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Zakka Style

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128p, color
Zakka Style
24 Projects Stitched with Ease to Give, Use & Enjoy
Compiled by: Rashida Coleman-Hale   Contributions by: Design Collective
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Stash Books logo Welcome to the world of Zakka

• Discover the hottest new trend in fabric crafting - Zakka!
• These clever, modern projects are a cinch to sew using basic patchwork, appliqué, and embroidery
• Scrap-friendly and fun for all sewing skill levels

Rashida Coleman-Hale has gathered talented designers from around the world to bring you 24 delightful Zakka projects. Zakka, a Japanese term meaning "many things," is all about all the little things that improve your home and appearance. Create a one-of-a-kind picture frame, a stylish bread bag, a whimsical bookmark, a chic tote, and so much more. You'll love these bright, imaginative designs-make them for yourself and everyone you know!

Featuring contributions by Amanda Jennings, Amy Sinibaldi, Ayumi Takahashi, Christie Fowler, Holly Keller, Julia Bravo, Karyn Valino, Kat Mew, Katrien Van Deuren, Kim Kruzich, Larissa Holland, Laurraine Yuyama, Leslie Good, Lisa Billings, Masko Jefferson, Meg Spaeth, Melody Miller, Mette Robl, Nova Flitter, Pascal Mestdagh, Rachel Roxburgh, Shannon Dreval, Sonia Cantie, Theresia Cookson

Award-Winner in the Crafts/Hobbies/How-To category of the 2012 International Book Awards

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Review By: Carol Parsinnian,   Creative Troupe - January 13, 2012
"Author Rashida Coleman-Hale explains that the Japanese term zakka has been loosely translated to mean “miscellaneous goods,” “many things,” or “sundries.” Something with simple charm.  Something handmade that is useful yet pleasing. In Zakka Style, Coleman-Hale showcases 24 projects from as many designers.  Despite the many hands that worked on the book, the overall look of the collection is coherent and visually pleasing.  There is a consistency of fabric choice and design aesthetic that flows from one page to the next. This book is built for browsing.  There is no index and the table of contents is spartan--just each project title and the name of the designer. The projects seem easy enough for anyone with basic sewing skills, although I may not be the best judge of this as I have been sewing since Nixon was in the Oval Office!  My personal favorites are those that incorporated patchwork.  I especially love the Itty Bitty Quilt Block Magnets, Sweet Memories Picture Frame and oh, those fabric Nesting Boxes! Many could be completed in a short block of time. All are attractive enough to give as a little (or not so little) present.  Instructions are clear and well organized with supply list, cutting directions and assembly directions.  Photographs and illustrations are numerous and well chosen.  Full size patterns are at the back of the book."

Review   Australian Homspun - March 2, 2012
If Scandinavian design doesn't appeal, perhaps you'll find this collection of projects in Japanese style more enticing. he term "zakka" has been loosely translated to mean "miscellaneous goods" or "sundries", but in the craft world it has become synonymous with a kind of simle charm and uniqueness - somethng handmade that is useful and pleasing. 24 designers have each contributed a project, and they include a pincushion, pencil case, mug rug, messenger bag, pot holder, bookmark, coin purse and pillowcase. The instructions seem quite detailed and they're illustrated with diagrams and close-up photographs, as required. This book is another wonderul source for gift ideas and sweet little kinck-knacks to make "just because".

Review   www.yarnsandfabrics.co.uk/crafts - March 5, 2012
At first I was disappointed that not all the projects were by Rashida as she is one of my favourite designers in the industry and I loved her first book 'I Love Patchwork'. However, this book brings together many artists and projects with a common theme of 'Zakka' style, that touch of Japanese flair. I'm sure you'll find lots of things you want to make or adapt. There are lots of possibilities here. I love all the projects on the cover and that mix of linen and patterned fabric is just adorable and makes me think of so many possibilities. You'll learn about each of the artists and discover some great blogs to follow on the way. Projects include quilted magnets, a pretty linen bag, a house pouch and great ideas for the kitchen and home. Great photos, great instructions and inspirational are words I would use to describe this book. 

Review By: Seema Saraf,   Creative Troupe: Barnes and Noble - March 12, 2012
Rashida Coleman-Hale has compiled 24 Zakka Style projects from many different designers.There are some lovely and cute projects. The book may be great with tons of inpiration such as totes, potholders, coin purse,fabric storage box and many more for advanced sewers however even a beginner with some extra effort can get good results.

Review By: Seema Saraf,   Creative Troupe - March 12, 2012
Amazon.com Rashida Coleman-Hale has compiled 24 Zakka Style projects from many different designers.There are some lovely and cute projects. The book may be great with tons of inpiration such as totes, potholders, coin purse,fabric storage box and many more for advanced sewers however even a beginner with some extra effort can get good results.

