mul-tex Bolt: Laminated Mulberry Fiber Sheet 18" x 10 Yards


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multex Bolt

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    Natural texture and translucent shine come together

    Two versatile, artful surfaces in one! Mulberry paper on one side with a glossy coating on the other side...the possibilities for this unique, lightweight (but strong!) surface are endless. Perfect for a variety of creative applications from fiber art, to sewing, to mixed media and beyond. Paint it, sew it, curl it, wrinkle it, print and stamp it, emboss it, peel it, fuse it...have fun with it!

    • Organic paper side takes paints and inks beautifully and crisply
    • Plastic laminate side is food-safe, moisture-proof, and tear-resistant
    • Basic instructions for use are included
    • Visit for free projects, including art quilts, party crafts, totes, pouches, and more!

    18 inch x 10 yard bolt
    ISBN: 978-1-60705-576-1
    UPC: 734817-201717

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