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Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper 5-Sheet Pack

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Product Code: 20139
5 blank sheets
Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper 5-Sheet Pack
5 Iron-on Image Transfer Sheets • 8.5" x 11"
Author: Lesley Riley
Availability: In stock.
Mixed Media Product, 5 blank sheets $12.95 Qty:

Transfer your imagination into art with TAP, a premium-quality transfer paper that allows you to transfer images to virtually any surface with the heat of an iron. Have more fun with fabric, paper, wood, glass, metal, and more!
  • Inkjet print, paint, stamp, or draw images on to TAP
  • Iron on to your surface
  • Transferred images are crisp and colorfast
  • Washable and crack-resistant on fabric
  • Overlap transferred images for a layered or collaged look
  • Try Silicone Release Paper for protecting your iron and ironing board (sample sheet included)
  • Complete instructions inside the package
  • (Wholesale minimum: 3 units.)

Video! Learn what you can do with TAP Transfer Artist Paper from Lesley Riley

Click here to download the most current instructions and tips found inside the package label.

Winner of the 2011 Craft & Hobby Association Winter Innovations Showcase

Click here to see projects made by our Creative Troupe using TAP.

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Review By: Marie Johansen,    - May 7, 2010
"I have tried lots of transfer methods over the years but I am always looking for something better - something that is, perhaps, a bit more foolproof. This is it. I had such a great time figuring out ways to use this amazing product. Try it! I know that you will want more of it when you do!"

Review By: Jess Pouncil,    - May 13, 2010
"This was so easy to use!  With TAP you can do things that before were extremely difficult and even impossible!  I just love it and will be using it from now on!"

Review By: Trisha Doornbosch,    - May 13, 2010
"I've used other transfer papers before and not been happy with the results. Very often I'd have some of the image transfer missing for whatever reason. This transfer paper is very easy to use and transferred every last detail of my image. Good quality transfer with good adhesion."

Review By: Ruth Berke,    - May 14, 2010
"I have used various transfer papers in the past with spotty results. Often the sheet would pull part of the transfer off when I tried to remove the paper. TAP was so easy! Print, iron and remove and I had a perfect result. Highly recommend!"

Review By: A. Carole Grant,    - May 14, 2010
"This 'paper' is so-ooo easy to work with. I really tested it hard.. by that I mean, I tried everything I could think to see if it would NOT live up to the credentials. I folded it, I ironed it.. hot iron, many times. I sewed through it. I put water on it. It is an amazing product. It transfers so beautifully, yet if you are using fabric, as I was, the fabric still remains soft, pliable and beautiful."

Review By: Jeanne McBrayer,    - May 15, 2010
"This product offers many possibilities for quilters and mixed media artists who wish to use digital images.  I had beautiful, clear photo transfers on white cotton and white silk, with no change in the "hand" of the fabric."

Review By: Lynn Lancaster-Corona,    - May 17, 2010
"I used a sheet of TAP to embellish a shawl in a Victorian theme. I was amazed at how easy and smoothly it came out in my printer. No wrinkles or gaps of ink. I ironed a pastel portrait on a medium yellowish beige rayon fabric and the details and the colors came over perfectly. I was afraid it might looked washed on the fabric and it did not change at all. I was impressed. As I saw the image and how easy it was to use, I had a million ideas for the product and plan to make all of them!"

Review By: Mad Cat Marion,    - May 28, 2010
"I've used various inkjet transfer papers before, with mixed results (problems usually to do with it not sticking evenly or getting the backing paper off). I did four separate transfers and each worked perfectly, transferring clearly, smoothly, and easily. Backing paper came off without any problem. Next time I use one, I'll increase the brightness and saturation of the image a little more before printing it, as the transfer wasn't quite as bright as the image prints on paper."

Review By: Dale Anne Potter,    - June 7, 2010
"I have used many different transfer papers & methods.... Transfer Artist Paper is so simple with FABULOUS results.  I recommend HIGHLY!!!"

Review   Art Materials Retailer - June 1, 2010
“TAP is a premium-quality transfer paper that allows artists to transfer images to virtually any surface with the heat of an iron. Users can now have more fun with fabric, paper, wood, glass, metal and more.”

Review   magpiesmumblings.blogspot.com - August 19, 2010
"Today I played with TAP and here are some of the results... For those of you who aren't familiar with TAP - it's Transfer Artist Paper (Iron-On image transfer sheets) by Lesley Riley.  This stuff is utterly phenomenal to work with.  The papers are 8.5 x 11" which is perfect for your printer.  Because it is not cheap, you are best to plan your sheet of transfers prior to printing them off to avoid wasting any of the TAP.  I decided on my layout and then lightly used a glue stick to adhere them to a regular piece of copy paper to hold them in place.  Then I simply printed directly onto the TAP.  The images are then iron-on-able (is that a word??) to pretty much any surface including wood, metal and glass.  I ordered mine directly from Lesley here. In the picture I've tried ironing onto three old doilies (one is a hankie I think) - the image of the lilacs, the one in the upper left and the little girl.  The middle image on the top is on muslin and the lower left is onto a piece of a natural fabric (similar to linen).  I also ironed some onto the watercolour paper I'm using for my journal class.   Speaking of my journal class - here is another of my pages.  I really like this one!  Sorry about the paper clip - forgot to remove it!"

Review   Art Journal - A Creative Journey - October 31, 2010
"I recently ordered some of Lesley Riley’s TAP Transfer Artist Paper. I have been wanting to try this for some time. It is wonderful and I love it. It transfers beautifully. Here is my first sample. There will be more. I used a little play on words… This is a color transfer…I did not color it with pencils or anything. I have some for sale…contact me if you are interested. There are 5 sheets in the pack for $13, full instructions and a sheet of silicone release paper. In other news, I have been cleaning up my workspace in the garage, cleaning out the fridge and trying to use up dyes before they get too old. I dyed several yards of stuff and then discharged some designs on the black. I found out there was lots of green in that black dye. The big circle stamp is my new favorite thing to stamp with. I discovered I could set the white balance on this camera according to the kind of light I am shooting in. Holly Knott has a great tutorial on her blog about shooting your own work. It is well worth reading, especially if you can’t take it to a photographer and need to photograph your own art. "

Review   Quilter's Newsletter - December 1, 2010
“Fast and easy to use, these transfer sheets produce excellent results. They go into an inkjet printer smoothly and come out with the image entirely intact. No printer? That's OK! Paint, stamp, or draw images directly on the sheets, and then transfer them to fabric. The fabric can be washed, folded, and stitched, and the image won't crack or fade. You can also use these sheets to transfer images to paper, wood, glass, and metal.”

Review    -

Review   Mark Montano -- TV host, designer, artist, and author of "The Big-Ass Book of Crafts" (www.markmontano.com) - June 15, 2011
I have used other heat transfer sheets when creating but NEVER have I found one that consistently gives terrific results like the Transfer Artist Paper. TAP is an amazing product with tons of uses that everyone creative will enjoy. I'd bet my BIG-ASS on it!

Review   Somerset Studio - September 1, 2011
“Those who have struggled in the past with transfer sheets, Lesley Riley's TAP is the product for you. TO achieve flawless transfers, you simply ink-jet print, paint, stamp, or draw images directly onto TAP. Iron TAP on to just about any surface. (Wait three days if applicable). That's it! Both fabric and paper artists alike will find TAP the perfect supply to use for all of their transfer needs. Those looking for ideas on ways to use TAP will want to pick up Create with Transfer Artist Paper, Lesley Riley's book filled with 15 projects for all kinds of crafters and artists…”