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Insul-Fleece™ Pack 27" x 45"

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Product Code: 20150
27" x 45" metalized mylar interfacing
Insul-Fleece™ Pack 27" x 45"
Metalized Mylar Insulated Interfacing

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Interfacing, 27" x 45" metalized mylar interfacing $5.95 Qty:

The perfect insulated interfacing for sewing...
  • Lunch bags
  • Teapot & casserole covers
  • Ironing board covers
  • Oven mitts & potholders
  • Quilted blankets
  • Water bottle & coffee cup sleeves
  • Shopping bags (keep that ice cream cold on the way home!)

Metalized mylar is layered between polyester fleece to create a high-quality barrier that reflects* heat or cold. This special combination of materials is very flexible and easy to sew through. Once you have sewn it into your project, you can machine wash, tumble dry, and iron with no bunching (low to medium heat settings are recommended). A handy 3/4-yard cut is enough for a large lunch bag or several potholders.

*Insul-Fleece™ is heat-resistant only - it is not heat-proof or fire-resistant. Use of an extra layer of cotton batting is recommended for pot holders. Use caution when handling hot surfaces with any insulated fabric craft project.

(Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)

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Review By: Shirley Pando,    - September 9, 2010
"Insul-Fleece is very easy to sew with! If you didn't notice the shimmering silver of the metalized mylar, you'd never know it was any different from regular fleece batting.  It gives just the right amount of softness to a quilted bag or wrap.  It is a great product for anyone wanting to create an insulated reuseable grocery tote for those car rides home from the market or a beverage cozy to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.  How did we ever live without it?"

Review By: Sherry Payne,    - September 27, 2010
"This insulation works just like standard quilt batting with the added bonus of being insulation. It works great for lunch bags, blankets, potholders and anything you need added insulation in. Its lightweight and flexible. Wonderful product for a great price."

Review By: Judy Bowers,    - October 4, 2010
"I really like working with Insul-Fleece!  With other products, I always heard the crinkle of the metal products, but this is a "quiet" material, and so soft.  I even forgot to change rotary cutter blades to an older one, because I forgot that I was cutting an insulated fabric!  I would recommend this product to my other quilter friends!"

Review By: Juanita Lanaux,    - October 6, 2010
"Insul-fleece was so easy to work with. It cut easy, sewed easy and no loose fibers. Insul-fleece handles similar to a cotton batting. It is thick enough to insulate, yet thin enough to work with easily. I would recommend this product to my fellow crafters."

Review By: D Whynn,    - November 4, 2010
"I love the idea of using insulated batting and have used tons of it in the past, so I was anxious to experiment with this new product. I am highly impressed! It is soft and flexible and much much easier to sew with...Quilting through the Insul-Fleece was a breeze...We removed a cooking sheet baked at 450 degrees with no heat discomfort."

Review   International Quilt Festival - December 1, 2010
“This insulated interfacing is composed of metalized mylar layered between polyester fleece, creating a barrier that reflects both heat and cold. The flexible material is easy to sew through and even machine washable, perfect for making everything from lunch bags to oven mitts, and even ironing board covers. Simply stitch it in between two layers of fabric to add both sturdiness and temperature control to your next sewing project.”

Review   Interweave Stitch - August 1, 2011
Great for making lunch bags, pot holders, and ironing-board covers, INSUL-FLEECE will keep hot things hot and cold things cold longer. The insulated interfacing of metalized Mylar sandwiched between layers of polyester fleece creates a barrier that reflects heat and cold.