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Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter

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112p, color
Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter
An Illustrated Guide to the Space of Your Dreams
Author: Carolyn Woods
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A daily serving of tidy makes all the difference

• Practical guide shows you how to organize and maintain your quilting space, no matter what size
• Learn handy ways to sort and arrange all of your fabrics and supplies into easy-to-use stations
• Actual organizing solutions from quilters' studios, including Alex Anderson and Diana McClun

Create a calm and happy place for all your beloved fabrics, books, notions, tools, and even UFOs. From small closets to large studios, you'll see real examples of what makes an efficient, functional, and inviting quilting space. You'll identify what's causing the clutter, learn how to turn it into a more creative zone, and find more time to do what you love-quilt!

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Review By: Melinda Fairfield,    - April 11, 2011
'Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter ' has been of tremendous help to me.  I've read it page by page, looked at my very tiny spare bedroom/quilting room and it suddenly becomes obvious why quilting in this room will not work.   The book has been instrumental in assisting me in thought organization about what it is I am really doing, why I'm doing it and what was the intent before I moved one single item.  You 'stop and think about it' before buying more of this or that has also been tremendously valuable.  That alone saved me a lot of money on more of what won't work for me.The entire process of reorganization (so much more than moving items from one place to another) has also been very helpful in reorganizing my kitchen.  It is becoming a much more functional room now.   Thank you so much for the book!  I've appreciated everything about it and most especially all the options you provide in relation to storage.   

Review By: Ellen Seeburger,   Quilting Arts - June 1, 2011
I thought I was organized until I read ORGANIZING SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY QUILTER and realized how many neglected areas of my studio could benefit from an overhaul. A professional organizer, Carolyn Woods turns her attention to quilting spaces in this illustrated, practical guide. Starting off with an overview of room design and furniture needs, Woods' approach to organization involves identifying the sources of clutter and useful goals to help tackle disorganization. She neatly breaks the book into specific categories of organization (including sections on fabric storage; thread, notion, and tool storage; project and UFO storage; as well sections on long-term storage and display) that keep the process from becoming overwhelming. And while organizing your space and supplies may not be as exciting as planning your next project, this guide offers inspiring color photographs as well as fun tips, tricks, and ideas to help maximize the space and supplies you have so you can get into your studio and start designing.

Review   American Patchwork and Quilting - June 16, 2011
Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter: An Illustrated Guide to the Space of Your Dreams by Carolyn Woods. Disclaimer: OK. I was sold on this book the minute I saw the title. I am a sucker for any book that will help me get rid of clutter and organize my studio. The Skinny: Here you’ll find ideas for identifying what causes clutter, setting goals to deal with it, and organizing what’s left. Oh, did I forget the best part? Here it is: How to maintain the organization. (That’s the part that gets me every time.) The book is filled with ideas: for what you need (good lighting, temperature, electrical system, and sound control are musts), storing your stash so you can use it, handling all the tools and trappings (books, magazines, UFOs) of quilting, and maintaining your space. There’s a section that deals with quilting-on-the-go (ideas for those who participate in workshops and retreats) and another that talks about storage and display. Bottom line: I got some great ideas (room design, better lighting, fabric storage, packing for retreats), inspiration (to clean up my space and donate what I’m not using), and (my favorite) maintaining the space in an orderly way.

Review   TAS Newsletter-Applique Society - July 1, 2011
Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter - An Illustrated Guide to the Space of Your Dreams By Carolyn Woods A well-organized sewing room makes for more creativity and less stress. Carolyn Woods is a professional organizer from Gilbert Arizona. She has done exten- sive research by visiting many quilters studios including Alex Anderson’s and Diana McClun’s. The book is packed with tons of great ideas and solutions for all your storage needs no matter what size space you have available. The secret to getting organized begins with the first chapter of this book. You are encouraged to read this before you jump ahead to other chapters or even rush out and start stocking up on plastic containers. This very important first step includes: Identifying the cause of the clutter, setting goals to deal with the clutter including taking time to study your space to determine how to best use what you have available. Then set-up a schedule of when to start the de-cluttering process. After sorting and organizing your “stuff” you will need to choose what you will be keeping and discarding. Finally Carolyn offers tips on how to maintain your organized sewing room by learning new habits that will help you tidy up as you work. All in all this is a well researched book with information that is sure to get your disorganized sewing room organized which in turn creates a better environment for your work.

Review   Quilter's Newsletter - October 1, 2011
"If your quilting room is a disaster or just a bit untidy, this book can help. Carolyn Woods has advice on designing your sewing room and storing your fabric, thread, tools, notions, books, magazines, completed quilts and UFOs (unfinsihed objects). She includes suggestions for packing supplies for classes and arranging your work space so you can find what you need when you need it."

Review   Quiltmaker Magazine - March 1, 2012
"Carolyn Woods offers up great suggestions in her book Organiznig Solutions for Every Quilter. This practical, step-by-step guide will help you organize and maintain your sewing space and quilting supplies - no mater what size. With an efficient, functional space, you'll have more time for quilting!"

Review   Creative Spaces: Quilt + Sew + Craft - November 1, 2013
Here's a practical guide to help you organize and maintain your quilting space, no matter what size it is. Learn handy ways to sort and arrange fabrics and supplies into easy-to-use stations. See actual organizing solutions from quilters' studios, including Alex Anderson and Diana McClun. Learn to identify what's causing clutter and how to turn it into a more creative zone.