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Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, Updated 3rd Edition

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Product Code: 10792
24 double-sided cards, color
Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, Updated 3rd Edition
• 24 Color Cards with Numbered Swatches • 5 Color Plans for each Color • 2 Value Finders Red & Green • 816 Colors with CMYK, RGB & HEX Formula
Designed by: Joen Wolfrom
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Perfect colors every time!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
1. Start with your desired color card
2. Choose one of the color scheme options
3. Find the corresponding companion color cards to create the perfect color combination.

New! Includes CMYK and RGB formulas, plus Hex numbers for website design

Improved! Larger color swatches and expanded guidelines for use

• 24 color cards plus an in-depth instructional guide make color planning easy
• Handy, take-along size-refer to it at home, in your studio, or while shopping
• Based on the Ives Color Wheel
• Over 100,000 sold!

Ideal for anyone who uses color in their work:
• Quilters, Sewers & Needleworkers
• Artists & Crafters
• Graphic Designers, Web Designers & Illustrators
• Architects & Interior Designers
• Gardeners, Floral Designers & Wedding Planners

(Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)

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Review   Small Town Living - February 24, 2011
"I am delighted to tell you about this nifty color tool that I have come across recently. If you've ever been stumped on trying to find the perfect color combinations for projects look no further than the "Ultimate 3-in-1- Color Tool" Available from C&T Publishing the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool is the perfect gadget to carry around with you everywhere. Why do I say "everywhere"? Because trust me, you will put this tool to so many terrific uses. This tool can be used for not only the quilter or home crafter in assisting them in finding the perfect color combinations in fabric, but it is terrific for the interior decorator or even architects, when you are wanting to find the perfect paint color, the perfect upholstery fabric, the perfect drapery color, carpet color, etc. When you have found a terrific item at a yard sale or thrift shop and need to know if the colors will coordinate with your other collectibles or furnishings this tool comes in handy. It is terrific also for the artist who works in either paint or mixed media. It can be utilized in helping you to create unique and fun combinations of color. In fact this item can even be utilized by the home gardener and landscape designer by using it to create wonderful color combinations with plants. This tool includes CMYK and RGB color formulas plus Hex numbers for web design. The color swatches are large and are based upon the Ives Color Wheel. Very easily portable and very easy to use: each color deck tool includes complete instructions on how to pick, match, choose, find, and select the best colors for your projects. The tool allows you to choose true/pure colors, monochromatics, complementary,analogous,split complementary, and triadic color schemes. The front of each of the color cards (there are 24) features one pure color with 16 of its tints, shades, and tones, and its five most beautiful color plans. The back of each card includes an expanded selection and also includes the CMYK. RGB, and HEX formulas for each color. Red and green value finders are also included. If you love coloring your world.(and who doesn't?) the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool is the perfect gadget to have on hand. Make it a permanent part of your "out and about" bag. You will definitely find yourself using this tool time and time again. Color your world! .and now you can do it right and fail proof by using perfect color combinations."

Review   Quilters home - March 1, 2011
we might have been raised to believe that red, blue and yellow are the Holy Trinity of color mixing. But today's graphic artists, photographers , dyers and yes, quilters, use cyan, magenta and yellow as primaries. Which leads us to author, quilter and color godess Joen Wolfrom. She's written about color in quilts for decades and learned long ago that the pre hues of the Ives Color Wheeel created much better looking color combos than our grade school lessons offered. Joen just birthed her third incarnation of the best selling 3-in-1 Color Tool and added a nifty poster to go with it. The new version still has those wonderful color family cards with color schemes, but it also has the CMYK ( cyan, magenta yellow and black) and the RGB (red , green , blue) color formulas used in design and dye work, along with Hex numbers used in website design. This hand-dandy carry-aoong tool is priceless for choosing fabrics on the fly. Learning it's tricks will make your quilts thro with energy. And while your sitting in your studio/sweing room, drink in inspiration rom her Studio Color Wheel, a 28 inch- square poster with color combonations at the ready.

Review   Threads Magazine - January 1, 2012
“The Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, a collection of quick reference cards on a rod, provides a convenient way to choose your color combinations. This portable guide includes 24 color cards containing 816 tints, shades and tone; five suggested color plans for each card; and two color value finders. If you are not sure what the difference is between tint, shade, tone and value, don't worry. Detailed information explaining how to choose a color scheme effortlessly using the Color Tool is included. Use for garment or wardrobe planning as well as quilt, craft, and home décor schemes.”