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  • Stitched Paper Art for Kids by Alison Benyon. #ctpublishing #funstitchstudio #paper #kidsewing #simplesewing #teachkidstosew #StitchedPaperArt
    Stitched Paper Art for Kids
    Ali Benyon –– Paper your way to pretty things! You use paper for a lot of things, like doing homework, writing notes, and drawing. But did you know that you could make something super cute with just paper,...
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  • Girls Get Stitching: Personalize Your Clothes, Your Room & Your Stuff • 10 Embroidery Stitches • 20 Projects by Shirley McLauchlan #GirlsGetStitching
    Girls Get Stitching
    Shirley McLauchlan –– Fab up your stuff and express yourself with embroidery! You’ll find more stitching projects than you even knew existed in this handy little guide. It’ll teach you everything you...
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  • Fabric - Paper - Thread: 26 Projects to Stitch with Friends
    Fabric Paper Thread eBook
    Kristen Sutcliffe –– Restitch, repurpose, reuse, and get crafty! Whether you’re super crafty or have never even picked up a needle and thread, you’ll find something here that you just have to make!...
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