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  • Charlie kraft•tex® Backpack Pattern
    Charlie kraft•tex® Backpack Pattern
    Gailen Runge –– Your perfect carryall for everyday, sewn with durable kraft-tex Trade in your sad sack for a flashy new backpack in brilliant kraft-tex—the textile that looks like leather but sews like...
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  • Child's Play Quilts
    Child's Play Quilts
    Stacey Day –– Build a better stash, make better quilts Improve your quilt designs by learning how to organize fabric by size and color, while making adorably sophisticated quilts (both pieced and...
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  • Easy Precision Piecing
    Easy Precision Piecing
    Shelley Scott-Tobisch –– Cut, piece, and press—the Precision way! Say goodbye to your seam ripper, backwards blocks, and mismatched seams with Easy Precision Piecing—the pathway to flawless...
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  • Free-Motion Designs for Borders, Setting Triangles & Cornerstones
    Free-Motion Designs for Borders, Setting Triangles & Cornerstones
    Compiled by Lindsay Conner Endless inspiration from your favorite quilters Want inspiration for your free-motion quilting? Now you have the perfect tool! This spiral-bound book is full of designs—JUST...
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  • Happy Quilter Variety Puzzles—Volume 2
    Happy Quilter Variety Puzzles—Volume 2
    Gailen Runge –– An activity book just for quilters Keep your mind sharp and have fun with over 65 word puzzles for quilters and sewists! With a wide variety of games from crossword puzzles and word searches to...
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  • Teeny-Tiny Quilts
    Teeny-Tiny Quilts
    Donna Lynn Thomas ––  Piece tiny quilts with accuracy Master the precision and attention to detail needed for small quilts! In this book, author Donna Lynn Thomas teaches you the skills you need to...
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  • The New Ladies' Art Company Quick & Easy Block Tool
    The New Ladies' Art Company Quick & Easy Block Tool
    Connie Chunn –– The ultimate no-math reference for quilters! Now in an easy-to-use reference guide size, this updated block tool includes 110 authentic blocks from America’s first mail-order pattern...
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  • Free-Motion Framework
    Free-Motion Framework
    Jen Eskridge –– Build the framework, then fill it in! Using wholecloth quilts, Jen Eskridge provides 10 elaborate linear quilting designs as a framework for building free-motion quilting designs. Eight process...
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  • kraft-tex® Sampler 6-Colors Hand-Dyed & Prewashed
    kraft-tex® Sampler 6-Colors Hand-Dyed & Prewashed
    C&T Publishing–– Artisanal kraft-tex Wait until you get your hands on this sampler pack of the vibrant, rugged paper that looks, feels, and wears like leather, but sews, cuts, and washes like fabric...
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  • SEW ... The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge
    SEW ... The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge
    Barbara Emodi –– Everything your mother would tell you about sewing if your mother could sew Experienced sewing instructor and blogger Barbara Emodi shares her sewing wisdom to help readers get started, get...
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  • Bonnie K. Hunter’s Quilty Pencils
    Bonnie K. Hunter’s Quilty Pencils
    Bonnie K. Hunter ––  Write happy with quilty pencils! Sharpen your creativity with colorful patchwork pencils! Featuring photos of quilts from best-selling author Bonnie K. Hunter, this 10-pack of...
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  • Easy Stack Quilts
    Easy Stack Quilts
    Paula Doyle –– Stack, strip, cut & create! Learn how to make kaleidoscope quilts using large-scale print fabrics! Easy Stack is a quick-cutting, fabric-efficient way to make great kaleidoscope quilts that...
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  • Quilter's Date Keeper
    Quilter's Date Keeper
    Bonnie K. Hunter ––  Celebrate important dates with a quilty keepsake calendar Keep birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions at your fingertips forever. Masterful scrap quilter and best-selling...
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  • Sew Creative
    Sew Creative
    Jennifer Pol Colin  –– From experienced teacher and popular blogger Jennifer Colin Get kids excited about sewing with projects they will actually want to make, such as a critter coin pouch, chalkboard...
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  • Stitch & Sew
    Stitch & Sew
    Aneela Hoey  –– French knot it, flaunt it! Revive your love for hand stitching with 31 fresh embroidery designs! Showcase your needlework on 5 pretty, practical projects—a drawstring bag, clutch,...
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