Review By: Laura Bray,   Creative Troupe - March 9, 2012
I loved this book and am sure I'll come back to it over & over again. Many of the projects can be done in an afternoon-so it's a great resource for those quick, last minute gift moments!  

Review By: Claire J,    - April 17, 2012
Good for confident sewists wanting to try sewing with linen Book Review: As soon as I caught wind in the blogosphere about the Zakka Style Sew-Along, I was interested. I knew the projects were linen-focused, and I was interested to learn something new. I love that the book is available in print and digital copy. I'd much rather have a digital copy for my iPad or computer than a physical book on a shelf. Another great thing about this book is the photography. The projects are beautifully shown. Plus, at $12.99 for the ebook and $15.95 for the real book, it's pretty affordable. Not all of the projects appealed to me. There are probably only three that I'd actually be interested in making. One of them was this super cute circular potholder. Each project is by a different person, and I enjoyed the little blurb about each sewist on each project page. The potholder was designed by Kim at retro mama. Luckily, I decided to visit her blog. It turns out there was an error printed regarding the fabric requirements for the potholder's binding. Uhoh. While Kim tried to include more detailed instructions and pictures on her blog to make up for the lack of clarity in the book, I still pulled out stitches three times before I got my binding right. Also, there wasn't a template in the book for the potholder, even though the directions said they were on page 121. What a shame. There's lots of eye candy in the book to be sure. If you feel comfortable making things up as you go and relying on the internet to fill in some gaps, you'll be fine with this book. It was a long process, but I have a super cute potholder now.

Review By: Amorette Drexler,   Creative Troupe - April 17, 2012
This book is very well thought out. I had no idea when I started in, but it is a collaborative book, so it has projects from many different people in it, all just along the Zakka aesthetic spectrum. I sewed the pincushion project to try out the directions, and I am really excited to sew more projects from the book. There are a huge range of them, from quilts to softies with their own pillow pocket  (my next earmarked project) and many in between. This is a great book for gift ideas, and there are many different levels of time commitment and difficulty. I have my top favorites to try: 1. Sweet Sugar Cookie Sack 2. Little Pocket Pillowcase (the one with the softie) 3. Nesting Boxes The directions for the pincushion were very clear and simple, and I did find myself flipping to the front page a lot to refer to the photo, though that is less important the less attached you are to making yours look like the book sample. There are many ways to make the projects your own by switching out fabrics, trims, buttons and sizes, so there are many variations of every project. This book is a great one to have on your shelf for sewing projects.

Review By: Helen Hanimann,   Creative Troupe - May 23, 2012
I'm sure there can't be any quilters out there who haven't come across the latest hottest stitching trend. So do you Zakka? If not, what are you waiting for? - the rest of the quilting world seems to be Zakkaing!! In Japanese Zakka means 'miscellaneous goods or sundries', but has come to mean a style that has a simple charm and uniqueness, and where items are handmade and useful, yet pleasing to the eye.Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale is a beautiful book. It contains 24 projects by different quilters from all over the world, most of which are made in linen accented with pretty, quirky, modern cottons. The projects vary from easy and suitable for beginner sewers (pencil case, mug rug, block quilt or hand warmers) to much more difficult items where some experience would probably be required (zip organizer, stem messenger bag, sewing kit). The layout is attractive and the instructions are clearly presented. I can imagine that a lot of these projects would be fabulous in linen with accents of Liberty tana lawn.Zakka is certainly taking the world by storm and these projects really do have a lot of charm. Will I be making a lot of them? Possibly not, but there are one or two that I've certainly got my eye on and there are several that children would find do-able and a lot of fun and I could imagine that my teenagers are going to have a go at some of them too. Zakka style is cool!

Review By: Anorina Morris,   Creative Troupe - May 30, 2012
Zakka Style is a must-have book for the quilt book library (of which many of us have).The book is inspiring.The projects have fantastic photos and detailed step by step instructions, which is very important.The projects are fresh and different - and enjoyable to create.

Review    -

Review By: Christine French,   International Quilt Festival Magazine: Quilt Scene - October 24, 2012
Zakka, a Japanese term meaning "many things" or "miscellaneous goods," has evolved into a universal design style that embodies simple charm and a homemade aesthetic. This book showcases projects by fiber artists from around the globe who share this zakka style. The 24 projects comprise bags and totes in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as simple and sweet items like a pencil case, sewing kit, pincushion, patchwork ribbon, and picture frames.Coleman-Hale, who also writes the blog "I Heart Linen," demonstrates her affection for linen and the role it plays in Zakka Style: all the projects incorporate the natural fabric and exude an organic, homemade feel true to zakka