kraft-tex General Instructions


kraft•tex® home


krafttex® is versatile, durable, and is a
wonderful substitute for fabric, leather, or vinyl.


Machine wash to make it softer and more textured.
Boiling the material is also a good alternative.


Two unique sides—no right or wrong side


kraft•tex® is greener than vinyl and clearly more animal-friendly than leather.
It is a cellulose-based product with a small amount of synthetic latex.


100% recyclable, depending on your area. It is not compostable.


kraft•tex® itself is not FSC certified, but the pulp used to manufacture
it is sourced from FSC certified suppliers.


It is not intended for food use, nor has it been tested for that.


kraft•tex® is both colorfast and lightfast.


When sewing on kraft•tex®, use binder clips or quilt binding clips
to hold the layers together. Pins will leave perforations.


kraft•tex® is most easily cut with a rotary cutter and cutting mat.


Because kraft•tex® is a paper product, it’s best to keep a cutting blade
and sewing machine needle dedicated to your kraft•tex® projects.


kraft•tex® is 0.55 mm thick and will not tear easily.


Because kraft•tex® perforates, it is best not to sew back and forth in one
place too many times or the material will tear.


kraft•tex® can be embossed, machine embroidered, hand embroidered,
distressed, printed on with an inkjet printer, painted with acrylics, dyed,
colored with shoe polish, waxed with paste wax, stamped, drawn on,
and so much more!


kraft•tex® should not be used as a stabilizer, nor is it recommended for
use with a machine needle felter.


Scoring before folding results in a more polished final piece. To score,
simply place a ruler along the desired fold line and run your preferred
scoring tool along the edge of the ruler, applying firm and steady pressure.


To make inkjet printer ink, water-based inks, nonpermanent markers,
or colored pencils permanent on kraft•tex®, set with an acrylic-based
medium after applying.


For best embossing results, slightly dampen kraft•tex® before embossing.


Most adhesives can be used with kraft•tex®, but testing a small amount
first is recommended. Beacon Zip Dry, 3M Super 77, Aileen’s Tacky Glue,
and Fabri-Tac all work well.