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  • Constantinople Quilts: 8 Stunning Appliqué Projects Inspired by Turkish Iznik Tiles by Tamsin Harvey #ConstantinopleQuilts
    Constantinople Quilts
    Tamsin Harvey ––    From ancient places to contemporary spacesTravel to an exotic land with timeless designs inspired by Turkish Iznik tiles from the Ottoman Empire. Bursting with flora and organic...
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  • A Bountiful Life
    A Bountiful Life
    A Bountiful Life: An adaptation of the Bird of Paradise quilt top in the American Folk Art Museum Karen Mowery –– More than 150 years ago, an anonymous quiltmaker somewhere in the vicinity of Albany, New York,...
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  • Away from Home
    Away from Home
    Away from Home: Quilts Inspired by the Lowell Factory Girls Nancy and Oliver Rink –– Away From Home is woven from the diaries and letters of Lowell, Massachusetts, Mill Girls and the history of the textile...
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  • Bold Improvisation
    Bold Improvisation
    Bold Improvisation: Searching for African-American Quilts - The Heffley Collection Scott Heffley –– This coffee-table art book presents more than 50 bold quilts collected by Scott Heffley dating back 122 years...
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  • Carrie Hall's Sampler
    Carrie Hall's Sampler
    Carrie Hall's Sampler: Favorite Blocks from a Classic Pattern Collection Barbara Brackman –– Pattern expert Barbara Brackman has selected some of her favorite designs featured in the 1935 classic book by...
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  • El Camino Real: Quilts Inspired by Early California History
    El Camino Real
    El Camino Real: Quilts Inspired by Early California History Nancy and Oliver Rink –– The Franciscan missions along the El Camino Real (King's Highway) in California have endured over the centuries, lending...
  • Flags of the American Revolution
    Flags of the American Revolution
    Flags of the American Revolution Jan Patek –– Long before Betsy Ross took a stitch in the first official flag of the United States of America, flags and banners were waving in the breeze atop flagstaffs...
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  • Flora Botanica
    Flora Botanica
    Flora Botanica: Quilts from the Spencer Museum of Art Barbara Brackman –– Quilt historian Barbara Brackman, honorary curator for the Spencer Museum of Art, chose carefully from the museum's exquisite quilt...
  • Freedom Gone
    Freedom Gone
    Freedom Gone: Embroidered Quilts of Slave Life in the Civil War Lolita Newman –– Lolita Newman's search to find her family connection with slavery moved her to create heirlooms linking her past to the present...
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  • Gone to Texas
    Gone to Texas
    Gone to Texas: Quilts from a Pioneer Woman's Journal Betsy Chutchian –– More than 150 years ago a pioneer family left a sign on their Kentucky door reading "Gone to Texas." As did so many of their generation,...
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  • History Repeated
    History Repeated
    History Repeated: Block Exchange Quilts by the 19th-Century Patchwork Divas Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle –– Making a quilt is easier than you might think when you gather some friends and exchange blocks...
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  • Horn of Plenty
    Horn of Plenty
    Kathy Delaney ––This popular 1932 series of blocks published in The Kansas City Star by Eveline Foland is redrawn by quilts expert Kathy Delaney. Includes border swag pattern, many projects, plus a beautiful...
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  • Kansas Spirit
    Kansas Spirit
    Jeanne Poore ––    Author Jeanne Poore and other past and present members of the Kansas Quilters Organization board - they call themselves "Golden Oldies" - pooled their talents to create new and...
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  • My Stars III
    My Stars III
    Kansas City Star Quilts ––Here we are again with our third installment of the My Stars: Patterns from The Kansas City Star series. This volume includes a variety of patterns, from the simple – such as...
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  • Opening Day
    Opening Day
    Sonie Ruffin ––Start with Sonié Ruffin, quilt artist, and longtime friend of Negro Leagues great Buck O’Neil. Their regular lunch meetings set the stage for this book. Add the rich history of Negro...
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  • Piecing the Past
    Piecing the Past
    Lynne Hagmeier ––Many of us yearn to create quilts reminiscent of the vintage treasures in our collections. In this book, Lynne Hagmeier shares new quilts inspired by some of  her favorites. Come along for a...
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  • Quilts for Rosie
    Quilts for Rosie
    Quilts for Rosie: Paper Piecing Patterns from the '40s Carolyn Cullinan McCormick –– Help yourself to some beautiful quilts _ and grab a bit of war-time history, too! Carolyn McCormick, author of Carolyn's...
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  • Quilts of the Golden West
    Quilts of the Golden West
    Quilts of the Golden West: Mining the History of the Gold and Silver Rush Cindy Brick –– Join Cindy Brick as she brings our American Golden West to life: in stories and in quilts. Explore the rich history of...
  • Rag Darlings: Dolls From the Feedsack Era
    Rag Darlings
    Gloria Nixon ––  Dolls – from a simple rag doll that came over on the Mayflower to Barbie – have captured our hearts for centuries. Thrifty Americans have always made dolls for their children...
  • Revival!
    Revival!: A Study of Early 20th Century Colonial Revival Quilts American Quilt Study Group –– The Colonial Revival era linked quiltmakers' busy hands with a longing for the past, especially Colonial times...
  • The Lincoln Museum Quilt
    The Lincoln Museum Quilt
    The Lincoln Museum Quilt: A Reproduction for Abe's Frontier Family Barbara Brackman and Deb Rowden –– On February 8, 2008, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois, accepted a quilt to...
