Connecting Design to Stitch by Sandra Meech

Connecting Design to Stitch

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    Sandra Meech ––

    From the textile artist's point of view

    Explore the elements of design and how they relate to quiltmaking and fiber art. Through a series of exercises, observations, and analyses, you'll learn how to incorporate basic design principals into your work creatively and confidently. Study various design styles and approaches from fine art, nature, graphic design, and the world of textiles. With Sandra's expert guidance, you'll become more comfortable with new textures, techniques, and compositions as you fill your own signature sketchbook with ideas and inspiration.

    • A practical guide for using essential design principles to create dynamic fiber art
    • Learn to observe and explore abstractions in the world around you
    • Includes over 150 inspirational images from the world's best quilt and textile artists

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    128p color
    8.5 x 11
    ISBN: 978-1-60705-622-5
    UPC: 734817-108849