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Cozy Modern Quilts
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Product Code: 10680
64p, color
Cozy Modern Quilts
23 Easy Pieced Projects to Bust Your Stash
Author: Kim Schaefer
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Elegantly Cozy Contemporary Quilts

• Make 23 cozy, contemporary quilts to complement any decor
• Sizes include wall and lap quilts, table runners, and placemats
• 100% easy straight-line piecing-no tricky measurements or stretchy bias edges
• Use color choices to create quilts with different moods

Modern doesn't have to be hard-edged. Make a soft statement with these irresistibly cozy, contemporary quilts built from simple squares and rectangles.

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Review By: Penny Halgren,   How-To-Quilt.com - December 10, 2009
"...Kim Schaefer knows cozy and quilting. The author of 2007's "A Cozy Quilted Christmas" has now published "Cozy Modern Quilts." The book, now available at your favorite bookstore or craft shop, was published by C&T Publishing in November. The book generally retails for about $20. In the book, Schaefer offers patterns for 23 different cozy - yet contemporary - quilts that will complement any décor. The book contains various sizes for the patterns included so you may create wall quilts, lap quilts, table runners and placemats. With a few adjustments, you can use the patterns as inspiration for other home décor items like throw pillows, valances for window treatments, even holiday items like tree skirts and stockings! The best part about the patterns included in this book is that they are made up of easy-to-stitch, straight line pieces. There are no tricky measurements or bias edges with which to concern yourself. The book also explains color choices and how to confidently make those choices to help you create quilts to reflect different contemporary moods. The big message of this book is that the straight lines associated with modern and contemporary design elements can still be cozy. The lines don't have to be hard. The quilts in "Cozy Modern Quilts" are made from squares and rectangles, but make a soft, cozy statement. Even if you are not typically a fan of the contemporary style, you will find something that appeals to you in this book. This is the second book that Schaefer has published this year. In March, her book "Flower Festival: 50 Appliqué Blocks to Grow Your Garden" was released. The book contains blocks to make nine complete quilts. It features flower designs, naturally, but also contains some super cute bug designs (especially for lady bug fans). Schaefer has published several other quilting books as well. In 2008, she created "Quilts, Bibs, Blankies...Oh My! Create Your Own Cute & Cuddly Nursery." These projects use appliqué for adorable baby quilts, bibs, growth charts and more. This book can help you create an entire nursery of quilted appliqué projects! She has also authored "Flowering Quilts: 16 Charming Folk Art Projects to Decorate Your Home." That book was published in 2006. Schaefer is also a fabric designer and owns her own quilting company, Little Country Quilts. She studied textiles and fibers at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and was given a wonderful opportunity to learn weaving from Indians while pursuing her college studies.  She joined the Tarascan Indians in the mountains of Mexico. She learned their centuries old weaving techniques. Schaefer's studies of textiles and design, experience in quilting design and writing instructions make her quilt books very valuable resources. If you want to create contemporary quilts, you will no doubt find very valuable information in her newest quilting book. For more information about Schafer's quilting books or fabric designs, see her website, www.littlequiltcompany.com..."

Review   American Quilter - March 1, 2010
“Its not always easy to find quilt patterns suitable for contemporary décor or men's office's but this book fills that bill. Lots of crisp, geometric patterns made from simple squares and rectangles have great visual impact. The 23 projects include wall and lap quilts, table runners, and place mats.”

