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Fanciful Felties from mummysam eBook

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96p, color, PDF
Fanciful Felties from mummysam eBook
Sew People to Meet, Places to Go & Things to Do
Author: Samantha Cotterill
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Stash Books logo Stitch A Story
  • 14 beginner-friendly projects to stitch by hand or machine
  • Includes patterns and illustrations for different characters with matching scenic elements like buildings and cars
  • Learn basic embroidery techniques such as the split stitch, back stitch, and blanket stitch
  • Quick and easy-create a whole scene in an afternoon
You'll love these charming felt softies with European flair. Make your own story with “uptown” sophisticates or “down country” folks. Add a brownstone, a cottage, or even a double-decker bus and a London phone booth to give your little people plenty of places to go and things to do!

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The digital file contains patterns that may not print true to size and may require sizing adjustments (inchmarks are included on patterns for reference). Depending on your viewing application or device, printing desired page may result in multiple printed pages.

Review   The Long Thread Blog - September 22, 2010
"Recently I received some wonderful books for review from Stash Books, a division of C & T Publishing. I’ve been impressed with the books coming from them recently, including Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wikman,  City Quilts by Cherri House and Little Birds, which is a compilation of adorable bird projects from some of your favorite crafters. But the book that really caught my eye was Fanciful Felties from Mummysam by Samantha Cotterill. I’ve long been a fan of Samantha’s work, combining free motion embroidery and hand-sewn elements to make whimsical creations. This book features 14 artistic softies with instructions and templates to make them yourself. I love the way each project is photographed with a hand-drawn background, pulling us into Samantha’s world of quirky characters and interesting objects. The book itself is clean and uncluttered, adding to the charming simplicity of the designs. The projects are straight-forward and may look intimidating at first glance, but I think they are quite do-able. She gives basic instructions for free-motion stitching and encourages you to do it on your own, as she says “A crooked line here and there won’t hurt–it will give the project character and make it yours.” This book inspires me to turn off the feed dogs and go do some drawing with my sewing machine. I think you’ll agree. Samantha also has an adorable line of fabric out from Robert Kaufman and some other interesting designs that she’s selling in her Etsy shop. And if you live in New York, stop by Etsy Labs Craft Night tomorrow night, where Samantha will lead a workshop making a project from the book."

Review   Bloesem Blog - August 26, 2010
"How lucky am I to receive this wonderful book in the mail today!!! I have been such a longtime fan of the incredible work by UK born and self-taught artist Samantha Cotterill or better known to many of us as mummysam. This coming September her first book will be released and I am one of the lucky few who already got a sneek-peak into this great book that takes you on step-by-step tour into creating and sewing the same felt characters and small things as mummysam herself creates. It truly looks easy and the book says even beginners will be able to make one of mummysam fanciful felties. The book comes with patterns and love love love this book already ... you can pre-order right here! Of course I would like to congratulate Samantha with this wonderful accomplishment and thanks for sharing your work so openly with all of us. And thank you C&T Publishing for sending the copy!"

Review By: Tina Wilson,   Small Town Living Blog - January 4, 2010
"Welcome to a unique world of little sewn people and critters. Where the story line is directed by you the crafter, and where you can create as many or as little characters as you wish to create your own special world. You can travel uptown, down country, or across the pond through the pages of "Fanciful Felties by mummysam" (Samantha Cotterill/Stash Books 2010 (an imprint of C&T Publishing) Where your little world begins is up to you, but you'll find a darling array of characters to create out of wool felt, cotton fabrics, embroidery floss and stuffing. You'll find Charles, a dapper little gentleman that is ready for a night out on the town dressed in his matching vest and jacket. Perhaps he's off to pick up Marge for a night at the opera? Maybe they'll take the fancy city car, or perhaps the double decker bus? Along the way they'll pass plenty of city brownstones, and may even see Mr. Bunny in his overcoat. Or they may stop at Milly's bakery for a delightful taste of cake. After a nice evening out at the opera they'll both retire to their homes where the next morning they'll be visited by Mr. Milkman (a delightful little bird that wears an apron and a bag and carries a crate of fresh milk bottles) You will wonder where to begin as you start creating your own little village of characters, but have fun.you certainly will. Each of the characters in "Fanciful Felties" are easy to create and  full sized patterns are included at the back of the book. Each  character has very thorough instructions for completing a wonderful project. You'll learn all of the steps on how to transfer the pattern designs onto your felt, to stuffing your little characters, to embroidering their features onto their faces and bodies, and more. This is a terrific resource for creating little characters for a child's doll house. Or to add bits of fun and whimsy in places throughout your home that folks will least expect.and the little people make wonderful gifts for your friends and family. Create something different for the Holidays.  Have fun with "Fanciful Felties"

