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Free-Motion Machine Quilting

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80p, color
Free-Motion Machine Quilting
From Practice to Perfection • Troubleshooting Guide • 50+ Designs
Author: Don Linn
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You CAN quilt it yourself!

• Refine your free-motion skills with a series of machine quilting exercises using your table-top sewing machine
• Don's visual troubleshooting guide to common machine quilting problems and solutions is indispensable
• Master a variety of techniques, including perfectly stitched points, absolutely straight lines, and smooth curves
• Choose from 50 quilting designs or gain the confidence to draw your own

Mr. Quilt will teach you how to machine quilt like a pro! You can get professional-looking results on your home sewing machine with new techniques for drawing and stitching quilt designs. From needle to thread, Mr. Quilt walks you through every aspect of free-motion machine quilting.

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Review   Sewcalgal - December 28, 2010
A new quilting book published by CT Publishing, "free-motion Machine Quilting", written by Don Linn, will begin shipping in February 2011. I've had the opportunity to review an early copy of this book and am excited to share insights with you.From cover to cover this is an excellent book for quilters that want to improve their free-motion quilting (FMQ) skills, or learn the art of FMQ. The introduction was inspirational. I loved the reference to "Machine quilting has gone from a dirty word to an accepted art form". Lin has been teaching FMQ for 10+ years. This book captures his insights on how he has been able to teach and inspire the basics and art of FMQ to quilters of all levels. Basics are provided on selecting necessary tools vs optional tools and project supplies. And good insights on the all too overlooked need of having good seating posture while doing FMQ. Don also shares insights on proper batting and backing selection, preparation of your quilt for FMQ, machine tension, starting and finishing a quilting design, hand placement, practice exercises, potential problems and solutions, as well as bad habits to avoid. Excellent insights are shared on "Learning to Draw and Stitch Designs" with practice exercises that help you learn a create beautiful ropes, feathers, grids and more. The section on how to select designs appropriate for your quilts is very helpful. It also includes insights on how to transfer and mark your quilt, echo quilting, as well as making designs fit your border. There is a lovely quilting gallery included in this book, with many inspirational quilts made and quilted by Don. Lastly, Don also included an excellent section packed full of beautiful quilting designs that you can use on your projects. There are actually 50+ quilting designs that are included in this book. Overall, excellent blend of insights and visuals in this book. I also found that Don's words of encouragement were as if I was seated in a class with him standing next to me and giving me the confidence that I could do this. This book radiates a "you can do" approach to FMQ. You can pre-order copies of this book directly from CT Publishing, or check it out at your local quilt store in February 2011. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to improve their free-motion quilting skills, and an absolute must for anyone interested in learning FMQ. I'll even go further, by sharing, if you are to purchase just one book on free-motion quilting, this is the book you will want to buy.

Review By: Judy Bowers,    - February 17, 2011
Free-Motion Machine Quilting by Don Linn is a wonderful book!  Mr. Linn begins by giving you information about threads, tension, needles and a list of tools that he finds helpful.  He talks about marking and how to baste your quilt sandwich together, such as using pins.  Free-Motion Machine Quilting gives instructions about where to place your hands while quilting.  From here, Linn starts a quilter using simple designs and working up to more complicated ones. While reading this book, I felt an insurgence of hope and the feeling that I could achieve more in my quilting attempts; a knowing that with practice, I could do the complicated patterns.  It seems as if Mr. Linn is looking over your shoulder telling you that you are doing a good job, while gently making suggestions and very mildly pointing out the problems,  and how you can fix them in the future. I would recommend this book to all machine quilters, beginners and the more advanced.  I wished I could have had this book when I was doing my first attempts of machine quilting.  It should encourage everyone who reads this book!

Review   McCall's Quilting, The Best of American Quilting - July 1, 2011
Basic set-up and techniques, exercises, and designs, plus a handy section on troubleshooting problems.

Review   American Patchwork and Quilting - June 16, 2011
I’d like to be a great machine quilter. But, I don’t want to practice all that much. Silly, I know. After reading Don Linn’s Free-Motion Machine Quilting, I’m thinking there might be hope for me. I may not become e a great machine quilter, but possibly an OK machine quilter and certainly not without practice! The step-by-step photos and straight forward text offering advice such as …“If you do not move the fabric after the machine has taken 3 or 4 stitches, the thread will probably break, and you will have to start over again…” give me hope. Don hands out homework that he calls “Practice Exercise.” He shows you what problems look like (tension problems, stitch length problems) and then tells you how to solve them. His writing style is chatty, as if you have a quilting coach right in the room with you. Don patiently walks you through learning to draw and stitch designs one baby-step at a time, until suddenly you understand how to stitch feathers. You learn how to select designs that are appropriate for your quilt, and how to mark the quilt top. He provides inspiring photos of finished quilts and an eight-page quilting design gallery filled with designs to be enlarged to fit your quilt blocks.

Review   Australian Homesupn - June 1, 2011
Homespun's Favourite Free-Motion Machine Quilting by Don Linn Look past the world's most boring front cover and turn the pages of this fabulous book to acquire, then hone, skills in free-motion quilting. This is a real workshop on paper. Don begins with advice about tools, supplies and workspace - not terribly exciting but very important for your success - and then moves on to some graded exercises, illustrated with good-quality photographs and accompanied by notes on some of the common problems that beginners encounter with free-motion quilting. And that's one of the things that makes this book especially good: Don doesn't pretend that you'll sit down in front of your sewing machine, follow his instructions and immediately start free-motion quilting like an expert. No doubt his experience in conducting face-to-face workshops has shown him that most people stumble at first, so his book patiently explains how to address the most common problems. He's also included some guidelines for quilting more complex designs and a gallery of his quilts that highlights different styles of free-motion quilting.

Review   Fabrications Quilting For You - June 1, 2011
Free-Motion Machine Quilting by Don Linn Are you a member of the totally terrified group when the words 'free-motion quilting' are uttered? Don Linn, otherwise known as Mr. Quilt will take you on a journey where you can refine your free-motion skills, master a variety of techniques, which include perfectly stitched points, absolutely straight lines, and smooth curves, and help you along the way with a visual trouble shooting guide to common machine quilting problems. Take a deep breath and prove that you CAN quilt it yourself.