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  • The Spirit of Sacagawea
    The Spirit of Sacagawea
    The Spirit of Sacagawea: A Textile Tribute to an American Heroine Laurie Simpson & Polly Minick –– The Spirit of Sacagawea: A Textile Tribute to an American Heroine honors the only woman to travel with the...
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  • Emporia Rose Appliqué Quilts: New Projects, Historical Vignettes, Classic Designs by Barbara Brackman and Karla Menaugh #EmporiaRoseAppliqueQuilts
    Emporia Rose Applique Quilts
    Barbara Brackman and Karla Menaugh –– Make stunning quilts inspired by mid-century Kansas classic appliqué. Between 1925 and 1945, women from Emporia, Kansas, created some of the...
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  • Finders Keepers Quilts: A Rare Cache of Quilts from the 1900s • 15 Projects • Historic, Reproduction & Modern interpretations by Edie McGinnis
    Finders Keepers Quilts
    Edie McGinnis ––Get an exclusive peek into an extraordinary collection of quiltsFinders Keepers Quilts is based on a collection of quilts found in an abandoned farmhouse in Davis County, Iowa. Searching...
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  • Indigo Quilts: 30 Quilts from the Poos Collection • History of Indigo • 5 Projects by Kay and Lori Lee Triplett
    Indigo Quilts
    Kay and Lori Lee Triplett –– Timeless Designs in Blue and WhiteThe beauty of Indigo quilts is undeniable. Step inside the Poos Collection of quilts, one of the largest privately held collections in the world...
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  • Tom and Becky's Sampler Quilt: 11 Projects Inspired by Mark Twain by Christina McCourt
    Tom and Becky's Sampler Quilt
    Christina McCourt ––Create quilts inspired by beloved characters Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher.Having lived just outside of Hannibal, Missouri, all of her life, Christina McCourt became immersed in all things...
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  • Cultural Fusion Quilts: A Melting Pot of Piecing Traditions • 15 Free-Form Block Projects by Sujata Shah #CulturalFusionQuilts
    Cultural Fusion Quilts
    Sujata Shah –– Vivid, free-form quilts mingle handmade traditions from around the world Bold, vibrant, striking - and amazingly easy to make! This collection of 15 quilts draws on handmade crafts from three...
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  • Simply Retro with Camille Roskelley: Fresh Quilts from Classic Blocks by Camille Roskelley
    Simply Retro with Camille Roskelley
    Camille Roskelley –– A fresh interpretation on block designs—think big, bold and modern! Camille Roskelley, best-selling author of Simplify with Camille Roskelley, puts a brand new spin on...
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  • The Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts: 121 Traditional Blocks • Quilt Along with the Women of the Civil War by Jennifer Chiaverini #TheLoyalUnionSamplerfromElmCreekQuilts
    The Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts
    Jennifer Chiaverini –– Make the quilt the women of Elm Creek Valley made to support their Civil War soldiers Inspired by Jennifer Chiaverini’s best-selling novel, The Union Quilters, this sampler quilt...
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  • Baltimore Album of Roses: • Elegant Motifs to Mix & Match • Step-by-Step Techniques—Appliqué, Embroidery, Inking, Trapunto by Rita Verroca #BaltimoreAlbumofRoses
    Baltimore Album of Roses
    Rita Verroca ––    Connecting with the past—a celebration of Baltimore Album quiltsHand stitch an intricate garden of flowers with renowned Baltimore Album teacher Rita Verroca. Study...
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  • Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler: 50 Quilt Blocks with Stories from History by Barbara Brackman
    Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler
    Barbara Brackman –– The Civil War era...chronicled by quilters' hands This remarkable book features fifty quilt blocks to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, some of which were presented on...
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  • Featherweight 221 - The Perfect Portable
    Featherweight 221 - The Perfect Portable
    Nancy Johnson-Srebro –– Featherweight history at your fingertips • Enjoy an entertaining look at the history of the Featherweight sewing machine • Expanded third edition updated with the latest...
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  • Facts & Fabrications - Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery Print-on-Demand Edition
    Facts & Fabrications - Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery Print-on-Demand Edition
    Barbara Brackman –– Did Quilts Really Lead the Way to Freedom? • What role did quilts play? Barbara explores the stories surrounding the Underground Railroad • Read about the people who were there!...
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  • Making History - Quilts & Fabric from 1890-1970
    Making History - Quilts & Fabric from 1890-1970
    Barbara Brackman –– Learn the Fascinating True Story of Fabrics in America...Make Your Own Period Quilts • The comprehensive guide to fabrics and their influence on American quilts, from the machine age to...
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  • More William Morris Appliqué: Spectacular Quilts and Accessories for the Home by Michele Hill
    More William Morris Applique
    Michele Hill –– For the love of your home In this sequel to her bestselling first book of 6 projects inspired by William Morris, Michele shares 10 more projects for quilts and other home accessories, plus 55...
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  • Fresh Perspectives: Reinventing 18 Classic Quilts from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum by Carol Gilham Jones & Bobbi Finley
    Fresh Perspectives eBook
    Carol Gilham Jones & Bobbi Finley –– Visualize the future as you connect with the past You'll love these contemporary interpretations of antique quilts from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum...
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