Review   The Sometimes Crafter - November 9, 2010
"This adorable book has been sitting on my desk for a little while now, waiting for me to give you a review. It magically appeared on my doorstep and I though: I don't do felt. But it was too cute not to share. I didn't feel it was right to review a book on a topic that I honestly know next to nothing about without trying at least one of the projects. Life, as usual, is full of deadlines and all sorts of crazy busyness, but I finally set aside some time to get one of the cute little projects made. The short of it is this: The book is fantastic! If you have every wanted to create with felt - this is the book for you! If you are already experienced with it and want to create some cute "People To Meet, Places to Go & Things To Do" - then this is also the book for you! Every project in this book is something I want to make - if only there were more hours in the day. I decided to start with the city brownstone - not only was it so darn cute, but I thought Brice might have fun playing with it and his cars. He's already test drove it and I just finished making it! So it was a hit. I hardly ever use my darning foot, but that's what I did for all of the "sketching" on this piece (the roof, windows, door, smoke stack). I was worried about my quality of work, but I'm very happy with the results and love the fact that the charm of it is to not have it perfect, but to have it be freeform and whimsical. I think that is honestly what stalled me for so long in making this, was the free-stitching of the details. But it was a breeze. Since I never work with felt, I knew nothing about it. I knew that Joann's carried some that was mostly acrylic and I really didn't like the feel of it and wanted to work with some wool felt. Samantha talked briefly about the natural fibers you want to use (wool felt and cotton), but doesn't overwhelm you with "you have to use this", which I really appreciate. After reading through the books Getting Started chapter, I went in search of some shops on Etsy, and I feel so luck to have found Felt on the Fly. The shop owner set up a custom listing for me and told me all about her experience with felt and I honestly felt like I not only had the best felt out there, but the best price as well. I ordered a small assortment of colors so that I could create a few of the projects in here. So there will be more in the future (just need to find some time!). I love the books layout and photos, everything is laid out so well. The projects start off with a full image and then list the materials you will need - because you're working with felt you are given size (1 piece 6x3", 4x2") and I find this fantastic, because if you just have a little scrap of felt, you know exactly what size you are going to need. So often with fabric you are told you need "1 Fat Quarter" when really you might only need a 5" square. I went through and found 4 projects I wanted to make, noted the color I would need and the size and then made a list of exactly the size pieces of felt I would need for each project. It worked out fantastic for me. After listing the materials, you are given easy to read instructions, broken down into do-able sections. I felt I could read each numbered direction through fully, and then go on to complete that step. No stopping halfway through the directions to complete some part. As well as easy to understand directions, the illustrations to accompany them were brilliant. All-in-all, even though I've never worked with felt, having tried this book I will definitely be doing some more felt projects. Samantha peaked my interest and had me walking away from my first project proud of the results and in no way flustered. I think this book is perfect for creating little master pieces for my craft room shelves and little towns and people for my 2.5-year-old to play with. Cute, versatile and easy to understand. An A+!"

Review By: Christina Lane,    - November 9, 2010
"Samantha peaked my interest and had me walking away from my first project proud of the results and in no way flustered.  I think this book is perfect for creating little master pieces for my craft room shelves and little towns and people for my 2.5-year-old to play with.  Cute, versatile and easy to understand.  An A+! This book is great for beginners (i've never worked with felt before this book) but in no way bogged down by the first-time how-to's.  You are given just the information you are needed so that you can get right to the creating.  The projects were fun and interesting and like nothing I've come across.  I love every project in the book and can see myself creating everyone of them."

Review   Whipup.net - November 20, 2010
"Oh my! the cuteness is killing me. Samantha [aka mummysam] has turned her quirky and clever drawings into the dearest of little felt playthings / art objects. I am not sure if they are to play with or to be displayed but could easily go either way. The basic shapes of these wee felties are simple – its the addition of stitching, clothing, accessories and facial features that is the genius. With a combination of machine stitching and hand stitching, gorgeous fabrics mixed with felt, – I can see these being very addictive to make. The school boy has a little scarf and school satchel made from felt and the cutest striped school tie! Then there is Colin the nerdy bookworm – sporting a huge moustache, and there is the opera going Marge, complete with a yoyo hat. Along with all the colour and texture, Samantha adds her unique sketch pad touches – with faces and other details like window sashings often ‘drawn’ on white in black thread – and to complete the book are her wonderful hand drawn how-to illustrations and templates – am I gushing too much? From groovy cars, to chic ladies about town, school boys and bunny rabbits and village houses – you have all the ingredients for lots of afternoons of imaginary play."

Review   Dutch Sisters - November 16, 2010
"I ordered this book last week and yesterday it arrived on my doormat. Fanciful felties from mummysam by Samantha Cotterill. (mummysam) I only saw the book online and was realy curious how it would look in real life. Well, I can tell you i'm not disappointed at all! This is a lovely book, filled with wonderful little projects. The instructions are easy to follow. That is, they look to me as easy to follow. So far i haven't made anything yet. The projects are free motion embroidered and hand sewn. I never did any free motion stitching with the machine before. But Samantha, gives basic instructions and she says; a crooked line here and there won't hurt, it will give the project character and make it yours! I love the way each project is photographed with a hand drawn background. Its a wonderful book and I want to make every project in it. If only there were more hours in the day!"

Review By: Debbie Grasley,    - July 15, 2011
Review Title: Fanciful Felties Book Review: I just won the book and was very intrigued by the stories that you could tell with the little characters that you can make from this book. They are great for little ones to use their imagination instead of sitting in front of a TV or video game.  Thank you!