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Embroidery Stitch Tool, Vol. 3

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    Learn how to add luxury to your projects with this third app by award winning and best selling author, Judith Baker Montano!

    Now available for instant download to your Android device—the third in a series of three apps filled with beautiful how-to illustrations and photos from Judith’s bestselling embroidery & crazy quilt stitch tool, combined with instructional video clips from her popular crazy quilting DVD.

    Note: The video content included in this app will download once you install and open the app for the first time. Due to the high-quality video, the file size of the videos are approximately 180MB, which can take a while to download depending on your internet speed.
    ***If there is enough internal memory on your device, the app will install using the internal memory. You can move the app to external memory or SD card anytime by navigating to: Settings=>Applications=>Manage Applications=>=>Move to SD Card***

    Together, all three apps show you over 180 stitches and stitch combinations, including instructions for both left-handers and right-handers. Indispensable for any quilter, fiber artist, sewer and crafter.

    With this advanced app, you'll discover how to add a little luxury to your projects with another 50+ stitches and combinations that turn silk ribbon into beautiful buds, blooms and twisted borders. Great video tips on color choices, ribbon and thread storage are also included.

    Over 20 minutes of video showcasing Judith's expert techniques and color secrets.

    Stitches Included:
    Bradford Rose
    Buttonhole Stitch
    Chain Stitch
    Chain Stitch Whipped
    Christine’s Blossom
    Colonial Knot
    Concertina Rose
    Couched Rose
    Elly’s Wire-Ribbon Pansy
    Feather Stitch
    Five-Petal Gathered Flower
    Folded Rosebud
    Freeform Flower
    French Knot
    French Knot Flower
    French Knot Loop Stitch
    Gathered Ribbon Flower
    Helen’s Antique Rose
    Iris Stitch
    Iva’s Rose
    Jan’s Antique Rose
    Japanese Ribbon Stitch
    Japanese Wire Ribbon Bud
    Joyce’s Fargo Flower…..
    Judith’s Curled leaf
    Lazy Daisy Stitch Bullion Tip
    Lazy Daisy Stitch Decorative
    Lazy Daisy Stitch French Knot
    Lazy Daisy Stitch Rose
    Lazy Daisy Stitch Rosebud
    Leaf Ribbon Stitch
    Leaves (Ribbon)
    Loop Flower
    Loop Flower (Bud)
    Loop Stitch (Single)
    Mokuba Flower/Mokuba Ribbon Flower Video
    Montano Knot
    Pansy Stitch
    Plume Stitch
    Raised Ribbon Stitch
    Ribbon Split Stitch
    Ribbon stitch Pansy
    Rosette Bud
    Ruth’s Rosette
    Ruth’s Ruched Ribbon - doesn’t show in Stitch Tool!?..must use
    Side Ribbon Stitch
    Spider Web Rose
    Stab Stitch
    Straight Stitch Bud
    Straight Stitch Rose
    Tube Rose
    Twisted Loop Stitch
    Twisted Ribbon Stitch
    Whip Stitch ( Single and Curved)

    Videos Included:
    Concertina Rose Stitch Video
    Feather Stitch Video
    Mokuba Ribbon Flower Video
    Montano Color Secrets Video
    Smushed Wire Ribbon Video
    Working with Ribbon Video

    Judith Baker Montano is an accomplished fiber artist, teacher and author. As her work continues to evolve, crazy quilting always appears in her new designs—she has turned it into a contemporary art form.

    Due to the high-quality video and illustration content contained in this app, the file size is approximately 180MB which can take a while to download.