Review By: Megan Fisher,   Complete Craft - February 19, 2010
"Kim Schaefer fans, scrap quilt fans, and fans of easy to make quilts are all going to love this book. Kim has created a collection of scrappy pieced projects to decorate your home, including lap quilts, wallhangings, table runners and placemats. All the projects are made from just two simple shapes – squares and rectangles – with easy straight line piecing: no tricky measurements or bias edges. This means that the designs are very straightforward, ideal for a beginner or someone more experience who is looking for some quick and easy projects. The simplicity of the designs also means that if you wanted to make a full size bed quilt, it would be relatively easy to add more blocks to the project. See for example the Mint Chocolate Wall Quilt – rich chocolate browns and minty and teal greens would make this a wonderful choice for the man in your life. Indeed, now that we think of it, many of the lap quilt projects that Kim has included seem quite masculine, so if you've been struggling to find one, this book might be a godsend. Instructions are provided for 23 projects in all. Many would look wonderful using bits and pieces from your stash. Alternatively, they're also a wonderful excuse to buy those sumptuous new fabrics you spotted in your local quilt shop the other day – and you won’t feel too guilty, because you’ll be using them straight away and have your project ready to use within days!"

Review By: Ryan Walsh,   I'm Just a Guy who Quilts - March 16, 2010
"I purchased this book in late 2009 after stumbling upon it during an Amazon.com search. I was looking for a book with easy to follow, modern quilt design patterns and I found this one by author Kim Schaefer. Cozy Modern Quilts has patterns for Lap Quilts, Wall Quilts, Table Runners and Placemats; any of which could be easily adjusted to create larger projects. One could simply add more blocks to any of these patterns and create bed size quilts. The directions for each project are very simple, well written and are only a few pages long. Picture layouts are included throughout. The author manages to fit a large amount of information in a thin, 64 page book. I would say that both experienced quilters and beginners would delight in the array of patterns provided. Depending on the amount of time you dedicate for creating, any of these quilts could be pieced in a weekend. Kim describes this book as "suitable for all skill levels" and the projects as "containing no tricky measurements or stretchy bias edges." A fun aspect of this book is that each pattern is made up of only 2 shapes; the square and rectangle. She encourages you to make them as scrappy as you want and customize the patterns to your own personal taste...."

Review   The Fat Quarterly - January 1, 2010
“Looking for basic but versatile designs? For patterns that are easily adaptable to your style preference? Kim Schaefer has the answer for you! Cozy Modern Quilts is a collection of pieced projects perfect for home décor - lap quilts, wall hangings, table runners, and more - using only squares and rectangles. These designs are great for something quick and easy, regardless of your skill level. Schaefer's clear diagrams and instructions make it easy to great contemporary projects for your home.”

Review   Quilter's Home - May 1, 2010
“With 10 kids in various states of in-an-out-of-the-house, you'd never guess Kim could be so prolific. But, …this dynamo from Wisconsin keeps on cookin'. Her latest book is a slight departure from her previous, more countrified quilt books. The designs are simple and graphic - as in straight lines - and the instructions are written to take advantage of what you have lying around… We like how versatile the instructions are without specific color direction. It's like, hey, we can be trusted picking our own color! Or more likely, that it won't matter because these are scrap patterns. But whatever, it works…”

Review By: Morna McEver,   Professional Quilter Online - June 9, 2010
"This collection of 23 easy, pieced contemporary quilts, table runners and placemats is designed to make a dent in your stash. The blocks, all squares and strips, feature quick rotary cutting and straight-line piecing, perfect for the beginning quilter. While the blocks are really simple, the results do look more complicated and have a wonderful visual impact. The color palettes used also would be great if you are looking for a project for a man. I plan to hit my stash and piece a couple of tops."

Review By: Juanita Lanaux,    - May 11, 2011
Use Up Your Stash!! Cozy Modern Quilts will help you do just that! I love the simple patterns in each of the projects. Kim Schaefer shows us 23 pieced quilts that look complex, but are so easy to make. There are quilts, wall hangings, table runners, and placemats...projects to fit in every quilter's time. I recommend this book for anyone with an overflowing fabric closet.

Review   Quiltmaker Magazine - July 30, 2012
Maybe you need quilts that are easy but also interesting. Cozy Modern Quilts by Kim Schaefer will fit the bill. Included are 23 projects to reduce your stash considerably. It’s amazing what great quilts can come from such simple sewing.