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Countryside Softies

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Product Code: 10784
144p, color
Countryside Softies
28 Handmade Wool Creatures to Stitch
Author: Amy Adams
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A little time, a few supplies, and a dash of creativity are all you need to bring these adorable critters to life. Whether it's a fuzzy rabbit personalized as a gift, or a charming family of birds to display in your home, this playful guide features easy-to-follow patterns, clear instructions, and enchanting photography of the creatures in their natural habitats. Best of all, each project is graded according to difficulty (easy, moderate, and slightly tricky) so both experienced and beginner sewers can share in the fun.

• 28 unique fabric softies that can be sewn by hand or machine
• Learn how to personalize your creation with a variety of whimsical embellishments
• With these forgiving patterns, imperfect stitches make these cuties even cuter!
• Makes a delightful gift, but you'll want a few for yourself!

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Review   Small Town Living - March 31, 2011
'm holding in my hands a copy of Amy Adam's amazingly adorable book "Countryside Softies" (Stash Books/an imprint of C&T Publishing 2011). And the wow! factor starts with the wonderful cover image of a stitched red fox, but it certainly does not stop there.Amy presents 28 delightful creatures to stitch. From the wonderful fox that graces the cover of the book you will begin your journey into the enchanted world of the countryside. Your first stop will be along the hedgerow as you learn how to create a fox, a rabbit, a baby rabbit too,a carrot, and a hedgehog and baby, a robin,and robin ornaments for the tree, a bumblebee, and a butterfly,and how to create a mobile using the butterfly and dragonfly.You'll find complete materials lists and detailed instructions for all projects shown, as well as full sized patterns that you will find located at the back of the book. After visiting the hedgerow you'll move deeper into the enchantment of the countryside when you travel amongst the woodlands to meet the squirrel,(you can't have a squirrel without a few chestnuts to stitch also),the badger, the owl (and baby owl), the mouse and baby, and the toadstool. After visiting with the wonderful creatures of the woodland area you'll find the creatures that inhabit the riverbank: the otter and his fish dinner, the swan ,the duck and her baby duckling (finger puppet), and egg, the kingfisher along with bulrushes and cattails, and the dragonfly. Throughout the book you'll find tips along the sidebar that tell you a bit more about how to personalize and complete the projects with stunning results. Amy shares with readers a list of the basic tools needed to start the projects in her book, as well as how to felt wool,how to properly stuff and weight the bodies of the softies,how to add the features like the mouth,eyes, chest,and ears,wings, feet,and claws,whiskers and antennae. You'll also find instructions on the embroidery stitches used to add the special touches to each project. Add fun, whimsy and woodland delight to your decor. The little animals can be used to decorate a mantle, used around your Christmas tree this coming Holiday season, let them add a bit of fun to your windowsill,and so much more. Once you start creating these little animals you will find all sorts of fun ways to display them I am sure. So, take a visit to the countryside, it is a delightful journey that you are really bound to enjoy. The animals are all waiting for you.

Review   sometimescrafter.blogspot.com - May 25, 2011
I have long admired the crafters that can create cute little creatures for their kids (and themselves). When I first heard about Countryside Softies (back around Christmas I think) I just had a feeling I would need to own it. With a cover like this, how could I not! I remember reading so long ago on Amy’s blog about the softies that went missing on their way to the US from the UK and their eventual safe arrival. I am so happy that they all arrived safely, because this is such an adorable book. The book starts out with an introduction to the craft of making softies and the supplies you need. Amy talks about using old wool clothing that has been felted to create the fuzzy creatures. I’ve never felted wool, so the instructions and information were great! It all sounds so easy, now to just find some wool sweaters next time I’m thrifting. I really love the little mushrooms that are used indicate the pattern’s difficulty level. I think most of you will find that even the 3 mushroom “slightly tricky” rating will be rather easy to do after taking the time to read through the instructions. I think perhaps what I most appreciate about this book is the large section on creating a softie. All of the basics are all in one spot, easy to find and refer to. From cutting out your pieces, to assembling them, adding weight and a base, it’s all explained in easy to understand terms. There’s a section for adding beaks and snouts, eyes, mouths, ears wings, feet, tails – everything you need! There are also lots of great tips through out the entire book. The directions are really very easy to understand and I know just what is being described when I read them. I feel like I can make these without getting frustrated along the way.

Review   Quilter's Home - June 1, 2011
We never tire of cute, soft critters sewn from scraps of fabric. Is this some sort of fetish? Or just our latent Beanie-Baby Mogul? Amy's 28 forest creatures will bring out the inner child in even the oldest, most serious sewist. Hitting all of today's trendiest wild things, from owls to otters, dragonflies and hedgehogs, these projects are a great way to teach little ones some basic stitching skills. They are also a perfect use for those scraps covering your sewing room floor. Amy uses a mix of woolens and printed cottons in her menagerie. Plus, she's got a good tutorial on felting wool at home (read: recycling moth-eaten sweaters). We just wanna know how she can design adorable looking animals that are still so appealing to us big kids?

Review   Australian Homespun - July 1, 2011
Countryside Softies by Amy Adams Cute, cute, cute. The 28 soft toys made from felted wool and cotton fabrics in this book by Amy Adams are delightful. Instructions are provided for a collection of creatures that can be found in the hedgerows and woodlands and along the river banks of England, where Amy lives. They include a rabbit, hedgehog, robin, squirrel, badger, owl and otter. There's also a fabulous fox, shown on the front cover. He's typical of Amy's style: a combination of differerent fabric types hand-sewn together with "imperfect" stitches, and embellished with a variety of whimsical embellishments. Amy has graded the difficulty of each project, so novices can start on the easiest ones if they wish. But even those rated at her highest level of difficulty - such as the fox - are only "slightly tricky", she says, requiring a few more pieces and a little more time to complete. Because all the softies are quite small (none is taller than 8 3/4 in), the patterns have been printed full-size on pages at the back of the book - so you can get started straight away.

Review By: Karen Platt,    - August 18, 2011
Review by Karen Platt, http://www.karenplatt.co.uk/reviews For: Countryside Softies by Amy Adams This book really will appeal to your soft side with adorable handmade creatures to make and love. There's all you need to know about sewing, making felt and fabric to make a softie. The instructions are very good and the photography is great too. The templates are easy to use. I really like the designs and there is plenty of choice. I love the owls. The patterns are graded for ease of use and so this book is useful for all stitchers. I think adults might want to keep one or two of these as well - they are not just for the children. The mix of wool and cotton fabric is good and you can use recycled fabrics. 

Review   Quilts and More - November 1, 2011
"Owls and hedgehogs and squirrels, oh my! Make your own versions of Amy Adams' adorable woodland creatures using a small but mighty arsenal of felted wool, embellishments, and basic hand stitches. Each pint-size "softy" is graded by difficulty so beginners can easily pick starter projects and progress as they improve their skills"

Review    -

Review By: Michelle Marr,    - April 25, 2012
The little critters in this book have such wonderful, quirky personalities -- just look at that cute little fox on the cover!  They're made from felted sweaters and scraps of cotton print, and weighted so that they'll actually sit upright. The close up illustrations of  blanket stitching and the fabric choices and little details provide so much eye-candy, I can't decide which project I want to tackle first. Probably the fox. Or the hedgehog, which has actual prickles. Sure, they're soft, but he's got actual texture. And the squirrel has an amazing fluffy tail!