Moilanen, Louise Papas, Angela Pingel, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, Rachel Roxburgh, Latifah Saafir, Amanda Sasikirana, Kim Schaefer, Elizabeth Scott, Amy Sinibaldi, Pat Sloan, Tiffany Stephens, Kristi Underwood, Kimberly Walus, Monika Wintermantel, Susanne Woods, Viv Wride, Angela Yosten

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Review By: Munaiba Khan,   customer review - October 30, 2011
Modern Block Eye Candy "The photography in Modern Blocks is wonderful and the instructions are clear. My favourite blocks from the book are the Arrowhead block on page 18, the Box Kite block on page 32 and Exuberant on page 62. Compiled by Susanne Woods, Modern Blocks contains 99 quilt blocks contributed by various well known designers like Pat Sloan and Susan Brubaker Knapp. There are traditional blocks with new fabrics like the Cathedral Window variation called Stone Cathedral on page 180 (also top left on the Book Cover) and some exciting new, modern blocks,  most of which look suitable for even beginning patchworkers. This would make a lovely Christmas present."

Review   Fab Shop Blog - November 15, 2011
"Compiled by Susanne Woods, Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers is a treasure trove of block patterns. Stash Books asked modern quilters to submit their blocks–you’ll recognize a name or two, I’m sure. The designs are as varied as the folks who created them: Slice of Heaven from Pat Sloan, Links by John Q. Adams, Lemons and Limes by Latifah Saafir, and Follow the Leader by Sherri McConnell. Whether you prefer simple blocks or carefully paper-pieced varieties, needle-turn applique or hand-stitching, you’ll find examples of each in Modern Blocks. Ask for it at your local, independent quilt and fabric retailer. (Stash Books, 2011. $24.95)"

Review   Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting - January 1, 2012
"Some of today's most talented modern quilters contributed designes for this collection of block patterns. Some blocks are updated classics and others are brand new blocks designed by the featured quilters. Techniques include piecing, applique, embroidery, and paper piecing."

Review   Qulit Magazine - February 1, 2012
“Imagine this for creative fodder; 99 fresh blocks from today's most talented designers. As Susanne Woods says in the introduction, “You won't find a Boy Tie block in the bunch.” Some simple, some complex, the designs employ piecing techniques but also incorporate texture, applique and embroidery. These innovative blocks have a decidedly modern fell, which is enhanced by the fabrics they feature. You'll be hard-pressed to find one you don't like! All blocks (save one, a triangle) are figured at 12” square for maximum swap-ability, and instructions are beginner friendly.”

Review   Quilers' Digest - January 1, 2012
“Today's most modern and popular quilters have put a twist on traditional blocks with pieced, appliqued and embroidered designs. You'll even find some new blocks that you have never seen before. These 12” blocks are perfect for using your novelty, designer and solid fabrics and would be great for block swaps. Complete, beginner-friendly cutting instructions are included.”

Review   The Fat Quarterly - January 1, 2012
"Susanne Woods has put together a treasure of a book: 99 quilt blocks from today's most popular modern quilters! This book truly has something for everyone. Why? Because Susanne not only features classic blocks, but also suggests new ways to think about the classics and even new blcoks to try - perfect for customizing projects to fit your style! Fresh and Fun, each block featured measures 12" and are beginner-friendly. With clear instructions and diagrams, the designs are a fit for any fabrics in your stash - novelty, designer, even solids. Modern Blocks brings all your favorite designers together for what are sure to be fabulous projects."

Review   Australian Homespun - March 2, 2012
At last someone has brought together a collection of 12in blocks created in what has become known as the "modern" style of quiltmaking. The eight shown on the cover are indicative: with obivous foundations in traditional quiltmaking, they are new variations, new slands and new adaptations The techniques used cover patchwork, applique, embroidery and foundation piecing and most of the blocks are relatively easy to make. This is consistent with the fact that modern quiltmaking, by and large, appeals to the younger set, many of whom do not have a strong background in needlework and sewing. The blocks are all shownat 50 per cent of actual size, with diagrams included where necessary. There's no indication of how difficult each block is to make, so novices need to consider the number of patches, the need to match seams and the variety of tcechniques involved to decide whether their skills are adequate. With 99 new quilt blocks to tempt and stimulate you, this book is cause for celebration.

Review   www.yarnsandfabrics.com - March 5, 2012
99 contemporary quilt blocks from designers - that's something to get your teeth, or should I say needle into. I liked Arrowhead by Wendy Hill, Envy by Angela Pingel and top three faves are Exuberant by Susan Brubaker Knapp, Stone Cathedral by Heather Bostic and Feathered Friend by Melissa Crow. If you are looking for quilt block ideas, this is for you. From pinwheel to whimsical, you'll find lots you like. Excellent instructions and clear photographs.

Review   Applique Society Newsletter - January 1, 2012
"“Modern Blocks” compiled by Susanne Woods is the second Stash Book I would like to recommend to anyone that collects quilt blocks. This book contains 99 quilt blocks from today’s most popular modern quilters. Many of the blocks are designed around your favorite old standby blocks, they just have a contemporary twist. The blocks include pieced, appliquéd and embroidered designs and are perfect for your novelty, designer or solid fabrics. All the blocks in the book are 12” and are beginner-friendly with complete cutting instructions. If you collect quilt blocks you will definitely want to add this book to your block library. "

Review By: Christine Evans,    - April 17, 2012
This is an excellent book full of fabulous ideas for modern quilt blocks. There are a staggering range of block styles including unusual pleated blocks, stylish paper-pieced blocks, traditional cathedral window blocks, and designs that include embroidery and appliqué, in short, something for everyone.  The designs range from very simple, beginner’s blocks to more complex blocks and all come with clear instructions and templates. If you are looking for inspiration for a quilt project or searching for blocks to choose for a quilting bee you will certainly be able to find a wonderful design in this book. The book shows only the blocks but I would love to have seen examples of them made up into quilts. My favourite blocks included Three Wishes, Megan’s Star and Windmill. If you are feeling inspired you can even join the Modern Blocks Quilt-Along over at Seamed Up   http://seamedup.com/home/111207/quilt-along-how   I would highly recommend this book; it is a really useful resource, full of inspiration for the modern quilter.

Review By: Anorina M.,    - April 24, 2013
Modern Blocks is a welcome addition to my quilt book library. It is beautifully photographed with very good, step by step instructions to assist in block construction. I have enjoyed flicking through this book, searching for favourite blocks and even using the book as a guide and interpreting them in my own way.

Review By: Seema S.,    - May 14, 2013
Beautiful blocks to create some great quilts This book is full of ideas and design..I love the windmill modern block..it would make any quilt stand out. This is a must have book for anyone trying to start or already in modern quilting..can't wait to make all of the block and then make as one quilt.