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Rotary Cutting Revolution

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112p, color
Rotary Cutting Revolution
New One-Step Cutting, 8 Quilt Blocks
Author: Anita Grossman Solomon
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Why Didn't I Think Of That?

• Build your blocks the Make It Simpler® Way-stack, cut, and sew perfect blocks
• Revolutionary cutting technique saves time without wasting fabric
• Over 300 photographs guide you every step of the way
• Streamline 8 traditional blocks including Pineapple, Old Italian, and Windmill
• Learn how to pre-sew the "Anita's Arrowhead" block prior to cutting
• Unique sewing and construction tips

The Make It Simpler® Way of rotary cutting is a brand new method for cutting your fabric pieces quickly-in just one step! Best-selling author and teacher Anita Grossman Solomon shows you how to cut squares into smaller pieces with precision but without waste. When you use her efficient shortcuts, you'll get more bang for your fabric buck!

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Review By: Anita Daggett,    - April 25, 2010
"Rotary Cutting Revolution is just that - a revolution!  Using speed up cutting techniques, Anita Grossman Solomon does indeed “Make It Simpler.”  This book has revolutionary cutting methods for 8 blocks.  I’ve only had time to try one so far (Anita’s Arrowhead Block) but know I’ll want to do them all. I tried the Arrowhead Block first because I was skeptical.  Would the block work with bias edges on the finished block?  Using the starching method Anita describes in detail, I was able to produce perfect blocks in no time!  Much easier than cutting all those complicated shapes and then sewing them together. Detailed photos walk you through all the steps necessary to produce these blocks in a simpler fashion.  Full size guides to draw on your own rulers enable you to make these blocks from your stash without purchasing special tools.  If you have a 9-1/2” or 12-1/2” ruler and a 6” X 24” ruler, you are “good to go!” Perhaps the next block I’ll try is the Self-Mitered Log Cabin Block.  It looks like a great one for reducing my stash.  Or maybe the Windwill Block.  I made a quilt similar to this one using a different author’s technique that was not as easy as Anita’s directions.  I decided that although I liked the quilt, I wouldn’t make it again.  With this Make It Simpler technique, I’m willing to try."

Review    - May 13, 2010
"With tons of photos (both finished quilts and step-by-step “how to-s”) “Rotary Cutting Revolution” is a yummy, gorgeous book, clearly written by a quilter who knows how we all aspire to create beautiful complex blocks, but may be intimidated. Not anymore, since Anita’s Make It Simpler techniques really can work for new and experienced quilters alike. (So far I’ve successfully made “Anita’s Arrowhead” and am now I’m dying to start the “Xcentric” blocks – just need to add a few more stripes to my stash). I recently saw the author demonstrate her “No-Waste Windmill” technique at a local quilt show and had to laugh at the collective gasp/”oooh!” that audience gave as we all realized how the blocks would be perfect every time if we followed her book’s technique, and it’s quick, quick, quick! I have no idea how she figures this stuff out, but I’m glad she does. My favorite part of the book (besides all the photos)? The “Mistakes Happen” pictures in case you goof on Arrowhead block (which I did more then once at the start) and easy ways to fix it. Awesome. Now if I only didn’t have to waste time sleeping and working…"

Review    - May 13, 2010
"This book has more information, visual stimulation, and elegantly simple refinements to traditional techniques than you might think possible in 112 pages. Clear instructions, beautiful examples, and darned clever. I don’t know how she comes up with these things, but here is a third book to help us spend more time being creative and less time struggling with craftmanship. And unlike many technique ‘innovations’, the results are exactly the same as traditional methods – no gluing, no raw edges – just faster and more foolproof ways to sew. I’m in awe once again."

Review By: C Morgan,    - May 13, 2010
"Being privileged to know Anita Grossman Soloman personally, I have first-hand knowledge of her passion for art, more specifically, for all things quilted. It is a blessing, indeed, to fabric crafters everywhere, to find such a mentally and verbally well-organized compendium of instructions for enjoying the ease and grace of quilt making. She has married new technology perfectly, with an “old” and much-loved art! Her vision and dedication, therefore, encourage both beginners and experts to catch her wave of passion!"

Review By: Carol Sullivan,    - June 8, 2010
"Anita Grossman has done all the work to provide us with new techniques for old blocks that makes life so much easier when piecing.  After linking to pictures of Anita and her gorgeous quilts, I had to see for myself if there was something new to discover in this book.  I truly love it when someone else does all of the work figuring out a different, but great approach to quilting, and then shares it. This book is a wealth of information. Not only is there a history lesson behind the eight different blocks used, but new and different options for cutting, and piecing. If you are a visual learner, and what quilter isn’t, the illustrations are plentiful, clear and easy to follow. The instructions don’t require any new or fancy tools, just the basic rotary cutting mat, cutter and rulers. One of my favorite things about this book, is all of the tips and tricks Anita shares.  There is an “Ask Anita” section that is invaluable. I particularly like her lesson on the use of starch. The “self mitered log cabin” is the quilt that drew me in to this book, and I was intrigued by the title.  This quilt is a scrap lover’s dream, and the finished quilts are stunning. In this age of quilting, there are so many books and techniques to try. But, whenever I find a technique that will actually make piecing easier or better for me, I’m ready to give it a try, particularly, when the new technique does not require a whole slew of new tools. Anita shares her secrets to selecting fabric, and a perfect piecing method for this block, that I can’t wait to try. If you’ve ever wanted to make a log cabin quilt, but were afraid to, this would be a great place to start."

Review By: Karen Platt,    - August 11, 2010
"A quick, one-step way to cut your fabric. Big designs and ideas are made possible with this simple cutting technique. I like the Xcentric, Arrowhead, Old Italian and Stripes quilts. Full of useful ideas, blocks and time-saving methods, this book is for all quilters. Block guides and cutting chart included."

Review By: Stevii Graves,   International Quilt Association Journal - May 28, 2013
Just when you think everyone in Quiltdom is making Anita's Arrowhead blocks, you run into a group that somehow have missed all the fun. Anita has developed several blocks with unique cutting and sewing methods. All the blocks are fast and precise. The design possibilities are endless and appropriate to use with all types of fabrics. Come join the "in" group and make a few Arrowhead blocks.