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  • Joyful Daily Stitching, Seam by Seam
    Joyful Daily Stitching, Seam by Seam
    Valerie Bothell ––Stitch a seam a dayChoose from over 500 crazy-quilt seam treatments, each with a detailed photo and guide for the basic stitches included. Learn 61 basic embroidery stitches, including silk...
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  • Modern Quilts
    Modern Quilts
    The Modern Quilt Guild—Riane Menardi, Alissa Haight Carlton, and Heather Grant ––Traditional craft, modern aesthetic"Modern quilts are utilitarian. They are art. They tell stories. They are graphic,...
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  • The Anniversary Sampler Quilt
    The Anniversary Sampler Quilt
    Donna Lynn Thomas ––Every special occasion deserves a memorable quiltCelebrate any important event in life, from an anniversary or a birthday to a retirement or a memorial, with these 40 beautiful blocks and 7...
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  • Wedge Quilt Workshop
    Wedge Quilt Workshop
    Christina Cameli ––Wedge with an edge!A quick path to a bold quilt design, wedges are versatile and captivating—a must-have shape in the modern quilter's toolbox. Expertly piece this trendy and versatile...
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  • Easily mark diagonal stitch lines, sew, and cut, and you get a bonus HST unit from your leftover corner cut-offs. No wasted fabric! The Bonus Buddy doubles as a seam-guide marking tool for your machine and is also a handy 1” x 5” ruler. Designed by Bonnie K. Hunter, this will be your new favorite piecing tool.
    fast2cut® Bonnie K. Hunter’s Bonus Buddy Ruler
    designed by Bonnie K. Hunter ––  Easily mark diagonal stitch lines, sew, and cut, and you get a bonus HST unit from your leftover corner cut-offs. No wasted fabric! The Bonus Buddy doubles as a...
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  • Floral Abundance Quilt
    Floral Abundance Quilt
    Deborah Kemball -- A delightful appliqué bouquet  Craving more gorgeous appliqué from award-winning author Deborah Kemball? This pattern pack includes complete instructions and full-size pattern...
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  • Free-Motion Designs for Allover Patt
    Free-Motion Designs for Allover Patt
    Compiled by Lindsay Connor Endless inspiration from your favorite quilters Want inspiration for your free-motion quilting? Now you have the perfect tool! This spiral-bound book is full of designs—JUST...
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  • Joyful Stitching
    Joyful Stitching
    Laura Wasilowski Stitch playful projects Dive into Laura’s delightful world of embroidery and learn how to create small, free-form embroidery pieces that are alive with color and texture. With instructions for 21...
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  • Follow Melissa’s step-by-step process, from sketch to stitch to finished project, to create a variety of facial features in just the right proportions.
    Making Faces in Fabric
    Melissa Averinos  Go ahead, make a face! Discover how to create freeform, raw-edge appliqué faces using Melissa Averinos' fun, creative process. Melissa walks you through the process step by step, from a...
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  • The Rose Quilt
    The Rose Quilt
    Debut novel by Mark Pasquini The clue is in the quilt  It is the 1920s, in the world of quilting circles. A wealthy woman and prominent local quilter is murdered with a pair of quilting shears during the preparations...
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